The Best Marriage Jokes from Clean Comedians

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Written by Tim Grable

March 8, 2017

marriage jokes Getting married is one of the most important things you can do with your life. There will be ups, and there will be downs. There will be marriage jokes, happy times and sad times. Those things are guaranteed. However, what is also guaranteed is that there will be unusual times. So many funny times. Sometimes things that don’t seem like they will be funny will have you doubled over in stitches. Laughter is one of the most important things you can share with your partner.

These clean comedians get it. They understand that just as life is funny, marriage is also ridiculous. They do not make their shows about the jokes. They make their presentations about the reality of situations and letting the humor stand on its own. You will see what we mean when you take a look at each entertainer’s funny marriage video.

Most comedians have marriage jokes and relationship jokes.  Those of us who have had the pleasure of being married to our spouse for a considerable amount of time have, undoubtedly, been through many things and finding the humor in situations makes getting through possible.

These comedians talk about those funny, everyday events that occur in a marriage as part of their routines. Each of these clean comedians offers comedy without vulgarity in their marriage comedy, choosing instead to relate to the audience on personal levels. From the contents of a wife’s purse to a father’s advice to his son on his wedding day – no topic is off limits. Using instances from their lives, these comedians bring up everyday situations with “a day in the life” approach that will have you shaking your head in agreement and laughing out loud.

The best funny marriage jokes

Daren Streblow’s brand of wholesome, situational comedy has been his calling card since 1998. Choosing not to make profanity or sexual innuendo as a part of his act has made him a favorite with a church, university, and corporate events. Daren Streblow has an hour-long radio show that airs in fifty states.

Ron Pearson is a corporate entertainer, actor, TV show host, and of all things, a world record juggler. Ron Pearson has won three Telly Awards for his comedy special DVDs. A clean comic, Ron Pearson’s engaging routine will strike a chord.

Thor Ramsey is the host of the Bananas Comedy series. Starting out in 1987 in a hotel lounge, Thor Ramsey quickly built up enough steam to work the majority of the year at comedy clubs. Considered a Christian comic, Ramsey keeps people on their toes with his direct humor.

Jeff Allen drives his jokes home by relating them to his life. Or is it your life? The lines are so blurry, you won’t be able to tell for sure. He’ll make you laugh at yourself without shame. His topics are relative and with the sarcastic twist he adds, you won’t be able to contain yourself.

Jeff Allen is a seasoned pro. He knows his way around the stage. As a comedian and a man who has been married for a while, he knows just how funny life is when you are hitched. He talks about the things that people struggle with as they communicate with their partners. Every man in the audience and every wife, for that matter) will know it to be true.  Jeff Allen’s comedic prowess shines with his ability to take a typical situation, add a little sarcasm, and make it unbelievable hilarious. He touches upon various subjects in his show, such as parenting, growing up in the 60s, and, of course, married life. His observational style of humor pulls you in, making you feel as if he talking about a day in your life. Jeff Allen has been showcased on Apostles of Comedy, Comedy Central, Dry Bar Comedy and Showtime, among other venues.

Taylor Mason brings a lot to the table. Not only is he a clean comic with an appealing use of the everyday life and visually stimulating reactions, but he is also a ventriloquist and an accomplished pianist. He combines his other skills in his performance to add a different flavor to the scenarios. After winning Star Search in 1990, Talyor Mason went on to please crowds with his unique brand of humor. Recently he has embarked on a variety show geared toward families. Engaging and fun to watch, Taylor Mason does not disappoint.

Anjelah Johnson was an NFL cheerleader. She is an actress. She is a comedian – a funny comedian. She talks about life as a newlywed and the odd things that couples have to figure out when they move in together. If you have been married for a while, you remember these days. She will make you laugh at ridiculous circumstances as well as your own.

Steve Geyer found comedy as an escape from unfavorable conditions in his early life. Realizing that he was actually good at it, he decided to share his talent with the world. Starting with open mike sessions at comedy clubs and then progressing to opening for comedy greats like Sinbad, Steve Geyer honed his skills. Comedy was a natural extension of his life, fusing experiences and faith with open discussion and humor, making for truly funny brew.  Things change after you get married. Steve Geyer tells you the truth about that – no bones about it. Also, purse holding is not the only thing! Steve’s natural delivery makes you feel like you sitting on the couch chatting with him rather than him being onstage. Somehow, that makes his show that much funnier.

Life lessons are important. When you can get them in comedic form, it is all the better somehow. Jay and Laura Laffoon talk about the things that can bring change in your marriage. They call themselves Marriage Edu-tainers and after over 30 years of marriage, they have a thing going. They talk about date nights, sex, housework, and communication – all with a flair that makes you laugh out loud.

Rex Havens tells you exactly what you need to know to survive your marriage. Strange but true! He puts plainly the things that men need to learn and need to learn quickly if they plan to keep the household happy. That is what makes him so attractive. You want to know what he is going to say, and you want to know the circumstances behind him saying it. You are ready to laugh before he even builds up to a joke. He has a whole segment on what he calls wife lessons. Relevant material indeed, not to mention a funny marriage video.

Michael Joiner combines sarcasm and with a clean performance, and he does it effortlessly. It’s like he dives into our minds to pick out the things we are thinking and say them for us. He’s undeniably funny and at ease on stage. It’s no wonder he was called the “Funniest Comic in L.A.”

A veteran of the art, David Dean has been sharing his insightful brand of humor with audiences for over 25 years. Starting out in Chicago comedy clubs, David Dean has built a reputation for being direct and poignant while maintaining his hilarious nature. With sharp delivery and interesting topics, David Dean won’t disappoint.

Michael Jr. surprises you every time he starts talking. His jokes catch you off guard, and you can’t wait to see where he’s going with them. His correlations are spot on – you will be able to see your own life in his delivery. Thank you, George Wallace, for introducing us to Michael Jr.

Everyone has marriage jokes.  Marriage is funny. It takes love, work, and perseverance to keep a marriage healthy. These comics understand that and are not afraid to share their methods of success. As they will show you there are many ways to approach this, and all of which include humor. As Jeff Allen is fond of saying, “Happy Wife, Happy Life”.

If you are planning a marriage conference, date night or a couples event, take a look at the funny marriage video for each of these performers and consider booking them for your event. Comedy provides a different approach to handling life’s challenges. Let the funny comic translate into a definite theme at your next couples event.

Comedy is the balm for what ails you and these definitely know how to deliver. Their perspectives on family and marriage are too poignant to ignore and too funny for you to remain composed. If you are thinking about booking christian comedy for your corporate, church, or any kind of event, consider these clean comedians and let them show you just how funny they are.

To book a funny Christian Comedian for your next marriage event call 615-283-0039.

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