Should You Hire Entertainment for Your Office Holiday Party?

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Written by Tim Grable

August 26, 2017

Are you tired of the same old boring company party?  It’s no secret that an office holiday party can do wonders for your business. It will alleviate a lot of stress and make employees happier. Don’t forget: A happy employee is a productive employee. But how do you make sure that the office party will be a great success? Catering services and alcohol will only get you so far. You also need to ensure the attendees are entertained. Doing so will boost morale around the office and strengthen the bonds between co-workers.

This is why it is extremely important to hire quality entertainment for your holiday party. However, you should never go with the cheapest offer you find online or in newspaper ads. Take your time, since finding good entertainment takes effort. But it will definitely be worth it:

Great Entertainment Will Liven Up Any Office Holiday Party

Should You Hire Entertainment for Your Office Holiday Party?

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Let’s face it: Party attendees will get bored if you don’t bother to offer them something more.  This will result in people leaving earlier than expected, which means all the money and planning will be for naught.

This is where hiring entertainment can save you a lot of trouble. Instead of having to attend to each party goer’s needs, you can just hire someone to keep them all entertained. Whether it’s a stand-up comedian, a magic show or a music group, the results will definitely be in your favor.

Plus, this will also encourage your employees to socialize outside of the office environment. They will feel more comfortable with each other, something that will result in increased productivity in the long run.

Professional Entertainment Satisfies the Audience

You will definitely get your money’s worth with quality performers. You can rest assured that your office holiday party will be the talk of the town. Professional entertainers take their time when it comes to doing research and learning about their audience. This way, they can tailor their humor to meet everybody’s needs, without there being a risk that somebody will get offended.

Take Bob Stromberg for instance. His show is an elegant, yet very entertaining combination of tasteful stand-up comedy, physical comedy and hand shows. You might not think much of the latter, but it will leave the audience laughing and wanting more.

Nobody Will Be Bored

The feedback you’ll get from the party-goers will definitely be positive since your office holiday party will stick to the number one rule: Don’t let boredom settle in and ruin the atmosphere. Moreover, you won’t have to hire entertainers who use lewd and obscene humor to ensure some people will at least have fun.

You can easily hire real professionals who know how to make an entire audience laugh for hours on end by just using clever, clean humor. Jeff Allen is a good example. Not only does he specialize in providing entertainment for corporate events and fundraisers, but he also appears on TV on a regular basis.

Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Entertainment

What better way to ring in the holidays than with some incredible holiday entertainment for your next special event? The holidays are a great time to plan events whether they are for work or play and often, event planners or coordinators come up short in the entertainment department. Create an unforgettable event that has guests talking about it for weeks to come by researching the best acts to perform at your next special event!

There are tons of different entertainers to choose from, but you want to be sure they will put on a show that guests will be glad they did not miss. The best route to take when it comes to holiday entertainment is through laughter, and what better way to get guests rolling in laughter than through an outstanding comedic performance? Luckily, we have made your job easier by compiling a list of some of the entertainment industry’s most hilarious and sought after comedians. Many of these talented headline performers have made multiple national television appearances and are highly reputable when it comes to guest satisfaction.

Jeff Caldwell will show your guests a great time with this bright and gifted comedian that showcases a hilarious act where his witty jokes range from the daily news to everyday life. Jeff Caldwell’s ability to tailor his show to the comical needs of his guests will have them rolling on the floor with laughter at this entertaining and witty show.

Taylor Mason is an entertainer of all trades, but he is best known for his hysterical ventriloquist act where he incorporates some goofy characters that formulate a sidesplitting show for all types of audiences. There is never a dull moment with this talented comedian as Taylor keeps guests involved and entertained through comedic improvisation.

Keith Alberstadt is known for his sarcastic, yet playful humor that sweeps guests of their feet with his natural southern charm. Keith has made numerous national television appearances such as on the top-rated competition, “Last Comic Standing”. Keith has also been a contributing writer for various comedic shows including “Saturday Night Live”.

Dan Naturman is a former law student turned professional comedian will have guests hurling with laughter with his self-deprecating and insanely hilarious stand-up. Known for poking fun at himself, guests will be able to relate to his silly stories and exhilarating stage presence. Dan makes light of his daily struggles such as marriage, dealing with age, and the difficulty of online dating.

Funnyman Jeff Civillico employs two unsuspecting audience assistants to aid him in mounting his six-foot-tall unicycle. The crowd howls at the increasingly ridiculous attempts by Civillico and his humble assistants, “Billy Bob” and “Larry.” The volunteers, both excellent sports, find themselves in more and more awkward positions as the charade of trying to land him on the seat continues. The assistants take instruction by Jeff Civillico as he wiggles, climbs and squirms in his struggle to scale the towering unicycle.

Stand-up comedian from Minnesota Daren Streblow has four kids: all boys. In this video about kids, Streblow uses what he refers to as an occupational comedy, and what the rest of us can refer to as occupational therapy!

From the hair-pulling, face-punching baby to his older brother, the random child, to his older brother with the communication issue to HIS older brother who is driving dad crazy (technically father, insanity is rarely caused by other people), any parent will be able to relate to the clean, hysterical child-rearing stories that Daren Streblow has to tell. We’ve all experienced it, but with the help of this parent, we’re finally able to laugh about it!

Ron Pearson started his career in stand-up comedy and has since branched out and is an actor in television sitcoms and movies. He is a world-class juggler that brings the flair of props to the stage during his comedy performances. You will not be able to take your eyes off the act!

A recent contestant on the hit television show “America’s Got Talent“, Max Winfrey is an avid knife-thrower and uses this in his act. He combines his comedy with the use of many different props, giving his performance a variety-show appeal while bringing on the smiles from the crowd.

Bob Nelson brings stand up comedy to the stage with a down to earth attitude, speaking in a way that draws you into the act. He previously used profanity in his acts, but after being persuaded by comedian Red Skeleton that comedy could be done without offensive words, he has changed his comedy acts to be entirely clean. He has proved that you do not need to curse or be profound to get your point across.

Looking for a clean comedian who knows his way around a guitar, and combines his routines with insight into your everyday life? Comedian Paul Aldrich performs comedy which is 100% family friendly. Your family in stitches as he parodies famous songs, encourages audience participation, and discusses all topics from the state of being single to mid-life crises.  He has also been featured on Showtime and at The Improv. Pastors, families, students, and fellow comedians are sure to enjoy Aldrich’s fun and thoughtful presentations. He will put a smile on your face, and deliver pure comedy…that rocks!

Scott Wood does comedy while doubling as an impressionist, using different voices of celebrities. He incorporates current events and humor into his act. You will have laughs by the minute and wonder who will be his next celebrity to portray.

Make your next special event one for the books by scheduling great holiday entertainment that is sure to please. Blow guests away with one of these outstanding and highly credited comedians that are known to bring down the house with their knee-slapping performances and unforgettable stage presence. These four incredible performers are sure to pave the way for a great holiday experience!

We’ll Provide You With All the Options You Need

Check out our website and you’ll find plenty of comedians and entertainers ready to provide you with quality services. You won’t be disappointed and your office holiday party will surely be a huge success.

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