The truth about Marriage is Happy Wife Happy Life

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Written by Tim Grable

July 19, 2017

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The truth about Marriage is Happy Wife Happy LifeYou can learn a lot from Jeff Allen: Happy Wife Happy Life. The corporate and inspirational comedian tells it like it is whether it is about raising three overactive boys or exercising as a middle-aged man. Also, he does it with a standup comedy style that keeps you smiling and waiting for the next punch line, and laughing at the stories that you would swear were taken from your life.

If you are looking for clean family humor that leaves you gasping for breath, look no further than the entertainment of Jeff Allen.  He isone of the premier comedians touring today, his down to earth humor reigns supreme with family-friendly audiences.

The Secret to Marriage is Happy Wife Happy Life

When booking talent for events, planners are often hard-pressed to an entertainer who appeals to the entire audience without offending or embarrassing. Comedians working “blue” are best relegated to comedy stores and not conference lunches. Christian entertainers, while worthwhile and noble in their chosen field of entertainment, may not always be the right fit for a diverse audience in a corporate, agency, or non-profit. The best fit for these venues is someone who offers a clear, positive message with no vulgarities.

Allen has honed his talent as a funny, upbeat comedian through years on stage and corporate functions, as well as a steady string of television appearances, radio, and special engagements. His appropriate delivery leaves event planners without worry that their choice in headlining entertainment will be nothing short of enjoyable and well received. Even when discussing issues pertinent to his marriage, Allen does it with reverence. On menopause: “There are nights I lay in bed and dream about the good old days of PMS. Trust me.” Moreover, he admits that arguments do happen, but are necessary for a successful marriage. “You have to argue in your marriage. If you do not argue in your marriage, it will build up in your brain, and over time it will make you goofy.”

The majority of Allen’s material draws from his life as a married father of three. Jeff Allen: Happy Wife Happy Life is Allen’s one-hour comedy special that has been featured on the Odyssey Channel and Family Net. The message comes from Allen’s 30-plus-year marriage to his wife, Tami. It turns the spotlight on Allen’s life and how they took a troubled marriage on the brink of failure and turned it around through love, laughter, and understanding.

Allen’s life and career have seen run the gamut, from rowdy and rebellious in his youth to conversion towards faith and family. It was a relationship with a businessman in the late 80s and early 90s that helped push Allen towards his more centered view of life. Jeff Allen: Happy Wife Happy Life shares this change and redirection in his beliefs, which also served to save his marriage to long-time wife, Tami.

Nowadays, Allen’s career, marriage, fatherhood, and direction in life are solid and grounded.  Allen leaves audiences rolling in the aisle as they delight in his funny, realistic depiction of the everyday humor in family life. Whether poking fun at the perils of parenting or making keen observations about marriage, his humor resonates with listeners. Allen’s comedy talents have graced a myriad of venues across the country, including well-known casinos, radio, and television stations. His talents have been featured in television specials such as the Apostles of Comedy and Apostles of Comedy: Onwards & Upwards. Also, Allen has starred in the Warner Bros. comedy film, Thou Shalt Laugh and regularly on Comedy Central, Dry Bar Comedy, Showtime and VH1.

Now in his fifth decade of entertaining, Allen’s brand of clean humor has garnered acclaim among religious audiences, earning him appearances at the National Prayer Breakfast and George W. Bush’s inauguration ceremony. He is also a past co-host of the Gospel Music Associations Pre-Dove Awards and featured comedian on Bill Gaither’s Homecoming Tours. He has regularly headlined military gatherings, entertaining troops overseas, and at fundraisers for returning veterans and wounded warriors.

Allen is also a highly-sought corporate entertainer, having worked with companies like Sam’s Club and Chick-fil-A. He is an elite performer who leaves audiences clamoring for an encore and meeting organizers thrilled with their entertainment choice. Allen’s routine is customizable to fit any audience, both secular and religious. Whether keeping it light or incorporating an inspirational outreach message, he delights audiences of all ages with his family humor. Allen performs at a variety of functions including, corporate meetings, fundraisers, marriage retreats, church functions, and other large gatherings.

Book Jeff Allen now for your next event and enjoy a first class performer who will be the highlight of the day. Don’t miss out on one of the premier comedic entertainers performing family humor today.

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