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James Gregory Comedian

Written by Tim Grable

February 23, 2017

With his southern Georgia accent and his down-home demeanor, James Gregory Comedian has been entertaining America for over two decades. Born in 1946 and raised in Georgia, Gregory has a true storytelling style and an unpretentious wit that continues to fill venues wherever he performs his trademark clean and keen comedy. In addition to packing comedy clubs across the country, The Funniest Man In America is also famous for corporate entertainment events. He has brought laughter to over 200 corporations. His politically incorrect humor takes audiences back to a simpler time when the front porch was a social hub, and common sense was a whole lot more common. Unlike many other comedians today he does not rely on vulgarity or shock value for laughs, instead choosing to let his charming and quirky storytelling take center stage with colorful characters from his life and hilarious observations about the overbearing and overcautious world we live in today.
James Gregory Comedian

Comedian James Gregory extraordinaire is a down-home, southern boy with a tussled charm and gregarious smile that captures his audience.  Think of this Clean American stand-up comedian as the uncle everyone loves to listen to.  For more than twenty years, James has entertained audiences with a no-holds-barred, clean-cut brand of humor that challenges the politically correct boundaries of today’s social atmosphere tinged with common sense. He takes on topics such as global warming, modern parenting, and environmentalists with genteel style.

All of the following videos will provide a fun insight into the long-lived experience that backs up Mr. Gregory’s banter. His life has helped give his act credibility while being humorous and relatable. He has worked for the government in the U.S. Postal Service and Department of Defense, and also toured the country as a salesman long before he found his place in the comedy hierarchy. His life lessons began in his mid-teens when he went to work full time while still going to school. That work ethic and tough early life makes him appealing to the people who flock to his shows.

Funny James Gregory Stand Up Comedy Videos

Even when cracking jokes about sex, his stand-up comedy maintains a cheerful innocence that defies raunchiness and finishes with a wink, like a mischievous uncle telling flirtatious jokes at the dinner table. His quirky tales walk the fine line of clean humor with perfect balance, coming together for an evening of entertainment that a teenager and a grandmother could chuckle over together.

The world, according to James Gregory, is a hilariously confident, uncomplicated, and self-assured place. Gregory creates a caricature of himself that is both compassionate and honest in its portrayal of his set of values and ideals. His unflinching confidence in his worldview allows him to offer an onion in exchange for a days’ work to any homeless person bearing a ‘will work for food’ sign and still be surprised when the guy gives him the finger.


On the rare occasion that the Georgia state lottery jackpot reaches fifteen million dollars, James Gregory takes the opportunity to observe his supremely unimaginative cousins discuss what they’d do with the money. Gregory’s effortless impersonations make you feel like a fly on the grimy wall of an old front porch in Georgia.  While most people can relate to the idea of fantasizing about winning the “big one” in a local lottery, The Funniest Man In America brings the humor to a whole new level with his pokes at the southern idea of how to live after winning.

James has all the answers when it comes to what’s wrong with today’s generation of Whiners & Moaners. His comedy reflects an old-fashioned American value system and an unapologetic idealism that proudly pronounces America as ‘Amurrica’ in a thick southern drawl.

James Gregory is a comedian who throws all political correctness out of the window with glee when it comes to the tough issues like Sensitivity & Hand Guns that we face today. This skilled storyteller can find humor even in a touchy subject like classroom violence and faces down controversy with aplomb.

The Funniest Man In America doesn’t like gym memberships. So once he’s told you why, you might re-think your membership. After all, how many people want to part with their hard-earned money just for the privilege of “lifting something really heavy”?  This quick clip is a down-to-earth comedic view of health club memberships. The clean, pure humor in this video will have you holding your sides as you laugh at the simple truths that defy the modern, urban way of life.

James is not only a notorious straight-shooter, but he’s also a man who refuses to walk on eggshells. He crushes them under his feet. His appearance heralds a night of gut-busting revelations regarding his experiences with unstable neighbors and strange folk with an unnatural fascination with standard weather patterns.

Comedian James Gregory possesses a unique charm that leaves his audiences thinking he belongs just as much in the seat next to them as he does on stage, where he has perfected the art of the whimsical, unassuming storyteller.

His strength lies in his experience as a man who reaches out to his world from the comfort of his front porch, forgoing the convenience of electronic communication for the wisdom and knowledge gained from genuine human contact.

Comedian James Gregory The Funniest Man in America

This southern look at today’s health food fad is cutting edge funny. Mr. Gregory’s jabs away at the typical southern fare, the opinions of the modern diner and spray on butter along with its relation to real food. The humor is clean, eye-opening, and hilarious.

Decidedly not politically correct in his clean humor, Gregory doesn’t pull any punches, but he also keeps his show fresh and entertaining. Young children to senior citizens will find much to appreciate in his act. Fans of the late Jerry Clower will delight in the down-home humor this man delivers.

You cannot get more sensible than the humor in this clip where the Funniest Man In America takes off in his reaction to small airplane capacity and fuel needs. As funny as the viewpoint is, it is so genuine and full of common sense audiences cannot help but come away feeling like the whole world should immediately follow this type of reasoning.

This hilarious look at why comedian James Gregory is always clean and keeps sex and politics out of his routines will have you all out laughing. This type of humor is typical of Mr. Gregory’s style with its easygoing nature and simple outlook.

Born in rural Georgia, Gregory went through several careers before finding his true calling in comedy. He has appeared regularly on nationally syndicated morning shows and performed for some of the largest corporations in America. The Funniest Man In America has recorded many comedy projects including Beef Stew for the Brain, It Could be a Law and The Funniest Man in Americas – Live!

Most comedians try to relate their world to the way of life around them, but James Gregory comedian goes a step further. He shows the absurdity in the world’s habits and lifestyles by using simple, down-home common sense. His clean humor and simple, good-guy charm are a delight to watch, and endear him to audiences everywhere.

James’ talents for showcasing the human condition as it relates to a world a bit less electronic and a lot more insane has landed him gigs for several hundred corporations, including Hewlett Packard and Coca-Cola. His exposure on syndicated radio has grown him a fan base numbering in the millions, and his penchant for accessible, clean fun with a bite is a huge draw across the country.

Such astute observations are the reason The Funniest Man In America has been a successful comic since age twelve when he looked around and realized that life is ridiculous and ripe for comedy.

For over twenty years, James Gregory has been providing clean and lively entertainment to sold-out venues across America. His sharp observations and easygoing southern manner delight audiences of all ages as he invites them to share his front porch.


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