Making people laugh with comedy from my dad

Written by Tim Grable

February 26, 2017

Okay people! I love my dad! I always have and always will.  And… what’s even more wonderful… I have always known how much my dad loves me. When I made him proud he loved me.  When I messed up he loved me.  A father could hardly give a better gift to his son than this. But here’s something odd.   Seldom did we say to one another,  “I love you”. Fortunately, for me, it’s not too late.  So  please enjoy this video that I’ve made for my dad.  And Dad… here are the three words I should have said so long ago.

Bob Stromberg - Making people laugh with comedy from my dad

How Bob Stromberg has mastered making people laugh

Making people laugh comes easy too Bob Stromberg. He’s no stranger to comedy, that’s for sure.  Funny, mesmerizing and delightful, Bob has been leaving audiences in stitches for more than 30 years with his unique sense and style of humor.

Clean and entertaining fun for the entire family, it doesn’t take, but a moment to see Bob’s Making people laugh with comedy from my dadimmense talent and ability to connect with his audience. He is engaging and easily draws the audience in, and then boom, he leaves them holding their sides with laughter.

From Vaudeville-inspired humor to sharing “lessons” learned from his father to dealing with more contemporary issues, Bob connects with young and old alike making people laugh. His irresistible and charming sense of entertainment never gets old, even when you know the punchline. Bob’s deft storytelling skill is unmatched.

His “Triple Espresso” show, which Bob has co-written, is depicted as “a high caffeinated comedy,” which has entertained more than 1.7 million people in various venues across the United States and overseas. For 12 years running, the flagship production of “Triple Espresso” played in Minneapolis.

Bob has been making people laugh in the Minneapolis entertainment scene as his art often imitates his life. His style has been compared to a young Dick Van Dyke combining physical comedy with perfect timing — the hallmark of true comedic genius.

But Bob is more than just a comedian. He has used his talents and abilities in a variety of ways, not just to make people laugh. He has appeared as a motivational speaker and provided inspiration to thousands of people throughout the years. His ability to connect and feel the passion of strangers with his brand of mental and physical humor has been the signature of the Pennsylvania native’s career.

Large groups and businesses, including the United Way and The American Cancer Society have called upon Bob to entertain and energize audiences for years. He has devoted a good portion of his adult life to giving children hope when there is little hope. Through Compassion International, Bob and his wife, Judy, have helped needy children around the world. Bob doesn’t miss a chance to incorporate Compassion International into his program. The results have been uplifting.

Bob also has been entertained youth conferences, college campuses and Sr. Adult gatherings, which is a testament to his ability to connect with a wide ranging audience. Young and old alike leave Bob’s shows feeling better about themselves and about the world.

Create a lasting memory that will leave you howling for more Bob Stromberg. Funny, captivating and precocious. Making people laugh truly is the best medicine.

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