How to Have Creative Ministry Ideas in 5 Minutes

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Written by Tim Grable

March 1, 2017

Tired of the same old ministry event itinerary? With this selection of world-class entertainers, creative ministry ideas are not hard to acquire. Your event will stand out with visual artists and comedians with distinct, innovative styles. New and experienced performers alike are constantly looking for ways to reinvent the wheel – and, to the delight of their audiences, they often succeed. Booking one of these cutting-edge entertainers will add depth and enjoyment to any event. There is nothing like experiencing something for the first time, and several of these performers have designed shows that are as unique as they are entertaining. Whether music, visual art, spoken word, illusion, or comedy, art is, by nature, diverse. However, all art is unified in its ability to touch the soul. These talented individuals have creative ministry ideas that impact hearts, souls, and minds alike.
How to Have Creative Ministry Ideas in 5 Minutes

Creative Ministry Ideas Perfect for Your Next Event

Marc Eckel is the founder and sole performer of Splat Experience, a unique performance art ministry. The seeds of Splat Experience were planted in 2000 when Eckel was asked to create a painting during three minutes of special music at a church in Michigan. Forgoing brushes, Eckel used his hands to “splat” paint on the 8-foot canvas. Since then, the growth of Splat Experience has been exponential. Each painting presentation combines performance, the creation of visual art, and music in a powerful demonstration of Christian truths. Eckel has performed in countries around the world, on two concert tours with Casting Crowns, and was nominated for an Emmy for his work on a documentary film.

Marc Eckel and Splat Experience - The Sacrifice

As the World’s Strongest Redneck, Steve McGranahan is six feet of solid muscle and is a down-home, backwoodsman to his core. A serious athlete who can dead lift over 500 pounds and has run several marathons, McGranahan is no joke. Making people laugh is what he does best. McGranahan combines feats of strength and redneck humor in his one-of-a-kind performances. The redneck funnyman has made appearances on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, CMT, and MTV just to name a few.

Steve McGranahan - Cornerstone

A talented storyteller and motivational speaker, Joe Castillo uses his innovative art of SandStory to enthrall audiences. Using sand, a light table, and his hands, Castillo creates ever-changing pictures that are projected onto a big screen. Each SandStory is set to music and is illuminated with varying colors. Castillo is a captivating speaker in both Spanish and English and seamlessly weaves his art into his speeches. An eminently successful sand artist and entertainer, Joe Castillo has performed for conferences, churches, companies, and for TV – including on America’s Got Talent. He also has entertained for VIPs all over the world, including for presidents and other world leaders.

Joe Castillo - Freedom in Christ

With the ability to rivet audiences with illusion and make them laugh with comedy, Joshua Jordan puts on an entertaining show. His talent for improvisation ensures that no performance is the same as another. Jordan is interested in connecting with his audiences on a deeper level as well. In his shows, he leads his audiences to take a closer look at deception and misdirection. Thoughtfully, he links the world of magic with the real one with a practical message. Along the way, Jordan inspires hearty laughter with his antics and well-timed wit.

Joshua Jordan - Mr Potato Head

Stand-up comedian Jeff Allen has a resume a mile long. Moreover, well he should with a successful career spanning more than three decades. Cable comedy channels, churches, prestigious comedy festivals, the National Prayer Breakfast, and navy ships are just a few of the places that Allen has delivered his side-splitting comedy. His popular Happy Wife, Happy Life comedy special epitomizes his relatable sense of humor. Allen maintains a positive, encouraging energy throughout his performances and is a true stand-up professional.

Jeff Allen: Short Comedy 3

Taylor Mason does a little bit of everything, and he does it all brilliantly. He is a musician, comedian, and ventriloquist. His puppet acts are complete with a cast of lovable characters all with distinct “voices”. Mason’s witty and laugh-out-loud comedy has been honed by his frequent appearances. Performing up to 300 gigs a year, Mason’s talents are in high demand.

Taylor Mason: Short Comedy Set

Coming up with new ideas for a ministry event or conference can be challenging. These featured artists are all gifted with creative ministry ideas and have a proven performance track record. Consider booking one of them today for your ministry event. Attendees will be moved – whether through laughter or emotion – by their presentations!

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