4 Observational Comedians You Need To Watch on Dry Bar Comedy

Observational Comedians from Dry Bar Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

August 2, 2020

Often times, a fun experience is to take a step back and look at how over the top life can be. This is the crux of observational humor and for the readers who don’t know about this type of humor, then here’s a quick sum-up.

Observational comedy is a genre where the comedians poke fun at how ludicrous day-to-day life can be. The selling point of this form of humor is that it is very relatable – with the jokes hitting close to home for many audience members.

In this following article, we have carefully selected 4 of the best observational comedians from Dry Bar Comedy. Be sure to give it an attentive read because, who knows, one of them might become your next favorite comedian.

Scott Losse

Besides doing comedy, Scott Losse is a married man and he even works a regular 9 to 5 job. His second life as a blue-collar worker is the source of inspiration for his brilliant observational humor.

Many viewers will find his jokes about marriage to be very endearing. Couples, especially, can relate to the many amazing, and some not so amazing, moments it can entail.

If you want to hear Scott’s set, then go right ahead and check him out in the following video:

Andy Woodhull

Andy Woodhull is one of those observational comedians American audiences cannot get enough of. His delivery is electrifying and his jokes are sometimes so effective he can’t stop laughing at them himself.

He is also an excellent storyteller, with the ability to make even the most mundane experiences feel like the plot of an action movie.

Be sure to check out this following Dry Bar Comedy special. You will tune in for one joke, but will surely stay for much longer:

Billy Anderson

Billy Anderson prides himself with the distinction of having toured the entire US, having performed comedy shows in every state. He is without a doubt a hard-worker and one of the best observational comedians of recent years.

During his shows, it’s not uncommon to hear him tell jokes about life in Seattle or to give general relationship advice. While this may sound uneventful, his delivery can make any subject feel really interesting.

Words just can’t accurately describe how good he is, which is why we recommend checking out his following Dry Bar Comedy special:

Collin Moulton

Collin Moulton does an excellent job of being equally both loved and hated by the audience. The public loves his unapologetic sense of humor, but they hate it when he says it to their face.

During his sets, Collin talks in length about the weird habits each of us have. In his hit comedy special “Anti Animal Vegan”, Collin tackles the topic of food consumption and delivers his jokes with unrelenting energy.

Be sure to check out his comedy special; we’re convinced you will enjoy every second of it:

The Best Observational Comedians from Dry Bar Comedy

Whether you’re a big fan of observational humor or you’re barely discovering the genre, it’s undeniable you will have a great time watching these comedians perform.

If you want your event to feature the same level of quality entertainment as seen on DryBar Comedy, then you have come to the right place.

We can help you find the best professional comedian to headline your events. Be sure to reach out to us at (615) 283-0039 and we will gladly assist you!

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