How unique gala ideas make you money

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Written by Tim Grable

February 26, 2017

How unique gala ideas make you moneyAre you planning a gala, soiree or another large event and need unique gala ideas? Perhaps it is the time of year you begin laying the groundwork your annual gala fundraiser? Food and drink are essential components of a successful event, but quality entertainment is what sets your event apart from the crowd. Don’t rely on the same tired acts to keep your guests entertained. The right gala fundraising event ideas can guarantee your guests to have something to talk about, an experience that will make them remember your event for years to come.

The same old entertainment can make for a lovely evening. However, the best unique gala ideas can make your event unforgettable. Instead of a mediocre lounge singer or humdrum band, try thinking outside of the box. Book one of these one-of-a-kind entertainment acts to make sure your guests are primed to open their hearts and, if need be, their wallets. A unique fundraising idea can pay dividends far beyond the cost of entertainment.

What unique gala ideas are the best?

Fundrasing Gala and Live Auction - Live Event Artist - Heidi Schwartz - Paint Your Event

If you’ve never heard of a live event painter, you are not alone. However, once you’ve seen artist Heidi Schwartz creating art from your evening, you’ll never forget it. Hiring a photographer is passe. For a unique gala act, let an artist who becomes, as you watch, part of the festivities. Capturing your event before your eyes, Schwartz uses paint and canvas to create not only an unforgettable experience but a souvenir that will last long after your last guest has left the gala.

Joe Castillo - Inspire/NonProfit 2016 EPK

What is a sand story? For starters, it is your ticket to a successful even. After your guests have seen the artist, speaker, and storyteller Joe Castillo perform at your event, they will not be able to stop talking about it. Inscribing visceral images in the ephemeral sand of his light table, Joe Castillo crafts stories of power and fluidity, melding the visual and narrative worlds into something truly special. Castillo, born in Mexico City, has performed his Sand Art in over 26 countries for presidents, kings, world leaders and CEOs, among others.  You list of unique gala ideas should include a Sand Artist.

World-renowned performance painter David Garibaldi brings passion and purpose to his art, transforming empty canvases into an arresting musical and visual experiences. Garibaldi, who has raised 1.7 million dollars for charity through his art, is dedicating to melding melody, color, and rhythm into an unforgettable performance. Garibaldi’s dynamic pop paintings burst into life onstage to create an entertainment experience like no other.

Swan Ball 2015 - DJ drums

The high-octane performance duo DJ drums combines the best of the DJ experience with the vitality and excitement of live music-making. Featured on Disney Cruise Lines as well in venues from Los Angeles to Dubai, the duo’s interactive drumming engages your guests by making them an integral and even necessary part of the show.

Billing himself as “magic breaking the sound barrier,” Adam Trent is a magician like no magician you have seen before. Adam has been described as “Justin Timberlake meets David Copperfield” and his act blends pop music, dancing, jokes and incredible illusions to create a singular entertainment experience. Adam has performed his magic in over 250 shows in 19 different countries to rave reviews, enlivening venues as wide-ranging as cruise ships and college campuses.  Adam Trent is a unique entertainment option.

The Three Waiters® ~ Singing Waiters Best Entertainment!

If surprise is the entertainment element you are after, there’s no group quite like The Three Waiters. Three experienced and talented opera singers pose as real waiters until the time is right and the jig is up! The exciting opera performance that follows the moment of discovery is reminiscent of The Three Tenors and brings your guests within arms length of the best classical music has to offer! If you are looking for an act that corners the market on high-class delight, The Three Waiters are eager to serve your nonprofit.

Dubbed a mesmerizing physical comedian by the Chicago Sun-Times, Bob Stromberg combines in a performance experience that’s warm, relaxed and 100 percent funny. A heartfelt and seasoned clean comedian, Stromberg offers a stand-up comedy act that’s both inoffensive and hilarious.  Don’t leave Bob Stromberg off your list of unique event ideas.

A gala is a big event for your non-profit, and there’s no reason to settle for entertainment that’s small-minded. Unique gala ideas can start a conversation, create an atmosphere of excitement and propel your event from pedestrian to extraordinary. If you want to get, conversation started and buzz flowing, book one of these unique and dynamic entertainment acts to give your gala the sparkle and pizzazz it deserves.

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