12 Incredible Comedians That Are Going To Be Big In The Near Future

jj barrows

Written by Tim Grable

October 19, 2019

Dry Bar Comedy is an excellent platform for up and coming comedians to gain exposure and get themselves heard in front of an international audience.

In recent years, there have been some comedians on the platform, which showed promise, and by the looks of it, they may very well break into the mainstream soon.

The audience is the judge and jury for any performer. The crowd’s reaction is what validates if the performer has delivered quality material or not. The bottom line is that it’s hard to entertain a large number of people.

For example, think of stand-up comedy shows. They often take place in small venues where the comedian is put in the position of being up close to the audience. This can be a very intense experience, but at the same time, it gives the comedian the ability to play off of people’s reactions.

In the following article, we will showcase 12 incredible comedians who know how to make even the most challenging audience to get invested in the performance.   We believe these amazing comedians have all the chances to be up there with the greats!

Incredible Comedians That Are Going To Be Big In The Near Future

1. John Wesley Austin

It’s difficult to tell a joke about the NASCAR when there are very few racing fans in the audience.  John always manages to go through with his jokes and make the audience laugh, no matter what.

John Wesley is a comedian who shoots one funny joke after another. He’s a very recognizable figure, sporting a cowboy hat and having a very distinct southern accent, which somehow enhances the silliness of his performance.

He knows how to get the audience involved in his stand-up routine, often doing calls to rally up the people or telling jokes off of people’s reactions.

2. Brian Moote

A stand-up comedy show with Brian Moote feels more like a questions and answers session. Often during his performances, he asks the audience if they’ve been through a specific situation.

Brian includes Improv Comedy in his show,  making his stand-up routine feel much more relatable and offers it a sense of realness.

Besides involving the audience, his energy also plays a significant role in making the audience more invested in his show. He isn’t just amazing to hear but is also very entertaining to watch.

3. Tony Deyo

Rather than directly interacting with the audience, Tony Deyo has a different approach. Unlike the incredible comedians we have previously featured, Tony has a ridiculous style of comedy, where he and the audience laugh together at all the funny things which have happened to him through the years.

His stand-up routines often involve Tony telling stories about his high-school days or how he was the oldest brother of the family, but the shortest in height. These kinds of stories always have a ridiculous twist the audience can’t get enough of.

4. Matt Falk

Often, the most incredible comedians are the ones who don’t even need to interact with the audience because their stand-up routine is so compelling.

That’s Matt Falk’s performances for you; he’s a very cheerful and expressive comedian who incorporates elements of story-telling into his comedy shows.

Instead of going for one-liners and short punchlines, Matt goes on to tell an entire story that draws the listener in. Out of sheer curiosity, or if you’re genuinely interested to hear how his stories end, then be sure to check out his comedy routines from Dry Bar Comedy.

5. Steve Soelberg

Steve Soelberg is an incredibly entertaining comedian. His tasteful style of observational comedy has had audiences aching from laughter.

He’s a genuinely down to earth guy who enjoys nothing more than to tell audiences stories about all sorts of kooky things which may happen to any of us.

Dry Bar Comedy has had many amazing comedians come up on stage, and Steve proved he was one of them by having people laugh in droves.

6. Drew Allen

Drew Allen made a career for himself by taking a step back and over-analyzing human interactions. No, he is not a social scientist nor an anthropologist, he’s simply a comedian.

He has been in the industry for a few years now. However, he came into the public’s eye because of his funny stand-up routine on Dry Bar Comedy.

During his shows, he likes to joke about the silliness of social situations we may find ourselves in. And besides his killer jokes, people have come to enjoy his relaxed attitude and flawless delivery.

7. Brandon Vestal

Brandon Vestal is a name that has been floating around the comedy club scene for a while. His incredibly personal and heartfelt delivery has made him an audience favorite.

He has been selling shows, and winning competitions left and right. And with such overwhelming audience support, he just needs that big break, which will propel his career into the mainstream.

And, it may be closer than anyone can expect, as he has had an incredibly successful run on Dry Bar Comedy and has even been named comedian of the month on Sirius/XM radio.

8. Alex Velluto

Alex Velluto prides himself on being a stand-up comedian and Diet Coke enthusiast. However, we assure you that his comedy skits aren’t sugar-free.

His incredible blend of observational comedy and biting punchlines have made him an audience favorite at comedy festivals and stand-up competitions.

He has garnered numerous awards throughout the years, even being voted as “Best Comedian” by the City Weekly Magazine.

9. JJ Barrows

Funny, confident, and artistic, these are the three words that best describe Dry Bar comedian JJ Barrows. She grew up the daughter of a southern preacher and always felt like she was the one who stood out from everyone else. However, instead of shying away from what makes her difference, she decided to embrace it and use her passion to help others. 

Now, she’s an accomplished speaker and comedian who brings her unique sense of style to the stage, no matter how big or small. JJ Barrows’ positivity, combined with her depth and humor, entwines together to create an unforgettable experience that will live in people’s minds forever. 

10. Michael Joiner

Incredible comedians are challenging to find, especially in the digital age of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. It seems like everyone is in the entertainment business, but it can be overwhelming to find the perfect comedian for you. Luckily, Michael Joiner is not just another ordinary comedian. He has a special talent…he’s an actor too!

That’s right, Joiner brings the gift of personality and connection to the audience in every aspect of his life, whether it’s appearing in the Sony Pictures film The Grace Card, writing stand-up comedy for other comedians, or performing his material on The Tonight Show, Michael Joiner is a legend in the entertainment industry. Not only is he able to connect with the audience on a whole new level, but his ability to entertain and add humor to situations keeps people engaged the whole time he’s onstage making them laugh. 

11. Mark Poolos

A Minnesota native and engaging comedian, Mark Poolos can entertain and enthrall audiences in a way other performers could only dream about. He’s a true renaissance man of the arts, as he’s co-starred in a few indie films such Attack of the Killer Snow Cone Zombies and Joanie Loves Furbies, appeared in multiple commercials, and even performed in the theatre!

While these were all fun, he found his passion to be in stand-up comedy. With his versatility to perform virtually anywhere to any audience and his relatable humor, he’s performed on cruise lines, television shows, and even had his bit on Dry Bar Comedy. Poolos connects, engages, and performs one of the best comedy shows around, and his humor is suitable for all ages. 

12. Mike P. Burton

North Carolina, Delaware, and New York City each contributed to the diversity of comedian Mike P. Burton’s incredibly entertaining comedy. Burton’s childhood influences of Steven Wright, George Carlin, and Eddie Murphy further enriched his performance and comedic abilities that allow him to stand out from the crowd in a super-saturated industry today.

As a result, his extraordinary abilities to entertain and engage is paying off as he now tours on a national and international level to deliver his unique and unforgettable comedy show to thousands of people of all ages and cultures around the world. 

The Place to Find More Incredible Comedians

Indeed, the Dry Bar Comedians featured in this article are still young, but that only means they have an entire career ahead of themselves. And, who knows, they’ll have the chance to prove themselves in the coming years.

Having to work with an audience might be the toughest job in the world, but for these comedians, it’s a blessing in disguise.

Comedians are great for entertaining audiences, and if you are having an event with many participants, then why not hire a comedian to bring the fun?  If you want to have amazing comedians such as the ones featured in this article to perform live at your event, then be sure to call us at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you!

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