Have you seen Ken Groves at the Amish Country Theater?

Written by Tim Grable

February 23, 2017

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Ken Groves and his dummy, CW absolutely blow the doors off this 325 seat Amish County Theater with his clean comedy. With his combination of observational humor, puns, and clean jokes, Groves manages to hold everyone’s attention. Or, more to the point, CW does!

Groves’ trademark  comedy style is absolutely on display here, and his comedic timing is unmatched as he lands one joke after another, discussing everything from dead rabbits to raising chickens to how ventriloquist dummies end up in jail after working on a farm. He manages to play with the setting in a unique way, taking the jokes that everybody expects and setting them on their heads (the jokes, not the audience), so you never quite know what to expect. When the jokes start coming, they keep coming, leaving the audience with non-stop belly laughs.

Clean Comedy at the Amish Country Theater

CW is just one of a whole cast of puppets and dummies that Ken Groves can work with, each having their unique personality and each funnier than the last one. Ninety-three-year-old Howard, for example, is both the newest and the oldest member of the crew, and he is sure to get a whole lot of laughs out of any audience. Ken Groves has worked with several big names in the entertainment industry, including Rip Taylor, Debbie Reynolds, Bill Ray Cyrus, Trisha Yearwood, and so many others, not to mentioned traveled the world and worked for businesses like Ford Motor Company, Pepsi Co, Goodyear, and Frito-Lay.ken groves, Amish Country Theater

However, it is not just the puppets and celebrities that get to be part of the show at the Amish Country Theater: so do you! Groves is a knack for audience participation, and can get a party going just by bringing a few members of it into the act. Regardless of what they do, Groves can work with it and make sure that everybody has a fantastic time! He’ll make your audience the stars of the show, and leave them with memories that they will hold on to for the rest of their lives.

The extremely talented and nationally renowned comedian and ventriloquist Ken Groves do not disappoint in this knee-slapping video. Featuring his young and energetic friend George, the laughs start coming right from the beginning and do not let up throughout the entirety of the show.

Lively, smart, and a self-declared redneck, George possesses an endearing personality that lights up the stage as he interacts playfully with both Ken and audience members alike. He possesses a unique combination of innocence and sarcasm that lends itself to a refreshing comedic experience that appeals to everyone.

Ken and George are a comfortable pair, exchanging lighthearted banter with ease and naturalness that will delight audience members of all ages and situations at the Amish Country Theater. Not needing to resort to crass jokes and crude humor, Ken will surprise you with his ability to make you laugh without causing embarrassment in front of your coworkers or making you wish that you had left your children at home. There are no offensive words or sensitive topics that will dampen your experience; this is simply clean humor presented in a way that only Ken Groves can deliver.

From George’s trademark red boxing gloves to Ken’s versatile facial expressions and smooth manner of speaking, this great duo will brighten and enrich any gathering and leave you in search for other tales of Ken Groves and his lifelike friends.

Ken Groves is a world class entertainer and funny comedian who has been around the globe and played some of the biggest venues a comedian could ask for including the Amish Country Theater. His schedule fills up pretty quick, so it is a good idea to contact him as soon as possible with several dates to make sure that you find a place on the schedule. He is especially great at corporate events where a classic comedy show can break any tension that might build up during the day. He is also a master at captivating audiences, keeping them in their seats and making them laugh at his funny comedy.

So contact ventriloquist Ken Groves right now to make sure that you can get on his comedy schedule. Neither you nor your audience will regret it if you do.  For more information on booking Ken Graves call 615-283-0039.

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