Popular David Dean Comedy Videos: Learning to Laugh

Written by Tim Grable

March 9, 2017

Popular David Dean Comedy Videos: Learning to LaughWhile most clean comedians rise by working bars and “adult” comedy clubs, David Dean has made his comedy mark at church. You can take the kids to his shows, but his material is not kids’ stuff. Since the words “For Mature Audiences” have come to mean something very immature, perhaps it’s best to say that Dean performs for grownups. Those grownups can bring their children to one of David Dean’s comedy shows and rest assured they will get a healthy dose of comic laughter without feeling like grownups are hiding dark secrets. Grownups find plenty of insight, wit, and intelligence to amuse them without getting squeamish. Life is funny. The church is funny. The differences between us are funny. This is the world of David Dean comedy: a place where the serious business of going to church can be seasoned with a healthy dose of laughing at ourselves.

Like most stand-up comedians, David Dean loves to laugh and to entertain other people, as seen in the popular David Dean comedy videos below. He makes it a point to poke fun at himself and at all the silly, awkward, uncomfortable moments that tend to come up in life. David also encourages his audience to let down their guard a little bit, stop being so serious, and learn to laugh along with him.

Whether he’s poking fun at family life—men, women, teens, children—or fondly recounting embarrassing experiences of his own, Dean’s funny material, energetic delivery, and willingness to laugh at himself combine to make an enjoyable show. For anyone hosting an event and wanting to liven things up with a little laughter, comedian David Dean is an excellent option. Take a look at these popular David Dean comedy videos and you will not be able to keep from laughing for very long.

Funny and Popular David Dean Comedy Videos

Everybody gets a cold once in a while. When David Dean gets one, his comedic insights switch into high gear. Laugh along as David finds himself in an impossible situation because his cold remedy backfires on him. Who can remember whether you’re supposed to feed a fever or starve a cold? Just take David Dean’s advice: laugh at it.   Here David Dean discusses head colds, Echinacea, and laxatives in his energetic and uniquely comical manner. He uses a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor to describe a relatably awkward incident involving bodily functions, but without being crass or tasteless. Dean’s memorable material, well-timed delivery, and hilarious expressions and gestures get the audience in an uproar of laughter.


David Dean seems to understand how we move, think and laugh. He never makes fun of anyone. His humor is a wink. He is ribbing us; kidding around. He combines clever sight gags with sudden insights that make his audiences think while laughing. You don’t have to leave good taste at the door when you go to a David Dean clean comedy show.

Who’s funnier, teenage children or parents who try to keep them in line? For David Dean comedy and the family is fair game. So many parents get wrapped up in their kids’ drama, they forget to laugh at the spectacle of watching little personalities develop. Dean doesn’t forget. He reminds us that we’re all hilarious, parents and kids alike.  With lively gestures and hilarious impersonations, David Dean talks about the fabulous life mystery that is teenagers and laments with his audience the complex but separate challenges involved in raising both girls and boys. His stories and portrayals of this awkward stage of life resonate with anyone used to dealing with teens, and will effortlessly have the whole audience laughing.


In this routine, Dean discusses laughter and comedy themselves, poking fun at stereotypical gender differences and how hard it is to get men to laugh openly. His imitations of reserved, overly serious men get the audience laughing as he encourages them—both men and women—to be willing to let loose and laugh at the quirks and silliness of life.  No matter how comedy changes, David Dean knows one thing for sure: the differences between men and women will remain excellent sources for clean comedy material. His caricatures of men and women laughing are at once recognizable and surprising for their spot-on accuracy. The laughter of his audience is the amusement of seeing themselves in David Dean’s comedy observations.

Once again, Dean talks about laughter itself, this time comparing how easily children laugh at almost anything to how most people laugh less as they get older. He uses humorous, far-fetched examples and well-placed punchlines to get his point across and remind his audience of the power of laughter for all ages, and to get them laughing as well.  Toddlers can teach us how to laugh again, according to David Dean. In his world, there’s no reason to expect adulthood to be years of declining amusement. His energy, enthusiasm and an active imagination are a testimony to the idea that laughter is ageless. It’s okay to fall down on the floor engulfed in laughter, even if you’re not a kid anymore.

As seen in these popular David Dean comedy videos, Dean is a unique, talented, and hilarious comedian with a gift for helping people let loose and laugh at the funny parts of life. No matter what the situation, Dean can pick out something ridiculous or laughable and turn the story into a good time for all. Moreover, no matter what the occasion, Dean can liven up your event with laughter.

If you’ve given up on modern comics because they offend too often, you’re not alone. You’re also not out of luck. Just ask anyone who attends a David Dean show. There is hope for those who like their laughter clean, honest and uplifting. David Dean’s comedy career is being built on the need for adults and kids to laugh without fear, without mocking and without hesitation.

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