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Written by Tim Grable

March 5, 2017

Event planners in Nashville may find the plethora of available Talent to be quite overwhelming, and rightly so. From its roots as “Music City”, Nashville has become a mecca for entertainers of all types. However, how does one locate Nashville entertainment that will truly stand out?

Finding the right performers for a Music City Event can be difficult, especially when you need to find just the perfect entertainer to fit the atmosphere of your event and keep everyone happy. However, this search need not be a hopeless struggle. Whether you are hosting a party or planning a wedding or formal event, some talented performers are available to meet your entertainment needs if you know where to look for them. These unique and skilled artists range in skills from comedy to music to art and are experienced in pleasing a crowd and helping to make events overwhelmingly successful. If you are looking for entertainers near Nashville to make your event not only fun but also distinctive and memorable, then consider getting one of these excellent Nashville performers. You will not be disappointed.

nashville entertainment music city event heidi schwartz

The key to planning a successful corporate or family event is to select performers that both captivate the attendees and provides a memorable experience. That can be a daunting task considering that attendees are very often from very diverse backgrounds. The mission, then, is to secure Nashville Performers with both a broad appeal, and that will inspire and put smiles on the faces of event attendees. With that in mind, there are four performers that you should keep in mind for your upcoming events. Each one is guaranteed to leave event attendees buzzing about the event well after the tables are cleared and confetti swept up.

The Best Nashville Entertainment

Heidi Schwartz is a talented artist and an accomplished live event painter who will bring an event to life on canvas in real-time using uses live painting as performance art. Crowds gather around to watch her work as she puts brush to canvas to create a beautiful and vibrant portrayal of her surroundings, capturing the event forever in a piece of artwork. Heidi is truly able to capture the essence and mood of an event with brushstrokes and color. Event attendees will not only be entertained by watching her paint, but the completed canvas will be a lasting memorial to the event. Heidi’s unique Talent is excellent for any Music City Event.

rePercussion is a delightful group of young men who have performed on America’s Got Talent and Disney Cruises, among other venues. This group uses audience participation along with comedy, dance, and rhythm. Their innovative instruments consist of everyday items that double as their set design. They are sure to leave your group clapping, dancing, and smiling.

With his southern drawl and witty jokes, Rik Roberts is a Nashville performer through and through. On top of his regular stand-up act, Roberts has perfected his portrayal of the beloved television character Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show. If you are looking for a real southern comedian when need Nashville Entertainment, Rik Roberts is sure to deliver.


Joby Saad, or “the village idiot” as he sometimes calls himself, is a comedian unique, lively routine who incorporates physical comedy into his comedy set. He combines a sarcastic perspective on life with hilarious antics such as funny faces, goofy voices, and active pantomimes to illustrate his spoken material. Citing inspirations such as Tim Conway and Steve Martin, Joby uses facial expression and humor to bring laughter to all ages. A Nashville native, he has performed on Comedy Central and in West Coast venues. He will bring laughs to attendees of all ages and backgrounds. Joby’s high-energy performance will keep a crowd laughing all night long at your Music City Event.

Joe Castillo has a background in art, advertising, motivational speaking, and graphic design. He captivates audiences with his innovative and inspirational presentations incorporating live art. He has developed a live sand art storytelling technique that is truly a wonder to behold and experience, and that earned him finalist status on America’s Got Talent. Your group will be transfixed and inspired.

Nashville Performers who do Live Events and Conventions

Looking for the best Nashville ComediansComedian Jeff Allen entertains by telling jokes from everyday life with a wittily sarcastic perspective and an efficient deadpan delivery. He talks about cars, driving, and getting a speeding ticket, conveying an embarrassing but funny story that many people can relate to. Whatever the topic of his routine may be, Jeff’s humor earns many laughs.

Often achieving comedy through performing his original songs, Paul Aldrich combines the best parts of Nashville in his routines: music and humor. Aldrich originated in Los Angeles, California, but moved to Tennessee to continue his career in comedy. Now he wows crowds in Nashville with both his singing and comedy talents.

DJ Drums is a talented and eclectic Nashville DJ, able to keep audiences excited with spot-on performances of favorite songs. Their diverse range includes rock, pop, country, dance songs, and more. They have performed at many different events, including weddings, parties, and balls. These musicians add percussion instruments as they entertain with everyone’s favorite hit songs.

What’s Next for Your Music City Event?

No matter what sort of entertainer you hope to find for your event, these excellent and entertaining Nashville performers can bring what you need to make the event an occasion to remember forever. Consider getting one of these great Nashville artists and watch your event blossom into a huge success! Your event will be long remembered and talked about with truly exceptional entertainment from the Grable Group. Anyone of these four performance artists highlighted above will indeed provide Nashville entertainment to make your event a fun and memorable one. Regardless of the type of event, attendee demographic, or venue, one of these performers is sure to please.

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