How to Make Your Product Launch Ideas Event Spectacular

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Written by Tim Grable

April 9, 2017

Innovation is life-saving for a business these days. There’s no way you can stay on the market without always bringing something new to the table. If only this were the only challenge! The fact is that when you’ve created a new product, you are only half-way through with your product launch ideas.

The following step is to shout it out to the world. Here’s where planning a product launching event comes into play.

5 Steps to an Amazing Product Launching Event

The trouble with such events is that you may not have much time for planning. They depend on when the product is completed and tested. From that moment, launching becomes a top priority, and you rarely have months for the task.

In this case, planning needs an enormous amount of quick but analytical thinking, some imagination, and loads of hard work. Here’s a list of things to tackle while organizing the event:

1. Determine a Clear Aim for Your Event

5 Steps to an Amazing Product Launching Event

It’s impossible to achieve and measure results when you have no specific goals. Ask yourself a few clarifying questions while planning the product launching event:

  • Is this event for product presentation only?
  • Do you aim to sell your product?
  • Is brand awareness also your target?
  • Are they all part of your event strategy?

The answer to these questions will determine the structure of your entire event.

Let’s say selling is your primary goal. Then, testing the product may only be a slight element of your event. You may need to focus more on showcases, testimonials and selling perks.

2. Align the Design of Your Product Launching Event with Goals

Now that you’ve determined the purpose of the event, you need to be consistent in planning the style. Guest categoriesdress codes and the entire “feeling” of the event need to match the nature of your product and business.

For instance, if you’re launching a new educational software, you should invite parents, kids, and teachers. A casual-smart outfit may be more appropriate than a stiff business dress code.

And you would better create a fun experience for the kids! After all, they would be the ultimate users of your product.

3. Be Innovative in Choosing the Environment

There’s no written or unwritten rule about choosing the location for a product launching event. You can be as creative as you want, as long as you keep being consistent with your business nature.

If your invention is a piece of fitness equipment, you could choose an outdoor setting. You can also have them stand up at the tables. This way, you allow them to move, interact and exercise in a natural environment.

On the other hand, if you are launching a business management software, you might want to consider renting a five-star restaurant. Managers tend to be picky and selective. They need a bit of a glittery touch.

4. Food Is Not Optional

Unless your product is a meal replacement supplement, you need to give food and drinks a real thought. Let’s take a couple of case scenarios to practice on our analysis:

  • Let’s say your invention is a graphic design tool. People may sit a lot in front of computers, testing the new “toy”. So, you should consider lots of easy to grab snacks for them to serve while “playing”.
  • If you are launching a new video game, kids may be involved. Healthy snacks and natural drinks are the way to go.

5. Make Entertainment your Ally

Although placed at the bottom of the list, entertainment is crucial for giving your guests a memorable experience.

  • Music is important and it influences the whole feeling of the event. You could hire a DJ, or you go for live music with some great singers or instrument players.
  • Speeches are also a major factor in such a business occasion. You may want to make specific presentations of the product. You might also wish to give out some insightful speech or tell the story behind the product. It’s best to contract professional Speakers or MC to ensure a high-quality message.
  • Fun moments can add a sense of personal connection to your event. People tend to relax and open up when there’s a bit of fun involved. Just make sure you give them high-quality entertainment. Let’s say you’re launching a kid-related product. Taylor Mason and his puppets can put on such a hilarious show that the youngsters will hardly ever forget.

Can amazing entertainers make your product launch special?

When it comes to product launch ideas, your company could always go about doing it like everyone else. Your business can maybe get someone to speak and present a product without much frills or fanfare. This was always the preferred method for Steve Jobs and Apple. Alternatively, your business also has the option to go above and beyond with product launch ideas. Your product launch could be preceded by some unique, quality entertainment! How can your business achieve this with its product launch? By hiring an amazing entertainer – whether it be a magician, musician or any quirky artist – to make your company’s product launch unforgettable. Here’s a little secret: the performers or entertainers barely have to tie-in with your product launches. The most important thing is that they leave an impression as they introduce your company’s new product. The following entertainers are sure to blow people away.
How to Make Your Product Launch Ideas Event Spectacular

4 Product Launch Ideas

Joe Castillo is one of the grand masters of Sand Animation. He is the inventor of a unique style of sand art that also tells stories in real time; he calls his unique style of sand art SandStory. Castillo uses a simple but powerful combination of a light table, sand, and live music to create, before the audience’s eyes, an ephemeral but impactful work of art. Joe Castillo has traveled to over 40 countries, has performed for various world leaders and Fortune 500 Companies, and was a finalist on ‘America’s Got Talent.’

Collins Key is a magician from and for the social media generation. He is one of the youngest magicians to have gained international acclaim and has been called Magic’s First Pop Star. He first rose to fame during America’s Got Talent Season 8. Mr. Key has been a presenter for the Teen Choice Awards and has provided entertainment for major corporations such as Kellogg’s and Jonson & Johnson. Be careful, though, this guy is often mobbed by thousands of adoring teenage fans.

Piff the Magic Dragon, accompanied by his trusty canine sidekick Mr. Piffles, is a comedian/magician who performs in a dragon costume. His sarcastic, deadpan delivery is juxtaposed with his jaw-dropping magic tricks. Piff the Dragon gained national recognition for his stand-out appearance on ‘Penn and Teller: Fool Us.’ Since then, Piff has floored audiences in Europe, Australia, and North America. He has an immensely popular Youtube channel with over 12 million hits.

For more than a decade, these drumming professionals have been pushing the limits of what can be accomplished with percussion instruments. rePercussion combines drum line, electronic music, audience interaction and slapstick comedy to win over a crowd. Members of rePercussion have performed for Disney Cruise Lines, toured the Warped Tour and have been featured prominently on cable and network television. rePercussion is not just a music or comedy act; it is a riveting experience.

These entertainers will liven up any product launch. If your business is still brainstorming product launch ideas, then these folks will not only bring interest to your new products but will leave a lasting impact with your audience.

Are you planning on hosting an excellent product launch event? Entertainment is what we do best and can help you with.

Take a look at our list of public speakers and entertainers and let us join your efforts of making this event a hit.

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