6 Inspiring Comedians Who Will Make Any Event Stand Out

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Written by Tim Grable

August 15, 2018

If you are looking to organize something extraordinary, then there’s something you should know. Getting outstanding performers pays off. That’s because the audience loves their performances and they will want more.

That is why you should put extra effort into looking for the best entertainers out there.

A large part of planning a successful event has to do with picking the right entertainment. One of the choices you can’t go wrong with is booking inspiring comedians, as they bring more to the table than just their humor.

In addition to pure entertainment value and lots of laughter, these comedians also provide their audiences with the inspiration to live life to the fullest.

That’s a precious gift to give to any audience, so read on to learn more about a few of the best comedians who inspire with humor.

To make your search easier, we have put forth a list of 6 inspiring comedians who will make your event special.

Tim Cavanagh, Inspiring Comedians You Need for a Successful Event

1. Jeff Allen

The kind of performer who turns any stage he graces into a top-shelf event. That’s Jeff Allen.

3 Inspiring Comedians Who Will Make Any Event Stand out

A comedy-club heavyweight and a crowd-favorite for over three decades, Jeff Allen is the type of performer no one would want to miss.

How did he manage to get among the best inspiring comedians?

He keeps it clean and straightforward. Jeff’s stand-up routine focuses on easy-going, light-hearted humor. He delivers his performance in such a way anyone can relate to it.

It’s important to note that he puts much emphasis on storytelling, drawing funny anecdotes about marriage, daily life, trying to cope with teenagers.

So it’s through these stories Jeff manages to reach the hearts of everyone in the audience. He always lightens up the mood and quickly puts a smile on anyone’s face.

2. Robby Wagner

An inspiring comedian, showman, visionary and wellness instructor who delivers 100% each time.

Robby has become a household name in many comedy clubs for his downright electrifying performance. Also, that description is barely scratching the surface.

Have a look at it in the following video:

Robby has dubbed this performance as Sweatiquette. Moreover, this act is entirely focused on delivering an inspiring, comedic and energy infused keynote. During this performance, he goes the extra mile and invites the audience to a series of fitness sessions.

The result? Thousands of college students, employees, higher-ups and even the U.S military have come to love Sweatiquette, making Robby star of the comedy industry.

3. Lisa Mills

Nowadays, with so much information flying around, people are often faced with the problem of alienation. What’s to be done about it?

lisa mills, comedy, comedian

Lisa Mills has a solution for this. She says all this social isolation comes from people forgetting about the power of laughter. She argues that laughter is a great tool to connect with people. Also, her keynotes are living proof of this.

Lisa’s trademark is audience interaction, a lot of it. She goes out of her way to cultivate happiness in the audience’s heart.

By putting small bits of comedy in her keynote, people are always entertained and able to absorb Lisa’s advice like a sponge.

Lisa’s performance is entirely focused on pushing organizations to bring out the best in their employees. And it’s guaranteed once they hear what Lisa has to say, they’ll walk out with a positive outlook on life.

4. Tim Cavanagh

What makes Tim Cavanagh so widely-appreciated as a corporate entertainer is he dedicates much time to creating insightful customized material that is specific to the event and audience for which he is performing.

This is something which allows him to step down from the stage and interact with the guests at the event in a playful and personal way. You can watch an example of such an interaction in the video below:

Furthermore, Tim uses the insights he’s acquired by researching the audience and the specifics of the event beforehand to create refreshingly positive performances which are meant to inspire a higher level of unity within the company or group.

5. Jerry Bridge

One of the things Jerry Bridge is best known for is his ability to turn complex topics into fun, humor-marinated programs which leave a lasting impression on the audience.

For instance, one of Jerry’s programs is aimed at restoring purpose and passion by teaching the audience how to find new and exciting opportunities in their line of work.

In addition to helping his audiences find new meaning and excitement in their professional lives, Jerry also focuses on topics such as:

  • the challenges of an increasingly stressful work environment
  • the growing demands of today’s technology-driven world
  • the importance of work-life balance and how to attain it.

You can learn more about the content of Jerry’s inspiring programs here.

6. Chris Cummins

One of the first things you should know about Chris is that he firmly believes enthusiasm is contagious. He thinks it can be passed on from individual to individual and thus result in a positive outcome for the company as a whole.

A gifted corporate speaker, expert storyteller and one of the most inspiring comedians, Chris takes his audiences on an exhilarating journey during his presentations. As a result, attendees are left with a fresh outlook on life and a revived enthusiasm for the business.

To make sure his message gets across to people, Chris uses personal stories alongside humorous anecdotes and a fast-paced style which interplays with moments of crowd interaction.

You can see all that in action by watching Chris’s motivational TEDx presentation where he talks about having a passion for motivation.

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Which One of These Inspiring Comedians Will You Book?

Any of the speakers included in this article is an excellent pick if you are looking to plan an event which goes beyond just entertaining guests and is also meant to provoke positive change.

More Inspiring Comedians

Our comedians promise a show unlike no other, so you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to book them!

The good news doesn’t end here. If you are looking for other inspiring comedians, then you’ll be glad to know we have a wide assortment of talents.

Check booking entertainment off your list today by hiring one of the inspiring comedians who made it onto this article. Call us at 615 283 0039 for more info.

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