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Written by Tim Grable

October 30, 2017

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Observational Jokes from the Best Clean ComediansThese comedic shorts feature some of the world’s top clean comedians and center on observational jokes and topics we all encounter every day: Shopping, travel (in many of its various modes), marriage, family, and the pursuit of happiness. Addressing just a few of the things that bind us all together, these kings of domestic comedy castles will start you off with a snicker and nudge to your significant other, but will soon have you laughing so hard you’ll want to share these sketches with the whole world. The beauty of these bits is that we can all laugh at ourselves, together.

Many of the featured comics are leaders in their communities, and all are committed to the belief that a clean act can be a great act. Though they arrived at this style of comedy through different paths, each man delivers the same thing: A great sense of humor and observational comedy that is so relatable you’ll want to pass them on immediately.

Observational Jokes from the Best Clean Comedians


In this funny sketch, Scott Wood (Also known as Mr. Punchline) riffs on modern engineering when it comes to car names, sizes, and minor annoyances. After touring for more than twenty years, this guy has got a lot of good material and is grateful for his chance to use it to make people laugh. Scott has performed at such famous locations as The Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store.

Having performed observational jokes for colleges and companies across the country, this Laugh Stop Comedy Competition winner presents familiar stories of parenthood from someone with Disney-addicted children. Nazareth has served as President of the CCA, a group of more than three hundred comedians. He has also published a book, You’re So Funny, Daddy!, which provides further insight into his family-themed sense of humor.

In a great bit that you’ll find yourself repeating to your friends, this famous comedian and radio show host discusses the difficulties of movie selection in the days before Netflix. Also called the “King of Uncool,” Daren Streblow is known for his casual, easygoing style and offbeat imagination. He has been featured in several comedy films and “The Daren Streblow Comedy Show” is syndicated on more than 60 radio stations.

Seen here talking about the finer points of flying and shopping, Michael Joiner is an actor and comedian who has 11 movies under his belt and is known as “one of the world’s funniest clean comedians. This bit proves it. Michael was one of four comedians to star in 2006’s “The Clean Stand Up Comedy Tour.” His routine is famous for improvisation in addition to his prepared material, and it would be hard to say which is better.


Steve Geyer, a comedian, forged in the flames of a difficult childhood, lays out the differences between how men and women think and the questionable results of trying to bridge the gap. Geyer is well-known as a good, clean comic who sacrifices none of the hilarity by giving up the dirty words, and was featured in his own special, “Slow: Men Working.”

Imagine sitting on a porch swing listening to a favorite uncle tell hilarious stories and observational comedy. That kind of warm, happy atmosphere resembles the ambiance of a Michael Jr. show. The only difference is that Michael Jr. is almost certainly much funnier than your uncle — no offense to him. Simply put, Michael Jr. is a comedian who relates hilarious stories of family and everyday life.

For additional information on clean comedians with great observational jokes call 615-283-0039.

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