New York Comics Great for Corporate Events

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Written by Tim Grable

February 21, 2017

New York Comics Great for Corporate EventsA healthy dose of laughter from New York Comics is good for the soul, which is why we have stand-up comedy. No matter what the occasion or theme, a good comedian knows just how to get a crowd laughing with funny stories, skillful delivery, and an amusing perspective on life. These performers help themselves, and their audiences to not only relax and have a good time full of laughter, but also to look at life and learn to lighten up and laugh no matter what is going on. Next time you’re planning a fun social event and need something to make it extra special, consider getting a stand-up comedian, such as one of the talented performers below, to entertain your guests and help everyone have a good time. These New York comics have what it takes to make your event an enjoyable occasion and make you laugh.

Funny Jokes from New York Comics

Ross Bennett keeps audiences laughing with a varied mix of funny stories and quirky one-liners with quick wit and casual delivery. He uses self-deprecating humor to talk about his life experiences and his atypical comedy routine, also to sharing comical anecdotes about his family and many life situations. Bennett’s routine will surely entertain a crowd.

Also to his well-known work with puppets, Comedian Taylor Mason also incorporates music into his comedy, playing melodic piano in the background to complement his spoken material. Taylor brings his unique perspective to everyday life situations, such as his experiences with being on the road. His many talents and comedic stories can spice up any event.

Keith Alberstadt entertains audiences with his funny stories about life, combining a sarcastic yet good-natured perspective with a straightforward but effective delivery. He lightheartedly pokes fun at amusing situations in life, such as meeting people with strange names and the awkward, funny results that can produce. Whatever the topic, Keith’s comedy will keep everyone laughing.

Jeff Caldwell garners lots of laughs and applause from his audience with his quirky sense of humor and well-delivered punchlines. In his routine on weight loss and fitness, he effectively pokes fun at himself and American culture with situations that much of his audience can relate to. People will find quite a few laughs from Jeff’s routine.

Ryan Hamilton delivers a hilarious routine full of funny scenarios and a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor. He keeps his audience infrequent fits of laughter by making fun of his comical face with a good-natured attitude and describing the awkward circumstances of his life. Ryan’s masterful routine will have audiences rolling in laughter.

No matter what the situation or event may call for, these New York comics have what it takes to keep an audience laughing all night long and help make your event a great success. Consider hiring one of these talented and hilarious New York comics for your next event.

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