What is the Best Entertainment for Organizing Church Events

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Written by Tim Grable

February 26, 2017

While Sunday morning church service is certainly important, it is also important for church members to relax at times and enjoy spending time together in a fun atmosphere. Of course, there are many different ways for churchgoers to fellowship and have fun with each other, but a group event for the whole church can be one such way. If you are the one organizing church events, then why not try to do something special and out of the ordinary for the next big get-together? Consider booking one of these performers, masters of Christian entertainment, whose skills and talents range from comedy to music to art and more. Each entertainer below is experienced with showcasing his talents in a broad variety of venues and keeping audiences thoroughly entertained from start to finish. Organizing church events can be simple with exceptional performers like these!

What community outreach ideas for churches are the best?

When you ponder the idea of community outreach ideas for churches what comes to mind? Do service projects such as organizing a soup kitchen, visiting a nursing home, or tutoring at an inner city school come to mind. The goal is to reach out to community members or institutions and provide an event or a service that improves the quality of life.

It stands to reason, then, that churches are especially interested in community outreach, as their focus is usually on an outward ministry. While there is certainly no bad community outreach, on further reflection you might notice that all of the ideas mentioned above focus on a very specific section of residents who benefit from the service: the homeless, the elderly, or under-served school children in these cases. All worthy causes!

What is the Best Entertainment for Organizing Church Events

However, is there something more universal that would reach more people? Yes! When searching for successful community outreach ideas for churches, leaders should consider entertainment events as well as service projects. Entertainment events appeal to people of all ages and walks of life, bring community residents together who may not otherwise interact, and provide positive exposure for your church and its message. Consider some of the following entertainers for your church event.

Community Outreach Ideas for Churches can include Entertainment

Part of a Christian performance art ministry called Splat Experience, Marc Eckel thrills audiences with his dynamic, live, speed-painting act, in which he uses his bare hands to throw paint on canvas. Exciting music and meaningful subject matter, paired with Marc’s raw and unique talent, make for an extraordinary evening that no spectator will soon forget.

Part illusionist, part comedian, Joshua Jordan combines his considerable ad lib humor with his astonishing magic expertise to create a singularly entertaining act that edifies as it entertains. He infuses pure entertainment with a larger message, urging audience members to free themselves from society’s deceptions and make a positive impact in the world.

With her down-to-earth manner and charming southern drawl, comedian Lisa Mills camouflages her on-the-button life observations with a rollicking, good-natured humor. Lisa specializes in clean comedy which celebrates diversity, promotes unity, and refuses to take itself too seriously. Her unique blend of wit and wisdom creates a memorable, fun-filled event for everybody who can find the humor in simply being human.

He is huge. He is powerful. He is hilarious. Steve McGranahan, affectionately known as the “world’s strongest redneck,” wows every audience with feats such as ripping decks of cards with his teeth, bending horseshoes into hearts with his bare hands, eating a light bulb, and bending a Sears Crescent wrench. Meanwhile, he regales his audience with descriptions—delivered with laugh-out-loud humor— of how he overcame learning disabilities, a broken home, and alcohol addiction to become, he asserts, a genuinely strong man.

With an uncanny ability to laugh at himself, his life, his family, and pretty much everybody else, Marty Simpson’s brand of clean, hilariously sarcastic Christian humor has won him a large following and several awards, including the Clean Comedy Challenge championship. A sports enthusiast and former USA Today All-American Football Player, Marty often incorporates sports stories into his act, with sidesplitting results. Marty’s humor has universal appeal and is sure to be a hit with anybody organizing church events looking for community outreach ideas for churches.

Daren Streblow keeps crowds laughing out loud with his energetic and hilarious comedy routine. While talking about ordinary life experiences such as his marriage, he uses voices, impressions, and funny faces to transform everyday situations into a hysterical routine. His comical material and uniquely passionate delivery are sure to please.

An observational comic that is known for his squeaky-clean routines, Daren Streblow, does not preach in his act, but he purposely refrains from swearing or sexual innuendo due to his religious principles. His style has been compared to comics like Brian Regan and Jerry Seinfeld, but he has his unique stamp. Streblow cultivates his “inner nerd” and delivers a quirky style that is at once endearing and hysterical as he pokes fun at the foibles of society and everyday life.

A Christian comic specializing in situational humor delivered in a personable, relatable, laid-back style, Jeff Allen covers everything from married life, his childhood in a bygone era, and raising children, to his uplifting story of a failing marriage and its recovery. He performs for television and radio, to packed theater audiences, and as a coveted keynote guest at corporate functions.

A quick-thinking comedian with improvisational roots, David Dean specializes in church outreach events. He loves to engage with the audience, making every show feel tailor-made to its viewers. Dean’s family-friendly, faith-based comedy is never corny or preachy, just filled with good clean humor that reaches people of every age, gender, and faith. His favorite thing, he says, is “looking out into an audience and seeing dads and their sons hunched over laughing, and moms and daughters wiping tears from their eyes.”

Something for Everyone When Organizing Church Events

When considering performance-based community outreach ideas for churches, one of the most difficult tasks is to bring someone in who will entertain the entire church or community without giving offense. You can rest assured that this list of entertainers will amuse, impress, and inspire and that people will remember the event, and your church, for years to come.

Paul Aldrich wows his audience with a thoroughly entertaining blend of comedy and music. With his acoustic guitar, he performs parodies of well-known songs, singing comical lyrics and poking fun at himself in the process. Paul’s routine gets many laughs from his audience and has everyone cheering at the end.

Justin Fennell entertains audiences with a comedy routine full of rich life experience and dynamic delivery. He reminisces on growing up as a preacher’s son and performs voices, impressions and gestures to deliver punchlines and get uproarious laughter from his audience. Justin’s genuinely funny act is great for a church environment.

Steve McGranahan, sometimes called the “world’s strongest redneck,” offers a unique performance combining humor, feats of strength, and spiritual truths. He uses an ordinary deck of cards as a visual aid to teach critical values, comparing Jesus to the king of hearts card. Steve’s act entertains while also teaching invaluable lessons.

Joe Castillo’s talents as a sand artist allow him to offer a one-of-a-kind performance. By arranging sand on canvas, he creates a series of pictures that tell a story, bringing a beautiful and heartwarming experience to his viewers. Joe’s act is an innovative form of visual art and a profound form of storytelling that captivates his audience.

Organizing church events can be tough at times, but it does not have to be. If you are planning an event and looking for something that will be fun for the whole family, then consider booking one of these excellent entertainers. They will ensure that the evening is not soon forgotten and that everyone involved has a great time.

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