The Best Parenting Stand Up Comedy and Family Comedy

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Written by Tim Grable

February 23, 2017

Funny Parenting Stand Up Comedy: a time tested genre Booking a comedy show can be tough these days. The style, content, and themes found in the world of stand-up comedy are as diverse as the comics themselves. At the end of the day, the bottom line is the primary concern of any smart event planner. As such, the question is not which brand of comedy is the funniest, or which comic is the most affordable to hire, but who will fill the most seats. parenting stand up comedy is tried and true.

Why is parenting stand up so successful? Why should you choose funny parenting comedy over any other genre of comedy? For starters, parenting stand up comedy is constant; it has been around for a long time. More importantly, the odds that your typical audience members are parents themselves are pretty good. Parenting comedy has one thing that no other niche has: the subject is familiar to the majority of people. Nothing is more entertaining to parents than hearing another parent talk about their family’s wacky misadventures. This familiarity is what has kept funny parenting stand up comedy so popular for so long.

Comedians with Funny Parenting Stand Up Comedy

Daren Streblow’s subtle commentary contrasts the hilarious world of children with the logic and reason of adults. Daren’s material ranges from mundane parental duties to futile battles of will. Daren’s act is a great example of how parenting stands up is a timeless source of laughs.  Daren Streblow is a master funnyman specializing in taking any topic and making you see it from a different perspective. Mr. Streblow will teach you not to take everyday life so seriously and will have you on your knees with uproarious laughter. His style and wild antics have earned him the title of “King of Uncool.”

Scott Wood’s animated comedy style combines zany one-liners and sarcastic commentary, which are classic elements of a great comedian. From shocking experiences with his mother in law to candid explanations about a messed up childhood. His material is a great example of funny parenting stand up comedy.

Clean Comedians About Raising Children

Clean Comedian About Raising Children and Funny Family Comedy

Jokes about parenthood are common fodder for comedians. Most people can relate to the difficulties of having kids. Listening to a comedian about raising children is as enlightening as it is funny. The insightful comments, usually born of experience, the types of experiences most parents are all too familiar with, will bring nods of appreciation along with peals of laughter. It is not hard for those who have never had children to appreciate the situations these comics bring as well. The jokes told by a comedian about raising children bring back memories of our childhoods and those of our friends who razed beleaguered parents until the circumstances were both hysterically funny and sad at the same time. The following five comics have a reputation for delivering powerful, insightful and hilarious routines on the joys and perils of raising children.

Jeff Allen is a charismatic comedian known for his observational style of comedy. Mr. Allen is especially apt at making you laugh out loud with his take on life in the 50’s and 60’s. He especially shines with stories about married life and the discrepancies between his personal worldview and that of his teenage children. Jeff Allen began his career in Chicago. His humor is clean and often based on his home life shared by his wife and children. His comedy style will have the audience laughing about parenting teenagers until his routine ends.  It’s no wonder he has some of the best parenting stand up comedy.  Along with regular comedy club appearances, Jeff has also starred in several movies including the Warner Brothers comedy film “Thou Shalt Laugh,” as well as a one-hour comedy special called “Happy Wife, Happy Life,” on the Odyssey Channel and Family Net.  A strong supporter of the military, Jeff has performed for troops on ships in the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean and in Bahrain.

Michael Joiner is a comic that proves that clean can not only be funny, but it can also be award-winning as well. His sarcastic humor about married life and a comedian about raising children won him a 1st award and title of “Funniest Comic in LA” He is also the 2010 Christian Music Hall of Fame Comedian of the Year. During his career, he has performed for sold-out arenas, colleges and created jokes for “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

When Headline comedians say a comic is a treasure, you know they have something special. He said that about Carlos Oscar, and it is easy to see why. Carlos refuses to resort to foul language and sexual innuendo to force a laugh. He relies on a sharp wit and keen observation to create wildly funny routines that make him a sought-after comic to appear on The Tonight Show and Comedy Central.

Born David Adkins, Sinbad’s style of humor has always centered on the family using a clean style of humor. He has appeared in many television shows and movies and hosted his series created to reinforce a strong, black man as a family role model image. Drawing heavily from his personal life as a husband and father of two, his long-term marriage, along with his own childhood as the son of a Baptist minister with five brothers and sisters, he has a lot to draw from to create comedic illustrations on the subject of raising children.

David Dean is more than a comedian. He’s a Christian, a family man, and a stand-up kind of guy, the kind that would be welcome at any event that is looking for some laughs without any cause for embarrassment.   Listen to David Dean and you’ll get a breath of fresh air as the laughs keep coming. He takes situations from real life, his own and others exaggerate them, and makes us see the funny side of even though most mundane things in the world.  David Dean is a hilarious comic, bringing attention to teenagers in his act. Anyone who has kids and even those who do not can truly appreciate the often odd and crazy mentality of a teenager. David reminds everyone what it was like to be of the teenage mind and offers parents a chance to laugh it up at antics they see daily from their children.

Bob Stromberg will have you crying with laughter as he takes you on a journey to meet his dad through his personal stories and powerful physical style comedy. Mr. Stromberg will provide powerful insight into parenting and marriage with his unique blend of storytelling and stand-up comedy that will leave you wanting more.

It is not hard to understand why people are drawn to the views of comedians about raising children. Bringing up responsible, wholesome adults takes much work and is full of challenges. We need to be able to find good, clean humor on the struggle of parenthood and children in order to laugh at the difficulties and envision a new way to enjoy our families and those around us.

Funny parenting stand up comedy is the best choice for event planners who are looking to diversify their featured entertainment and reach a wider audience. The outrageous world of raising children as told by a side-splitting comic is sure to keep your audience rolling.

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