3 Outstanding Comedians Who Will Put on an Unforgettable Show

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Written by Tim Grable

January 4, 2019

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Entertainment is one of the key aspects which is going to determine the success of your event. If the guests are not enjoying themselves, then they may not even bother remembering your special event, let alone attend another one.

3 Outstanding Comedians Who Will Put on an Unforgettable Show

Outstanding comedians play a significant role when putting together an unforgettable event- as they have the gift of bonding with the audience through relatable jokes so your guests will feel nothing but thrilled to be attending your event.

Do you want to know which comedians can put on a memorable show? Then keep reading the article to discover 3 talented entertainers you can hire.

1. Dwayne Gill

Dwayne Gill is probably the funniest cop in the world. Yes, that’s correct – Dwayne is not only a talented comedian; he also has experience as a police officer.

He was considered to be a funny person ever since he was little. As an adult, Dwayne felt like his day job was somewhat serious, so he decided to get into comedy.

In 1993, he stepped on a comedy stage for the first time at Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase. Afterward, he did two more performances and joined the club of professional comedians by doing his first paid booking at Gadzooks Comedy Club.

In his comedy shows, Dwayne tackles various topics audiences find hilarious – from current events, men and women relationships to the crazy situations he’s encountered as a police officer.

Since starting doing comedy as a professional, Dwayne has quickly become one of the fastest rising and outstanding comedians on the national scene today.

2. Henry Cho

Henry Cho is a Korean stand-up comedian who was raised in Knoxville. He’s well-known for building a career in comedy by keeping it clean.

Believe it or not, he never cussed on stage, and he doesn’t plan to either.

Cho got into stand-up comedy back in 1986 and moved to LA 3 years later to pursue his career at a professional level.

You could say that one of his advantages is the fact he’s an Asian with a Southern accent and that is quite funny to a lot of people.

Cho’s comedy is exceptionally versatile, which means he can headline Vegas and do a private corporate event- and have both audiences find him extremely hilarious.

3. Todd Oliver

Todd Oliver is one of those outstanding comedians who can put on a one-of-a-kind type of show. He indeed is an innovative ventriloquist and comedian who has been making audiences laugh out loud for more than 35 years.

One of his brilliant concepts is represented by a breakthrough in the field of ventriloquism: Todd created the illusion of a talking dog.

His shows are refreshing and uplifting. It’s also the kind of memorable show which allows audience members to form bonds because the attendees tend to come together and discuss their amazement at what they’ve just witnessed.

audience, entertainment, event

Outstanding Comedians Coming Your Way

Each one of these professional comedians has something worth seeing in their shows – whether it’s an exceptional performance, an unexpected joke or charming stage presence.

When it comes to event entertainment, we want to make sure you’re getting only the best, which is why we recommend these 3 comedians.

Want to book one of them for your upcoming event? Then give us a call at (615) 283-0039 so we can talk about it.

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