Can we Really Trust Live Christian Comedy to be Funny?

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Written by Tim Grable

March 9, 2017

When looking for a comedian for your next church event, charity fundraiser, or conference, you might be tempted to find a big name that isn’t known for their Faith. Critics might argue that live Christian comedy is dull, predictable, or too preachy. However, audiences will be surprised by the hilarity of some of these comic artists who generate fall-out-of-your-chair laughter while sticking to clean topics and tying it all to a biblical message in the end. After all, when the dirty jokes are taken out, there is still plenty to laugh at that is relatable for everyday people – from marriage to parenting, from Christmas shopping to awkward family moments, from travel to home life. With these comedic routines, the focus is on the God, who created laughter to be enjoyed in large quantities.

What Makes Good Live Christian Comedy?

No audience will leave feeling unimpressed or not amused. Instead, these Christian entertainers are often applauded for encores and invited back again and again. Each one has even been featured on major television networks and shows or competed in comic contests with secular rivals who had to concede the stage to their hilarious routines. The videos below illustrate small samples of each Christian comedian’s talent for drawing out the humor in everyday situations. It is even difficult to watch the 2-minute clips without stifling a laugh – and best of all, it is all good, clean fun that is never offensive or dirty.

Can we Really Trust Live Christian Comedy to be Funny?
So is live Christian comedy funny? These six comedians clearly demonstrate the answer by their audiences’ enthusiastic, “Yes!”

Jeff Allen has been heralded as “one of the funniest, most inspirational corporate comedians today.” His observational comedy routine pokes fun at people’s everyday experiences, from growing up in the 50’s and 60’s to his classic “Happy Wife, Happy Life” routine. He has opened for Michael W. Smith, been featured with Dave Ramsay, and even headlined for the Armed Forces Foundation Congressional Gala where he performed for the benefit of wounded veterans and their families.

Tagged, “the new Rodney Dangerfield,” Scott Wood is the king of clean one-liners that will have audiences in stitches. He has performed in venues of all sorts, from comedy clubs to churches and has been performing his live Christian comedy routine for over twenty years across the country, including major television networks like NBC and The Family Channel. His concise jokes are the zinger type that never fails to produce side-aching laughter in audiences of all ages.

Daren Streblow’s offbeat style of comedy has earned him the epithet, “King of Uncool,” as he specializes in awkward moments and a sophisticated whimsy that often takes people by surprise. He likes to look for the funny side of life in everyday situations and has been performing for churches, fundraisers, corporate functions, and colleges all across the country since 1995.  Daren Streblow excels at bringing down-to-earth humor to imaginative situations that everyone has found themselves in.

Bob Stromberg loves to use his plethora of talents to generate laughs including stand-up, physical comedy, and hand puppet shows. His act has been called “mesmerizing!” by the Chicago Sun Tribune, and he even earned a standing ovation performance on America’s Got Talent. His innate ability to connect with his audience means his jokes are never offensive but result in irresistible humor.

An accomplished Emmy Award winner, Anthony Griffith is a highly regarded Christian comedian, actor, and philanthropist with hilarious quips all about life. His tagline, “a Comic with a Message,” shows that his non-offensive humor is rooted in his strong faith. This has helped him to become a favorite at corporate events, churches, and concerts across the country. He has appeared on Showtime, NBC, Comedy Central, HBO, and BET Networks for his hilarious stand-up routines.

A real audience pleaser, Taylor Mason effortlessly blends his comedic talents with top-notch ventriloquism. Taylor’s journey from The Second City has led him to perform in top venues around the country including The Disney Cruise Line. His high-energy, often musical routines will leave the audience laughing in the aisles.

When he does not appear in comedy clubs or on college campuses across the country, the incomparable Michael Jr. is bringing his Christian message and unique comic stylings to late night television. His deadpan delivery and spot-on comic timing will hook the audience from the very beginning.

Let the Laughter Roll On

It is easy to see from this list of famous Christian comedians and their resumes of major performances on television networks, corporate events, and internet sensations that their humor is never lacking. As upstanding people with real, everyday lives just like the rest of us, they have plenty of comic material to draw from without delving into the gutter or offending audience members in an attempt to dredge up some chuckles. Most importantly, their Christian comedy comes with a unique message of joy and hope for every audience, which points to God as the reason for life, love, and laughter.

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