Inspire and Reach Your City for Jesus

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Written by Tim Grable

March 8, 2017

Inspire and Reach Your City for Jesus Every church needs moments periodically where they are moved with Christ’s compassion, elated in the spirit… To be one with God. This sentiment can reach your city for Jesus via a guest speaker or performance. You can give an audience a glimpse of God’s love through their passion and love for God through the talent God has given them. Convey God’s Message to your people in artistic sentiment sure to linger in the hearts and maybe declare permanent residency as they face the wildernesses in their backyards. Help your people walk with Christ and help these performers serve God’s call by booking an instrument of God.

If you are looking for an entertainer for a special show on Sunday night or a weekend retreat, these entertainers will have you thinking outside of the box. The endearing devotion of these five performers can reach your city for Jesus, touching many hearts with powerful messages from above.

How to Reach Your City for Jesus

The best way to bring people together is through the gift of laughter. When individuals come together as a group and can share in a collective activity, friendships and fun ensue. Adding one of these types of performers to the options for Christian program ideas will fill the event with excitement, fun, and sore faces and stomachs. These live performers are fascinating, unique, hilarious, and a memory that every member will carry with them for a long time.

He had three minutes to paint an eight-foot canvas. Abandoning all paint brushes, Marc Eckel swiftly carried out his task smearing paint with his bare hands. Since then, Marc Eckel’s Splat Experience of worship captivated nearly 900 audiences in five countries and forty-five states meriting an Emmy Nomination in 2012.

World’s premier Sand Animation performer, Joe Castillo embellishes his organic storytelling talent with drawings and/or sand art and music creating powerful messages of inspiration. Best selling author and finalist from America’s Got Talent, Joe Castillo has entertained on all seven continents, 43 countries, and many world leaders and Fortune 500 companies. He can present any message and make it shine.

Jeff Allen shares his family experiences with the crowd in a stern fatherly manner. His comedic genius comes from dealing with teenage children and the fads of the day. His observations are highly relatable and a great solution for Christian women’s program ideas. His comedy is relaxed and controlled, with just a hint of parental sarcasm and humor.

Paul Aldrich blends his skills as a performance artist, musician, and comedian on the stage with his hilarious take on life and love. His dating advice and outrageous look at the relationships between men and women is relatable to a broad range of audience members. He has high energy and sound advice to offer the Christian women’s program ideas and the audiences at his shows. His type of performance kept the audience interested and entertained with a variety of relatable subjects.

Acrobatic dancer Lindsey Norton entertains and inspires through her unique dance which harnesses tumbling, flexibility, and expressive ballet. She has been dancing since she was two years old. Sure to bring a tear of inspiration, Lindsey’s dance moves dazzled many when she appeared in the top 48 on season 7 America’s Got Talent on NBC.

The World’s Strongest Redneck happens to be hilarious. Steve McGranahan is the Muscle of Fat N Furious: Rolling Thunder on the Discovery Channel. Six feet tall, weighing in at 343 pounds, Steve is capable of lifting 585 pounds for eight reps. Adept at shot-put and basketball, Steve has also ran 50-milele marathon.

The powerful emotions and virtuous messages conveyed by these performers are sure to lift your city to solid ground attracting non-members to feel Christ for themselves. These artists have taken the talents God gave them, and used them to make themselves instruments of God and their unique symphonies can reach your city for Jesus.  Choosing to involve a live performer to the line-up of events is sure to be a hit with the entire audience. The laughter and friendships will fill the room when one of these skilled and professional performers are on the stage at your next event.

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