Enjoy Hilarious, Popular Comedy Videos from 4 Funny Comedians

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Written by Tim Grable

October 27, 2017

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When it comes to internet videos, stand-up comedy tops the list of fan favorites, from famous faces to noteworthy venues across the country.  The internet is a haven for funny comics worldwide to bring their success and your entertainment right into the palm of your hand, allowing them to reach their widest, most receptive audience.  When booking your next event, consider a stand-up comedian as a way to engage your audience and leave them wanting more.

Enjoy Hilarious, Popular Comedy Videos from 4 Funny Comedians

Popular Comedy Videos from Tom Cotter

Comedy in any form will keep your audience laughing, but real engagement happens with stand-up and the quick witted humor of Comedian Tom Cotter. Cotter is a talented stand-up comedian who tells one joke after another and never loses his nonstop energy. That energy leaves the audience wanting more, laughing at every joke, and never losing interest. He will have your event packed full of entertainment, the audience rolling with laughter, and he will continue throwing out his style of comedy while keeping a professional demeanor.

Comedian Tom Cotter grew up in Rhode Island, but he is now a native New Yorker. He impressed the judges on, “America’s Got Talent,” with his hilarious, rib-aching comedic style. He has also appeared on many talk shows including, “Tonight Show With Jay Leno”, “The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” and “Last Comic Standing.” When he discusses his time on “America’s Got Talent,” he pokes fun at being runner-up and losing to dogs. Cotter is great with canine humor, making a joke of every breed out there, but in the end, he laughs about losing to what he calls non-humans.

Cotter’s style of humor is like no other. No topic exists that he cannot make a joke about. As featured on popular comedy videos, he even shows that fairy tales are funny as he gives his audience a whole new look at how childhood nursery rhymes are more adult that we initially thought. He sheds light-hearted humor throughout the room, throwing out one nursery rhyme character after another, showing how maybe Stephen King wrote these rhymes. In his videos, Cotter displays the adult view of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and so many others. He will leave his adult audience with a new view of their childhood friends.

Tom Cotter shows how he has his style of humor with his views on flying, airplane procedures, and flight attendants. However, don’t take this guy too seriously, as his spit-fire comedy styling does not give the audience a break from laughter. He makes every topic funny as he pokes fun at American sayings. Why would you want to skin a cat anyways, right? As featured on “America’s Got Talent,” Cotter jokes about college, his major, his female minor and explains the differences between college students then and now. Audiences young and old can relate to his conversational comedy.

The best part about Cotter is his ability to transform a one-liner into the best joke you’ve ever heard. You think he is going one way, but Cotter takes his story into a whole new direction. Tom Cotter is a refreshing ball of energy for any event. It is entertaining to listen to a comedian who can take any topic and turn it into a hilarious one-liner or story. Plan your next corporate event with Tom Cotter, and leave your audience doubled over with laughter.

Popular Comedy Videos from Bob Stromberg

Whatever the topic or occasion, comedian Bob Stromberg always knows how to keep his audience entertained with plenty of laughs and good times. Stromberg’s unique sense of humor and casual delivery can turn the simplest of personal stories into the hilarious comic material.  Often known as a clean comedian, Stromberg has also been called a “physical comedian.” His interactive comedy uses audience volunteers and his incorporation of props and technology on the stage, ranging from slideshow projectors to a shadow puppet stage. Bob Stromberg is a master of finding creative uses of his physical surroundings. He mix of self-deprecation with quirky sarcasm and the right life experiences help Stromberg efficiently delivers a routine of whimsical, amusing, and good-natured comedy for all audiences to enjoy.

In this routine, Bob Stromberg and an audience volunteer use their hands to perform shadow puppets while Stromberg tells tales that he imagined as a child at bedtime. His talent brings to life a variety of characters, from father to a monkey and other animals. This clever combination of physical comedy and childlike silliness is sure to entertain.

Here, Stromberg talks about his experience at his fifty-year check-up, poking fun at his age as well as at the many forms of awkward discomfort that colonoscopy patients endure from their doctors. Playful and lighthearted without descending into crassness, Stromberg’s comical take on bodily functions and medical procedures that come with age will bring many laughs.

Equipped with a guitar and a repertoire of stories, Stromberg focuses on music here, from parodying the sappy campfire songs of his youth to poking fun at his childhood experiences taking music lessons. Whether he is describing his years of accordion practice or churning out a few tunes of his own, Stromberg’s music and stories will certainly please a crowd.

Stromberg explores the oddities of family life in this segment, such as his father’s insistence on saving slideshows of every family event. To make things even funnier, he shows several of these slides, which include plenty of awkward family photos, adorable little sisters, and hilariously placed double exposures. Stromberg’s quirky style of humor shines through in his family history.

Comedian Bob Stromberg is a masterful storyteller. As a boy, he was captivated by Steve Martin, Bob Newhart, The Smothers Brothers and Richard Pryor. He watched them all on Ed Sullivan, so Pryor was still safe. There were other comics on the show too, but these acts were Bob’s favorite. He thought it was amazing that they could get huge laughs by just telling stories. Bob began crafting stories from his life and for thirties years, people have been laughing.

Funny Scott Wood Videos

Mr. Punchline Scott Wood, a California native with a knack for sharp, witty one-liners and hilarious vocal impressions of well-known celebrities. A long, comprehensive career in comedy is second only to his excellent reputation, a spot-on sense of humor, and the endless love of fans across the globe.

This video puts a lighthearted spin on something that we’ve all had to deal with at one point or another – the police. From obnoxious rhetorical questions when getting pulled over to poking fun at bicycle cops on the beach, this bit serves to reiterate the relatability of Scott Wood’s work.

If you’ve ever gone through a drive-thru and wondered what you were ordering, who was taking your order, what was in what you’re eating. What’s going to happen when you’ve digested it (or if you know the answers to these questions already), this routine is bound to make you laugh out loud.

This bit is a fantastic homage to the comic’s uncanny ability to mimic the voices of famous people. From world-renowned politicians to your favorite actor, this is bound to be one of Scott Wood’s most popular Comedy Videos as it truly shows the hilarity of his vocal versatility.

Buying a car can be a ridiculously stressful process, and no one knows that better than Scott, who is somehow able to make you giggle through the frequently costly process. Ever wonder how and why cars got their particular names? This comedian has a few theories on what those names could mean.

These popular YouTube Videos are just a sampling of this clean comedian’s talent, showcasing a career that has spanned years and touched the hearts of everyone who has witnessed it. Their jocularity, professionalism, and ability to make human connections with the audience make them a rarity, and certainly comedians that are not to be missed!

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