4 Comedians to Watch Right Now if You Enjoy One Liner Jokes

One-Liner Jokes

Written by Tim Grable

January 21, 2020

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For the last few years, Dry Bar Comedy has come to have a very diverse set of comedians. No matter what type of comedy you like, chances are Dry Bar’s library has the exact style you’re looking for.

If you’re a fan of punchy one liner jokes, then you’re in luck. In the following article, we write about 4 of the best comedians who deliver some of the cleverest jokes out there.

4 Comedians to Watch Right Now if You Enjoy One Liner Jokes

1. Patrick Keane

Patrick Keane is a comedian with a sardonic sense of humor. He delivers dry, sarcastic jokes influenced by the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Murray, and Gene Wilder.

Growing up as a kid in the Midwest, he knows how the “street life” feels like and often jokes about how working as a comedian means he’s effectively jobless.

Patrick is one of the most brilliant humorists out there, and his one liner jokes are guaranteed to hit. Besides that, they won’t hurt anyone’s feelings, as, throughout his shows, he mostly makes fun of himself.

2. Marc Yaffee

Marc Yaffee is a comedian with a very funny and relatable style of comedy. He is perhaps one of the very few comedians who have performed on land, sea, and air – as he has had a show on board of an Alaskan Airlines plane.

One of his favorite topics to joke about is his ancestry, as he is Native American. However, he didn’t grow up in the reservation; instead, he came from a small fishing village on the coast – called Los Angeles.

Viewers never get bored with Marc’s layered yet a straightforward sense of humor, where he tears down societal norms and highlights some of the silly aspects of day to day life.

3. Buddy Fitzpatrick

People who watch Buddy Fitzpatrick’s shows are in for a wild ride. He’s a very energetic performer and perhaps one of the most expressive out there, as he likes to make all kinds of funny faces when performing.

Having a background in Dramatic Arts, Buddy’s performances are more theatrical than your average stand-up show. Nonetheless, he likes to keep things simple and delivers very well-thought one liner jokes.

His comedy act is something to remember, as Buddy’s humor will have the viewers laughing without pause. So much that they will probably even be laughing at home.

4. Danny Johnson

Danny Johnson is a comedian who likes to tell things as they are. Through his stand-up shows, he highlights the audacity of many of the things we take for granted in our lives, yet we never stop to think about them.

His act is filled with original material, and he delivers it in a very conceited style. For example, in one of his comedy sets, he makes fun of the trials and tribulations of feeling the urge to grab a snack while being on a diet.

He is a very great performer, and his physical comedy style is very impacting, helping him to deliver his observations to the audience quickly.

One Liner Jokes and More

The best type of comedy is viewed live, with comedians performing in front of the audience. People enjoy top-quality comedy, and Dry Bar Comedy proves this point.

If you have an event coming up, then why not consider having a comedian to provide your guests with the best entertainment out there?

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