23 Must-Hire Entertainers for The Hottest Event Of 2021

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Written by Tim Grable

April 4, 2017

If you are an event planner reading these lines, you are probably asking yourself what exactly the hottest event of 2021 refers to.

Well, we are talking about your next event.

If you are still puzzled because you have not even started planning your event yet, don’t worry. You are still going to enjoy this must-hire entertainers list.

We compiled a 23-item list that will make organizing the hottest event in your area a breeze.

10 Must-Hire Entertainers for The Hottest Event Of 2017

1. Dueling DJ’s

High-quality live performance? Checked.

Music battles? Checked.

Engaging beats? Checked.

This is Dueling DJ’s in just a few words. Hopefully, they are enough to convince you they are a great solution for breathing fresh air into any event, no matter its profile.

2. Lord John Taylor of Warwick – Among the Must-Hire Entertainers You Can Count on

If you are seeking to give a unique vibe to your event, we have got just the right option for you: Lord John Taylor of Warwick.

As you may have guessed, Lord John is a member of the House of Lords and has an active political and philanthropic life – which didn’t stop him from venturing into the keynote speaker world and sharing his knowledge with future world leaders.

3. Jeffrey Jena

Actor, comedian, and performer for forty years. If this is not an instant attention-grabber for anyone in search of high-profile artists, we do not know what is.

Mr. Jena is a respected name in the stand-up comedy world. Plus, he is also renowned for his across-the-board expertise which allows him to quickly customize his act to perfectly match your event’s needs.

4. Dr. Gregg Steinberg

What’s there to be said about a speaker who has been hailed by top executives around the world and Fortune top 500 companies?

That he is a man of many talents doing an excellent job educating others.

However, this is just one part of the story.

Dr. Steinberg is also a:

  • mastermind when it comes to performance training
  • widely acknowledged performance coach
  • award-winning professor
  • best-selling author
  • a gifted storyteller who brings forward stories about challenges and how to overcome them

5. Ice Beat Factory

In case you needed an event ice-breaker in the form of innovative entertainment, this is your lucky day.

The Ice Beat Factory is one of those must-hire entertainers who know how to mix a surprise element – the ice – into a well-rounded gig.

More correctly, their performance consists of ice-sculpting acts combined with live music and eye-catching visuals.

6. Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D.

The corporate world is in great need of keynote speakers who are also top players within their industries.

By hiringJoseph Michelli, you will get exactly that.

A true professional who also possesses a Certified Speaking Professional degree – which is only one proof of his powers as a speaker.

The rest of the proofs can be found in the many enthusiastic reviews previous attendees around the world have expressed after his speeches.

7. Chris Blackmore

Since we are still in the corporate event entertainment area, let us present you another facet of it: clean corporate comedy.

If you want something similar to your event, it is worth knowing that Chris Blackmore’s craft includes illusionist, comedy, and thorough knowledge of the business side of event production.

8. The Evasons

This is not your ordinary illusionist act.

You have one couple who couple illusionism with telepathy.

So, if you would like to see your guests spellbound by unexplainable tricks, this is the act to include in your list of must-hire entertainers.

9. Oz Pearlman

Among mentalists, Oz Pearlman is considered one of the greatest.

We will not outline his many achievements; it is enough to say his mind-reading abilities have scored him the 3rd place in America’s Got Talent final.

10. Simon Pierro

To cap the list, we have got someone who knows how to introduce a great concept – digital magic.

Apart from his talent as an illusionist, Simon is a well-rounded technician and a real wizard, performance-wise. When you target such a unique niche, you have got to be special.

11. Todd Oliver

Todd Oliver is an innovative ventriloquist and comedian who has been keeping audiences laughing for more than 35 years.   His performance includes the help of his dog Irving. He uses his canine pet as the center of his ventriloquist comedy routine. His hilarious routine is entertaining and original.

Todd was a semi-finalist on NBC’s hit competition show “America’s Got Talent”. He’s also appeared on such TV programs as “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “The Today Show,” “Late Show with David Letterman,” and “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.”

12. Eric Dittelman

Eric Dittleman appeared on season 7 of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” and advanced to the semi-finals amazing judges Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, and Sharon Osbourne. He has since appeared as a guest on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. When he performed on “Penn & Teller: Fool Us”, Penn called his act “bordering on genius!” He’s also been featured in “Entertainment Weekly”, “Rolling Stone”, and even “The National Enquirer”.

13. Puck 

Puck is a very charismatic and talented magician who entertains his audience with a dancing handkerchief. His choice of background music gets the audience clapping along to the beat as they enjoy his performance. No strings attached for this incredible show of illusion and slight of hand mastery that Puck has mastered.

14. Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason is a comedian and ventriloquist, who won the 1990 Star Search competition. His stand-up comedy alone will blow you away, but his power is in his ventriloquism. With such great characters as Paco, the lawyer pig; the singing duo of Romeo and Juliet; and the unforgettable sumo wrestler, you and your guests will be laughing for hours. In addition, Taylor is a capable piano player, often incorporating music into his act.

15.  Ron Pearson

Ron Pearson is an award-winning comedian focusing on life around the house with his wife and kids. So amazingly, he is also a world-class juggler. He deftly mixes the two into a hilarious routine that will keep you in stitches and always wondering if he can keep everything up in the air!

16. Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen brings to the stage years of experience in comedy clubs, on TV specials, and in comedy films. He has a witty brand of observational humor about all aspects of life, including cars, family, and marriage. He loves to observe (and then try to explain) the differences in how men and women communicate.  His Dry Bar Comedy special has over 300 million views.

17. Joe Castillo

A best-selling author, artist, and storyteller who has developed a new way of telling stories with his hands. This latest innovation is “SandStory”. These stories have become a worldwide sensation and Joe has performed for Presidents, Royalty, CEO’s, international corporations, and as a finalist on America’s Got Talent. His performances entertain, inspire and leave people with a sense of awe.

18. Jeff Civillico

Jeff Civillico’s highly active—and interactive—Las Vegas performance, “Comedy in Action,” blends comedy, juggling, balancing, athleticism, and audience participation to produce an unforgettable experience.

19. Bob Stromberg

Bob Stromberg blends stand-up comedy, Storytelling and shtick. Bob has a comic arsenal including physical comedy, a non-threatening touch of audience participation and even the world’s most amazing hand shadows, which the London Metro called, “Stunning!”

20. Adam Trent

Adam Trent is taking the magic world by storm, blending dancing and singing to own original pop music with innovative illusions, charming wit, and emotion to create an experience that is a part magic show, part concert, and part stand-up comedy. Adam Trent is best described as Justin Timberlake meets David Copperfield.

21. Champions Forever

Bruce Crevier has been in the Guinness Book of World Records several times as the World Record Holder for basketball spinning and has traveled all over the world performing including Radio City with America’s Got Talent. They share a message of hope! You will be motivated and inspired!! Great for audiences of all ages in any setting!

22. rePercussion

rePercussion is a percussion dual synchronizes sound and rhythm with a comedic twist, using everything from trash cans to lids to street signs and other everyday items to create sounds through innovation. rePercussion offers a professional music act with a playful spirit that will entertain all ages.

23. Keith Alberstadt

Keith knows his way around a joke. He knows how to merge sarcasm with hilarity. Put plainly, Keith Alberstadt knows how to make you laugh at the silly things that you were probably doing your daily life. So you will not just laugh. You’ll laugh hard. Now that is funny.

Speaking of unique, we must confess it was quite difficult to assemble a list of only twenty-two such must-hire entertainers.

For more options, be sure to check our entire list of speakers and contact us right after having made your pick for the hottest 2021 event.

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