How To Plan The Best Holiday Party this Year

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Written by Tim Grable

March 10, 2017

Do you want to  plan the Best Holiday Party? If so, we will help you find some fun Christmas party ideas. In a word: laughter. People love to laugh and what better time to do so than when you are letting your hair down and relaxing with your colleagues. These entertainers offer the best in holiday entertainment and are at the top of their game. They will provide a performance that will be remembered year after year and be hard to beat. People will be talking about your holiday party entertainment selection long after the snow has melted, and the flowers of spring start to bloom. You can knock them dead with the right choice in event talent. Go for something different.

Holiday Christmas parties are usually important and anticipated social functions of the year. Festive colors, fun, whimsical decorations, and lovely tufts of greenery highlight the décor. Add delicious food and exceptional entertainment, and you have a first-class holiday Christmas party sure to be a memorable event. Whether your party is for family and friends or corporate employees and staff, you want it to be extraordinary.

Fresh Holiday Christmas Party Ideas

Do you want to plan the Best Holiday Party? Read more about each performer on this list and find some!

Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason is not your average comedian, musician, ventriloquist, entertainer. A 25 year veteran of the stage, screen, and cruise ships, Taylor has seen it all and has done it numerous times. He is just as popular with kids as he is with adults, introducing interesting puppet characters and entertaining flawlessly.

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan is a happy looking chap. He has been entertaining audiences with his clean, self-deprecating humor and sarcastic wit for over 14 years. A performer for all ages, Ryan is right at home on stage and charms audiences with his clean-cut looks and a broad smile. He shares his perspective on life and his experiences.

Piff the Magic Dragon

Piff the Magic Dragon, continues to hold America’s attention. In addition to entertaining at clubs, corporate sponsored events, and the Sydney Opera House, Piff, and his magic performing chihuahua, Mr. Piffles, have also been successful contestants on America’s Got Talent. His magic and comedy act is a delight enjoyed by millions.

Rik Roberts

In addition to his hilarious standup comedy, Rik also does a spot-on Mayberry Deputy Barney Fife. His homage to Don Knotts is impeccable, bringing the spirit and energy of Barney to the stage. Liven up your holiday Christmas party entertainment with a little bit of Mayberry, and your guests will never forget it.

Comedy and magic help you plan the Best Holiday Party

Christmas party planning can be art. Every little detail, from decorations to entertainment, can make a big difference when planning a corporate party. A party planner wants to make sure that any entertainer, whether it be a comedian, live painter, or magician, fits with the overall tone of the events. Taking into account the age groups and interests of attendees can also be important.

Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo uses sand to create artistic scenes, which he then projects onto a large screen for all to see. He sets these scenes to music and engages the audience to marvel at his incredible talent. Castillo moves his hands swiftly, placing sand where it needs to go to create stunning imagery. He is a storyteller – one that has to be seen to be believed.

The Magic of Puck

People always try to figure out what a magician is doing. With Puck, you will be so interested in what’s going to happen; next, you will not have time to try to figure out the trick… not that you could! A talented practitioner of his craft, Puck has been performing magic since he was six years old.

Joby Saad

Joby Saad says what we are all thinking and makes us laugh about it. He jumps from one topic to the next in rapid succession, making us laugh before we knew we were on to another topic. He is relaxed demeanor sets you at ease, effectively disarming you so that you do not see him coming.

Panic Squad

Panic Squad gives good improv, pure and simple. They engage the audience, having them provide topics, lines, or any other aspect of their performance. Each audience is so interested in seeing what they will come up with, they cannot help but laugh and cheer.

We promised you fun party ideas, and we more than delivered. These performers  can make your corporate event exciting, enjoyable, and memorable. Contact us to find out how to get entertainers on your schedule.

Holiday Party Planning Ideas

A Christmas party planner can make the event special for anyone attending an event by booking a funny comedian with a sense of humor that appeals to different groups. When it comes to event planning, it is important to consider what type of entertainment will appeal to a group of employees, friends, or family members when putting together a corporate or private party. A talented comedian with individual talents, such as making shadow puppets, can leave guests talking about a special event for years to come.

With entertainment being such a crucial element of the festivities, it is a wise party planner who selects from a relatively small group of exceptional performers and artists. There are some performers and artists available who have been on TV shows, appeared in movies, authored books, and have also hosted or emceed events with thousands in attendance. They’ve entertained audiences and know-how to engage an audience, to make that connection that brings smiles.

Heidi Schwartz

Live event painter Heidi Schwartz adds to the atmosphere of any event by painting the holiday party, anniversary, birthday celebration, or wedding. Hedi uses impressionistic images, mixed with symbols and abstract objects, to capture the events going on around each event.  She ventured into live painting while working as a singer in Nashville. After each event, Heidi presents her painting to the companies or individuals as a memento of each special occasion.

Bob Stromberg

Bob Stromberg is known for his storytelling abilities, physical humor, and shadow puppets.  Stromberg has performed at events such as conferences, retreats, and private parties. He authored  two best-selling books and a co-developer of the highly-acclaimed play “Triple Espresso.” Bob Stromberg is many things – a comedian, a one-person show – but perhaps his most exciting performance art is hand shadow. Stromberg sets complex hand shadow configurations to music and captivates every audience that sees his show.  His talents were showcased on America’s Got Talent, where he wowed both audience and judges. For a corporate or a private holiday Christmas party, you cannot go wrong with Bob Stromberg.

Tom Cotter

Tom Cotter makes an impression on audiences with his rapid style of telling jokes and slightly improvisational style. Cotter is best known for being the runner-up on season seven of the NBC show “America’s Got Talent.” He has appeared on “Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “Last Comic Standing,” “Comics Unleashed,” and “Premium Blend.” He has been featured in his own Comedy Central special and gotten screen time on the film “Next Stop Wonderland.” Tom has performed all worldwide in major cities such as London, Beijing, and Washington DC.

Daren Streblow

Standup comedian and radio show host Daren Streblow connects with audiences through his observational style of comedy. Known as “King of Uncool,” Daren often makes fun of himself in his standup routines. He hosts his own syndicated radio program “The Daren Streblow Comedy Show” and has opened for Weird Al Yankovic. He has performed for a vast array of audiences, including youth groups and churches.

Bill Arnold

Comedian Bill Arnold’s unorthodox style of inept, comedy-based magic adds to his likeability factor. For 17 years, he starred in  “Triple Espresso” before venturing out to do standup. These days, he often does corporate and fundraising events, but he has performed in different types of venues world wide.

A standup comedian, unorthodox magic act, or live painter can add to the atmosphere of any holiday event. Nothing will build camaraderie in a group like a shared laugh. Party planners want to book entertainment to fit with the overall theme and vibe of the party.

Plan the Best Holiday Party with professional, proven entertainment.


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