How to Promote with Interactive Trade Show Booth Ideas

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Written by Tim Grable

March 8, 2017

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Live Entertainment and Interactive Trade Show Booth Ideas For trade show booths, it’s becoming more and more necessary to find fresh ideas that will attract visitors to your trade show booth in a way that catches their attention and will increase sales. There are some great ways to get people interested in visiting your setup, and you’ll have a higher chance of success if you use interactive trade show booth ideas that incorporate unique entertainment and appealing features. One of the easiest and most fun ways to do this is by hiring a live artist or corporate entertainer  that will pull visitors in and create an exciting atmosphere that makes a lasting impression. Knowing what kind of entertainer will be a good fit depends on your overall setup, but you can choose from a lot of different types such as artists, comedians and magicians. The following four corporate entertainers are actually suited to performing at and making your event a success when it comes to interactive trade show booth ideas.

Unique Interactive Trade Show Booth Ideas

Piff the Magic

Picture an adept magician performing a vast array of mind-boggling tricks with sleight of hand, and then add a magical Chihuahua and a green dragon suit into the mix, and you have Piff the Magic Dragon. Blending comedy and magic and self-deprecating humor with a sharp delivery, this incredibly funny entertainer is a great hit for trade shows or other events.

Heidi Schwartz

One of a kind, Heidi Schwartz is a talented live event painter who creates her art while onlookers watch them come into existence. With live event paintings for everything from grand openings to wedding days, this entertainer is a great fit for your trade show. She’ll bring the scenario to life and draw onlookers to see her unique skills. When she set’s up an art studio and paints your event, visitors will remember the day, and you’ll stand out in their minds.

Joe Castillo

Unparalleled genius Sand Artist Joe Castillo has an eye-catching ability to create sand art that’s truly a masterpiece. Visitors can watch every moment of his original creations, tracking him from the start to the finishing touches as he uses a hands-on light table to design his artwork. Viewers will be mesmerized as they watch each new sand story come to life bit by bit from this America’s Got Talent Finalist.


Bucket Boys, also known as rePercussion, is an act that’s sure to catch and hold the attention of anyone walking by. This group uses buckets, pots, pans, chain-link fencing, signs and more to create a hip beat that can’t be ignored. Their ability to keep time and switch places while maintaining the contagious rhythm draws crowds and is sure to help your booth stand out from the rest.

These are just a sampling of interactive trade show booth ideas that will make you stand out and make an impression that visitors will remember for a long time. Magic, comedy, artwork and live entertainment are all innovative ways to breathe new life into your corporate trade show booth.

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