Planning a Christian Comedy Outreach? Here are 4 Common Mistakes

Written by Tim Grable

March 2, 2017

Why choose Comedy outreach for your next community event? The answer is quite simple: everyone enjoys laughter. When we laugh, we are sampling the joy God intends for us. However, you can schedule the best Christian comedian and still the event can flop.

Tips to ensure your Comedy outreach is a success

1. Forget about the target audience.

When planning a Christian comedy concert, often church staff members include programming that only appeals to their members rather than the target audience. Consider leaving the praise and worship band out of the programming. Or avoid collecting an offering. If the intention of your church service is outreach, then Christian comedy can stand alone as the main programming.

2. Forget the purpose of ticket sales

When selling tickets to your Christian comedy concert, it is easy to consider them as a simple gauge of how much money the event will bring in. However, ticket sales are a great means of outreach. For each ticket sold for the Christian comedy event, give a complimentary one to church members to give to someone that would normally not attend church.
Planning a Christian Comedy Outreach? Here are 4 Common Mistakes

3. Poor Advertising

All churches want their event to be a success. Yet, their marketing stops at the church bulletin. Or they ask their members to bring someone to the outreach event when they are not even familiar with the Christian comedian. Show a clip of the Christian comedian in a church service at least three weeks prior to your event to help your members think about whom they would like to invite.

4. Choose the wrong Christian comedian

Many churches can do all the best planning, yet still their event fails because the Christian comedian does not understand anything about outreach. Their sketch is too churchy and they only appeal to church members. Prior to the event, take the time to discuss your goals with the Christian comedian so that working together your comedy outreach event is a success.

What Christian Comedians should you book?

Fortunately for comedy lovers everywhere, Anthony Griffith’s childhood ambitions of becoming an escape artist never panned out, and he instead dedicated his time to sharing the unashamed and hilarious story of his life. Anthony’s childhood experiences with a wide variety of zany friends and relatives molded the uproariously twisted insights he possesses regarding everything from family, friends and marriage, to his attempts to make sense out of life’s many stumbling blocks.

Anthony’s charm lies in his infectious attitude, his appeal to both secular and religious audiences, and the capability to breathe life into a wonderful collection of memorable characters. He’s appeared in a wide variety of venues, ranging from concert halls, churches and comedy clubs, to cable television shows like “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and Jay Leno’s “The Tonight Show.”

Anthony’s tangible blend of wisdom and street-smarts proves that great comedy comes from humble beginnings and honest observations, and his natural ability to spread the laughter ensures that he’ll be in great demand for a long time to come.

Jeff Allen is Good Clean Fun and a wonderfully funny man who knows how to glean the humor from everyday situations. His videos are a combination of good clean fun and a comical style of delivery.

Having been an alcoholic and addicted to drugs in his past, he is a born again believer in God. He credits God with delivering him from his addictions and saving his marriage, his home, and ultimately, his life. His testimony includes how God brought him from the depths and restored everything that his destructive lifestyle took from him.

Jeff uses the most mundane details of life to create unique and hilarious monologues to entertain people. He is a gifted write, actor, and comedian. His videos are perfect for viewing at home with the family or in a group, anywhere clean humor is appreciated.

Jeff’s latest video entitled “The America I Grew Up In” is a humorous rendition of the way things were when he was a child. His early years brought him through a time when we all went to bed at night with the doors unlocked because it never occurred to us that anyone would bother us as we slept. Kids were allowed to explore and experiment with never a thought that they might be up to no good. Parents ruled their children and were not afraid to be strict with them when the need arose.

As are all of Jeff Allen’s other videos, this one is funny, harmless, and totally intriguing. His humor and extremely likable persona combined with his ability to laugh at himself make him a comedian that everyone can enjoy. He is a comical version of every man.

In this video, Brad Stine does a bit about bumper stickers. This is done without using any sexual innuendos or any type of cursing.  His style of comedy involves good, clean humor that everyone can enjoy. The presence that Brad Stine has on stage involves very high energy  Brad Stine is a Christian Comic that is able to make anybody laugh with his style of comedy without having to resort to any jokes about sex or swearing just to get out a cheap laugh, making him suitable for all ages.

Need more tips on making your Comedy Outreach night a success? Or do you need some help in finding the right comedian for your next event? I invite you to call The Grable Group at 615-283-0039 or email so that together we can make your next comedy event a success.

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