4 Important Lessons We’ve Learned From Dry Bar Comedy

Lessons Dry Bar Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

January 9, 2021

What makes a good comedy show? Is it the comedian’s attitude, the delivery, the material, or a combination of all these elements?

Every comedy show has something that stands out and makes it more appealing to the audience.

On Dry Bar Comedy, we’ve noticed some important lessons including how each comedian plays to their strengths and emphasizes a skill that works best with the audience. This article will showcase four examples of comedic skills that make an amazing comedy show.

Observational Comedians from Dry Bar Comedy

1. It Takes Confidence

Audiences appreciate genuineness, and they can tell if a performance is forced right off the bat. The most appreciated comedians often end up being those who exude confidence and feel right at home on stage.

This kind of attitude only comes with many years of comedy shows and on-stage experience. Veteran Comedian Ross Bennett developed the courage, to be frank with the audience and tell things just how they are.

It takes much self-confidence to admit that you’re not familiar with technology or that you don’t understand what the newer generation is into, but Ross Bennett rolls with it.

2. Laugh It Out

Charlie Chaplin said, “Life is a tragedy when seen up-close, but a comedy in long-shot.” Often, people get too hung up on issues when they should just let things go or accept them as they are.

A good comedy show takes in daily life drama and puts it differently to make it more approachable and more comfortable to confront.

The best comedians are those who take the tragedy from their own life and learn to laugh at it.

On Dry Bar Comedy, Ron Ruhman is locked and loaded, as if a disaster is about to strike at any minute. However, no matter how dire a situation may be, his positive outlook on life has him covered as he has learned this lesson.

3. An Appreciation for the Mundane

There’s much humor to be found in the mundane. Life has many exciting twists and turns, which we usually never pay attention to, but if you take a step back and observe some events, they’ll seem as if taken straight out of the movies.

Shows such as Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm have thrived on the idea of giving the spotlight to basic day-to-day things.

Many of the comedians on Dry Bar Comedy have the same approach in their comedy shows. For example, comedian Karen Morgan strikes comedy gold during her shows by joking about housekeeping or riding a bike feels like a life or death situation.

4. It Helps Being Practical

Sometimes, the funniest comedy shows have a healthy combination of jokes and practical life advice. This ties in with the idea that comedy shows are often frontloaded with jokes and fall flat because they don’t have any substance behind them.

Conversely, adding some “real-talk” moments adds some levity between the comedy bits and spaces them out better, giving people ample time to take them incorrectly.

A good example we’ve seen on Dry Bar is from comedian Jason Russell. During his comedy routines, Jason delivers a combination of well-timed jokes between a seemingly well-intended bit of advice.

Important Lessons As Seen on Dry Bar Comedy

We know that people have different tastes, but good comedy can always hit the mark, even with the most challenging audience.

If you want your upcoming events to feature the same kind of comedy as you’ve seen on Dry Bar, then we can help you find the right performers.

At The Grable Group, we offer you the possibility to connect with some of the industry’s top comics. Give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we can help you turn your event into a veritable show!

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