The Very Best Ideas for Valentine’s Day Entertainment (updated for 2019)

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Written by Tim Grable

March 4, 2017

The Very Best Ideas for Valentine's Day Entertainment (updated for 2019) Among the many stresses of day-to-day life, every couple needs to get away once in a while to let loose and enjoy themselves and come back feeling refreshed. Of course, one day a year is already devoted to couples spending time together, which is why Valentine’s Day is always a great time to do something special. Still, with so many options out there, coming up with exactly the right Ideas for Valentine’s Day Entertainment can be difficult, and you may need something different and unique to create a truly memorable event. If you are looking for Concepts for Valentine’s Day Entertainment and you are tired of the same old routine, consider seeing one of these excellent comedians or booking them for an event. These hilarious comics will help you laugh while learning a new appreciation for life and love.

Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day Entertainment!

Jeff Allen 

Jeff Allen keeps audiences roaring with laughter through his hilarious routine. Jeff pokes fun at marriage and family life, using good-natured sarcasm and deadpan delivery to describe everyday life experiences such as arguments with his wife. Jeff’s wit combined with his rich material and comical performance will keep everyone entertained.  With three decades of experience, you can expect Jeff Allen to have you laughing hysterically with his brand of observational humor.   Jeff Allen uses witty sarcasm and deadpan delivery to transform ordinary life situations into hilarious comedy. He often talks about family scenarios, such as raising kids or communicating with his wife, and his audience relates to his struggles. Jeff is a great entertainer for couples who need to let loose.

Michael Smalley

Michael Smalley gets his audience laughing by relaying funny anecdotes about dating and romance, such as horror stories of his wife’s first fiancé, whom Mike has nicknamed “Satan.” Mike’s routine recounts everyday experiences that much of his audience can relate to, and their positive response is the proof of a successful act.

Paul Aldrich

Paul Aldrich uses music and guitar skills to compliment his comedy, providing a multifaceted performance with a lot of talent. He performs what is called a “dyslexic love song,” singing his love story in reverse to the amusement of everyone in the crowd. Paul’s skills in both music and comedy promise to please the whole audience.

Thor Ramsey

Thor Ramsey brings laughs to his audience with his witty perspective on life and love. Here he comically makes fun of our unrealistic standards for love, and how real-life romance is rarely as perfect as it looks in the movies. His routine offers profound insights on life while delighting and amusing his audience along the way.

Jay and Laura Laffoon

Jay and Laura Laffoon, husband and wife comedian duo, deliver an entertaining routine to their audience. While they joke about their marriage and give each other some lighthearted joshing, they also use laughter to celebrate how far they’ve come together. Jay and Laura deliver an act that is the perfect fit for a couple looking to laugh.  Their Ultimate Date Night is one of the best Ideas for Valentine’s Day Entertainment.

Date Night Comedy for a Couples Night Out

Daren Streblow

Observational stand-up comedian, Daren Streblow, has been entertaining audiences since 1995. He is whimsical, wacky, and has a knack for telling stories that keep audiences laughing intensely. He enjoys the challenges that come with being a clean comedian and his offbeat style has earned him the moniker of “King of Uncool”.

Steve Geyer

Steve Geyer learned at an early age that the humor was the way to survive difficult circumstances. Working in both comedy and ministry, he brings an immediacy to his routine by addressing current situations in the world with insights that bring about great laughter. He has been the opener for comedians Sinbad, Billy Crystal, and Ray Romano.  Steve Geyer has spent his adult life touring the world, and not just for comedy shows. His several relief trips to Haiti enter into his comedic sketches and ministry alike, and they give him a truly unique and also relatable view of Christian, married life.

Carlos Oscar

Carlos Oscar is known for his energetic stage persona. His wit and charm shine through as he tells hilarious stories about family, pop culture, and ordinary mishaps. Recognized for a myriad of voices and characters, he has appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” as well as HBO and Comedy Central.

Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason is a talented comedian known for supplementing his comedy with puppets, music, and other attractions. While providing background music on his keyboard, Taylor talks about his marriage and family relationships while using his lighthearted sense of humor to keep his audience laughing all along. He knows how to help his viewers enjoy themselves for a date night.

Anthony Griffith has made his way to stardom through appearances on TV shows including Star Search, The Tonight Show, Dry Bar Comedy and Curb Your Enthusiasm. As part of the “Apostles of Comedy” tour, he travels around the country with other comedians to performing comedic sketches at church events.

You can be assured of date night comedy that you will not soon forget. You’ll be laughing and nodding your head in agreement as these stand-up artists share their observations of life and how you can get through it with humor. All of these professional comedians guarantee date night comedy that is full of good, clean laughs.

When you are looking for Ideas for Valentine’s Day Entertainment, consider booking one of the great performers above. Their comical takes on life and love will have you laughing and enjoying yourself while also reconnecting with your love in an unusual and memorable way. This will be a really unique experience that you will not soon forget!

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