The Perfect Entertainment for your Next Employee Recognition Programs

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Written by Tim Grable

September 25, 2017

The Perfect Entertainment for your Next Employee Recognition Programs Reward and congratulate your employees through employee recognition programs that will excite and reignite employees with the entertainment they need to return to work refreshed and ready to maximize their involvement! Many Fortune 500 companies swear by employee incentive programs as they improve employee morale while recognizing the work of their valued employees. It is an excellent way to celebrate hard work while also saying thanks to those who dedicate their time to providing good service.

Although employee recognition programs are a great way to show appreciation to your staff and company, it can often be difficult to find the right entertainment for this particular event. There are many of different entertainers to choose from, but you do not want to pick just anyone to host and perform at this type of event. Choosing the perfect performance will kick things up a notch leaving guests talking about your event even after it is over! Here are entertainers that are guaranteed to please all audiences!

Entertainment for Employee Recognition Programs

Recently nominated as Corporate Comedian of the Year, Ron Pearson will keep audiences on the edge of their seats and on their feet with his hilarious and highly entertaining act. This expert juggler has made multiple national TV appearances and remains one of the most top-rated acts in the industry.

Adam Trent is one of the most dynamic and relevant corporate magicians in the industry today. He is changing the way that magic is perceived all over the world and becoming the game changer that he always wanted to be. He makes magic glitzy again. Much like David Copperfield, Adam Trent makes magic exciting again. He engages his audiences and has them moving in their seats. Adam Trent makes them want to go on stage to be part of the show. No one wants the party to end. And Adam Trent makes you feel like it never will.

Bob Stromberg’s comical performance will send audiences into deafening laughter with his fresh and original humor. This genuine and animated entertainer mixes lighthearted humor with a touch of realistic values that will leave a vivid imprint on of the hearts of all guests. Bob Stromberg is an entertainer that is sure to make an impact while creating an enjoyable and one-of-a-kind performance.

Joe Castillo is a former America’s Got Talent finalist surprises and amazes guests with his creative and innovative storytelling as shown through sand. All images are created by hand as this brilliant artist and storyteller takes guests on a magical and whimsical ride as eye-catching images captivate and perfectly capture his brilliant and riveting stories.

Also known as Stevie Starr, this entertainer will keep guests astonished and intrigued with his world-famous magic act. The Professional Regurgitator swallows a variety of items from a half-million dollar engagement ring to whole light bulbs. Don’t worry, though, all items are returned as good as new and sometimes even better than before!

Taylor Mason is a comic of many hats, and an entertainer of many trades, including, but not limited to writer, ventriloquist, blogger, author, performer, pianist, singer-songwriter, puppeteer, standup comedian and political observer. For the past 25 years, Taylor Mason has entertained audiences from college campuses to corporate functions “all around the planet.”

Dana Daniels not only has the right stuff, but he also has the right parrot. He and his faithful sidekick, a psychic parrot, named Luigi, have graced the stage of countless corporate events and conventions, entertaining the likes of McDonald’s, Frito-Lay, and Lincoln Financial. They’ve also appeared on America’s Got Talent. Together, they continue to amaze and entertain audiences with their unique brand of comedy and magic.

Comedian Drew Lynch is a talented young comedian. He is a surefire crowd pleaser, as he puts across a touching and funny routine about his service dog, and even his cat (who has Tourette’s syndrome) during a performance in the 2015 Quarterfinals of “America’s Got Talent.” Despite dealing with a disabling stutter, Lynch delivers a winning routine every time.

rePercussion is a singularly unique entertainment group that has been featured in many television spots including MTV and America’s Got Talent. They are the largest air drum ensemble in the world and their  drumming comedy shows are nothing less that spectacular! Join in as their enthusiasm takes you to new heights! This group is a sure crowd pleaser for young and old alike!

Rex Havens puts his comedic spin on every make and model of vehicle available. From the competition among makers to top the number of their predecessor, to picking your car depending on where you want to go. He has the right vehicle for you. Perfect entertainment for a sales convention, retreat or employee recognition programs

Jeff Allen takes his real life problems and makes light of his situation. Poking fun of his car, he gives the audience something to think about the next time that they are pulled over by the police. His relaxed and engaging presence on the stage makes his performance a pleasure to watch. Delivering the laughs in a smooth flowing prose, Jeff keeps the audience smiling.

Booking fabulous entertainment is an amazing way to kick off a memorable and miraculous employee recognition program! Not to mention, rewarding employees with this type of event will improve all aspects of their work environment and ethics. These four unforgettable acts will mesmerize guests with continuous laughter and one-of-a-kind performances. Set your event apart from the others by booking one of these talented and top-rated acts for your next event!

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