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Written by Tim Grable

March 3, 2017

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Michael Joiner famous comedy actors

Why Michael Joiner should be on your list of famous comedy actors

Michael Joiner is a double threat. He is a compelling comedian and an accomplished actor, one of the top famous comedy actors. His comedy is personal and engaging – you feel like you are having a conversation with someone who just happens to be extremely funny. He comes from out of nowhere with his punch lines – you literally don’t know what he’ll say next, and that is what makes him endearing. He says what we are thinking out loud, frequently commenting on the ridiculous nature of human communication. He’s not shy about it – he just says what’s on his mind, and it is refreshing, unique, and reminiscent of that relative in your family who doesn’t think decorum is necessary around the dinner table. And he does it all in a clean manner.

Michael Joiner is outright funny

Heralded as the “Funniest Comic in L. A.” in 2008, Michael Joiner has made his rounds. He has honed his craft and cut his teeth in venues that people only dream of performing. He has performed coast to coast in famed venues such as New York’s Laugh Factory and L.A.’s Hollywood Improv. He was one of four comedians performing on the DVD, “The Clean Stand Up Comedy Tour”. He also performed on Bananas and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in that coveted feature spot. Michael Joiner has what it takes, and people have taken notice.

Like most famous comedy actors, corporate events are Michael’s bread and butter. He has honed his skill to make his show work for 50 people or hundreds of people. He can weave personalized information into his show to make it pertain to your corporate event. His ability to connect is what makes him a sought after performer. He makes you feel like he is meeting you where you are and knows what you are going through because he’s been there too.

Michael Joiner’s ability to remain true to his convictions and deliver comedy that is appreciated by Christians and non-Christians alike is one of the most compelling aspects of his stand-up. He doesn’t feel the need to use profanity. It just isn’t part of his repertoire. He doesn’t use gimmicks or props. He can stand there and tell jokes, mike in hand and nothing else. Michael Joiner does improv like nobody’s business and can handle a heckler with unparalleled grace. He is a force to be reckoned with in the comedy sect.

If you are considering  famous comedy actors, Michael Joiner is worth a look. His dynamic style will win you over within minutes.

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