Why You Need to Book a Comedian for Your Next Corporate Event MC

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Written by Tim Grable

February 26, 2017

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Entertain and Energize with a Corporate Event MC

Corporate Event MC

Need a professional emcee for your next corporate event? Try hiring a comedian. There are many comedians specializing in corporate events, workshops and business meetings that are high quality, affordable and entertaining. Along with stand-up comedy, many performers bring skills like musical comedy, juggling, prop comedy and ventriloquism to their act. Having a comedian as your corporate event mc has many advantages. A clean comedian can serve as an excellent icebreaker. Nothing unites a group of people like laughter. If you want your employees relaxed, engaged and ready to share ideas, try using a comedian as your corporate event mc. Comedians are great at audience participation. Oftentimes, they pull a member of the crowd on stage as part of their comedy routine. This participation encourages more cooperation and active involvement from your employees. And perhaps most importantly, comedians liven up your event, turning a potentially dull affair into an entertainment extravaganza.

Ron Pearson

[vimeo 66312086]
Ron Pearson is a comedian of many trades. Event hosting, acting and juggling are some of his specialities. He was nominated for Corporate Comedian of the Year and has won three Telly awards. He has appeared on hundreds of television shows including “Two and a Half Men,” “The George Lopez Show” and “That 70’s Show.” If you are looking for a well-known corporate event mc, look no further than Ron Pearson.

Taylor Mason

[vimeo 66287200]
A comedian featured on Last Comic Standing, Taylor Mason uses his puppet friends to engage the audience and keep them laughing. He has worked with the Disney Cruise Line, as well as a variety of international corporations. His ventriloquist skills are sure to amaze and endear him to your employees. For clean, wholesome corporate fun, Taylor Mason is your best choice.

Dick Hardwick

[vimeo 66442089]
With an impressive list of clients including AT&T, McDonald’s, State Farm and Coca-Cola, Dick Hardwick is a highly sought after comedian for corporate events. Along with stand-up, he incorporates musical comedy into his act. He encourages audience participation, all while keeping his act clean and work appropriate. A consummate professional, Dick Hardwick is just the comedian you need as your corporate event mc.

Bob Stromberg

[vimeo 89567999]
As a corporate event comedian, Bob Stromberg brings prop comedy, physical comedy, story-telling, shadow puppetry and many other talents to his presentation. He is known for his uplifting and positive style. He is sure to be an audience favorite, and you definitely won’t find a more diverse comic for your business meetings, corporate events or workshops.

Jeff Civillico

[vimeo 101706423]
Vegas headlining entertainer, Jeff Civillico, is available for corporate bookings. Not only does he provide comedy, but his juggling is a visual treat for the audience. He is known for bringing participants on stage to engage with him. With his quick wit and comedic timing, Jeff Civillico is the perfect entertainer, icebreaker and corporate event emcee.

Ready to take your corporate event, workshop or business meeting to the next level?  Hire a comedian as your corporate event mc. There are many quality comedians available, whether you are looking for traditional stand-up comedy or something more unique. Warm up your employees with laughter and participation, and you are sure to have a productive meeting.

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