Panic Squad Improv Comedy: Their Mission is to Make ‘Em Laugh

Written by Tim Grable

May 27, 2017

When an audience sits down for clean fun with the Panic Squad Improv Comedy, they can plan on seeing improv at its best and its good, clean fun.

When you book this comedy act, you get a team of clean comedians that are bent on delivering the best in comedy without dragging humor down into the gutter. It is time to have people of all ages laughing so hard they cannot breathe, the tears are rolling down their faces, and they feel like their stomach is about to split at the seams. This is the kind of comedy we simply can’t get enough of. If laughter is the best medicine, the Panic Squad Improv Comedy should keep the doctor away for a long time.

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Panic Squad  Improv Comedy mission is to make people laugh

Eleven clean comedians have banded together in the Panic Squad Improv. Whether one comes out at a time, a larger group, or their typical trios, this group of performers has perfected the art of laughter. They are intense, spontaneous, and their acts are high energy. Most importantly of all, they believe in keeping it clean. No one is going to need to shield their eyes or keep the children at home. People do not need raunchy humor to get a laugh, and this team proves it. They are an eclectic group made up of a unique blend of individuals, including a pastor, and banker and an IT expert. Put this fascinating combination together, and it adds up to a hilarious experience beyond compare.Panic Squad Improv Comedy: Their Mission is to Make 'Em Laugh

The comedians in The Panic Squad work with the audience to create an improv parody of a popular television game show. Improvisational theater, or improv, is created at the moment it is performed. By questioning the audience, the Panic Squad holds a wild card. The actors are forced to develop a new and different act every time they step foot on stage.

[vimeo 77035550]

This video is an example of the short form of improv. The actors base their comedy routine on a predetermined game with audience influencing the ultimate scene by suggesting topics for the actors. The comics consider each option and then choose the suggestions that most appeal to them. They think on their feet and create a skit which uses these ideas and their sense of humor to entertain the audience. The audience is involved from the beginning of the skit and readily listens to see which direction the actors choose to take. With several comedians, the ideas are expounded upon in many different ways.

Taking a cue from other popular improv comedy routines, the results will have you laughing in your seat. (Warning, this may cause questioning stares from your neighbors.) However, there is one thing that makes the Panic Squad stand out from the crowd of modern improve comic teams, their lack of inappropriate material. In an era where dirty humor is the norm, the Panic Squad is breaking ground with fresh, clean, and hilarious entertainment for all generations!

If you are looking for good, clean comedy, you have found the right place. The Panic Squad proves you do not have to be inappropriate to be funny. The Panic Squad produces hilarious clean comedy, unlike anything you have ever seen. They provide high-quality entertainment that you can watch with Grandma without worrying about any disturbing content which will make her blush and make you want to crawl under the couch. You can also watch comfortably with your three-year-old without worrying about what they will pick up or what type of questions you will have to answer. It will be cute when your child repeats words like “sandcastle” or “geese.”

Think about the shows you watched before when humor was just plain funny. Everyone got the jokes, and no one was ducking for cover! This is what the Panic Squad offers. You will want to share their breed of comedy with everyone you know. Go ahead and spread the word. They will not mind! The video is just a small taste of what the Panic Squad can do and will leave you and anyone who watches hungrily for more!

You can count on the Panic Squad Improv Comedy to provide unforgettable corporate entertainment for your next special event. These performers draw on their personal strengths and interests, pulling them together to create comedic magic. Each show is like taking a deep breath of fresh, clean air. You will walk away feeling good, and your face will be sore from smiling so hard for the duration of the show.

The Panic Squad makes magic because they have perfected the art of improv. They do not use a script, flying by the seat of their pants as they dive into a situation. The group draws the audience in, asking for input from viewers, and then they run with it. Throw in a little music and prepare for an overload of laughs. The Panic Squad Improv comedy wants to give everyone a fun time, and they will keep boredom away with clean humor that is good for everyone!

For more information on booking the Panic Squad Improv Comedy call 615-2383-0039.

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