Popular Taylor Mason Comedy Videos: Clean Comedy for All Ages

Taylor Mason, Paco

Written by Tim Grable

October 22, 2017

Popular Taylor Mason Comedy Videos

Planning an event is not complete until you have sampled and hired the proper entertainment for your guests. Little is worse for an event goer than falling victim to boredom only an hour or two into mingling with your other guests. Be proactive! Watch Taylor Mason Comedy Videos.  Prevent any lulls in conversation and entice your guests to not only return to your events in the future but to enjoy themselves in the here and now! The best way to ensure your guests are thoroughly entertained and happy is to hire entertainment to keep everyone happy and laughing when the conversation begins to get dull. An interactive, modern comedian guarantees your guests’ happiness and enjoyment.

Taylor Mason is brilliant with his Comedy music. It is no surprise because he has been entertaining audiences with his brand of clean comedy for years. He can be found doing his stand-up in a variety of venues around the world. He is a favorite on cruise ships and at corporate events. Being a ventriloquist, he has many sides and characters to bring to the stage. Adults, teens, and children love his puppets. They come alive in Taylor’s hands.

The Best Taylor Mason Comedy Videos

Taylor Mason is one such entertainer.  Taylor Mason clean comedy videos are trending all across the internet and are a testimony to his incredible track record as an effective performer.

As these comedy videos will show, Taylor Mason is the jack of all trades – and masters those trades as well. A ventriloquist, musician, stand-up comic, and alum from the renowned Chicago-based improvisation group, Second City, Taylor Mason’s clever wit and spot-on delivery will be sure to bring your event to the next level. Mason has traveled across the world, headlining many events, but the next few popular Taylor Mason comedy videos could be excerpts from your event!

Make It an Event They’ll Remember!

Your event is going to be wonderful, but if you want to make it the talk of the town, consider hiring entertainment! Stand up comedy is a great way to bring your event to life, and the best kind of stand up comedy is the type that gets the audience involved. You do not want your friends, family, and coworkers to sit passively by and watch the act – let them be a part of the act by choosing entertainment that is not only humorous but interactive!

Taylor Mason does not just use comedy music

In this video, Comedian Taylor Mason is joined on stage by his sidekick, a puppet named Romeo. Here, Taylor is describing an incident that occurred between Romeo and a heckling audience member during a past appearance. Without any raunchy comedy material or offensive language, Taylor Mason and Romeo will make everyone laugh.

Comedian, ventriloquist, and all-around entertainer Taylor Mason riffs on the bullies that made fun of his childhood lisp and shares the truly exceptional – if not all that intimidating – a skill his grandmother taught him to use against them.

A seasoned funnyman who has spent more than twenty-five years entertaining audiences with his stand-up performances, Taylor Mason has managed to carve out a niche for himself by keeping his routines not only consistently witty and entertaining but also suitable for all audiences. He has performed his high-energy clean comedy at Chicago’s famed Second City Theater, Dry Bar Comedy, corporate functions for big-name clients such as Wal-Mart, Microsoft, and on Disney Cruise Lines voyages.

Clean Comedians like Taylor Mason who use puppets as part of their performance have an appeal to humor-loving audiences. Mason brings some hand-held sidekicks with him to his shows. They never fail to delight.

In this clip from a performance featuring Romeo and Taylor Mason, they perform a parody of the hit rap tune “99 Problems.” As they roll through the twisted lyrics, Romeo admits to being one of the problems, much to the delight of the live audience.

A graduate of the University of Illinois with a degree in agriculture and master’s degree in advertising, Taylor turned his skills to comedy. He has played every major comedy club in the nation and specializes in family-friendly humor.

Hiring a stand-up comic known for playing the crowd and getting everyone involved is the perfect way to ensure your event stands out as the event of the year (or the century!) Whether it be a wedding, a family reunion, a fundraising gala or a work function, your event should stand out in every guest’s mind. Choosing a comedic act such as the ones Taylor Mason puts on will be sure to wow your guests and make your future events the most popular to come!

Taylor is not only a veteran stand-up performer but also an accomplished ventriloquist that uses comedy music. He even penned a definitive how-to book on the art and craft of ventriloquism for the best-selling Complete Idiot’s Guide series.

Event planners agree that Taylor is a delightful addition to their program. Do not hesitate to invite Taylor Mason to entertain and encourage your group. As you can see in these popular Taylor Mason comedy videos, no dirty jokes here just good clean fun.

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