Do you need a professional emcee for your event?

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Written by Tim Grable

March 12, 2017

Do you need a professional emcee for your event? Okay… before we get into the three reasons let’s understand that you need a professional emcee at your corporate event.  Hey, you’re spending a boatload of money because you want your conference to be a great success.  At the very least it’s got to be better than it was last year.  A professional masters of cermonies can lift your event to the next level. Don’t even consider asking Buddy from accounting to do it.  Buddy may be great around the water cooler but he will drown on your mainstage and your conference will go under with him! Honest. You need a pro, a seasoned, multitalented performer who can flow with the punches, move your meetings along, delight your attendees, keep them laughing and make you look really good.

Simply put, a corporate conference without a professional emcee is like an expensive meal with plastic dinner wear.  The meat may be prime rib, but it just doesn’t taste exquisite. A great emcee sets the table for the whole meal, keeps everyone engaged on the important business at hand and makes sure everyone’s eaten before the food get’s cold.

No one serves it up and hosts better than Bob Stromberg.  He brings to your conference an arsenal of comedic spices and uses them only to enhance the flavor of your gathering. The meal is not about him. It is about you.!

Check out Bob introducing the keynote speaker at a recent conference. This demonstrates his gift for improvisation inspired by candy teeth passed out at the meeting and a speaker from KY. Bob can handle any ingredient you want to toss in the recipe.

Bob Stromberg is a stand-up comedian who has carved out a place for himself in the world of comedy that is uniquely his own and completely different.  He employs prop comedy and storytelling but with a twist. In this particular video,  he serves as his prop.

The shadow puppetry here is combined with his engaging approach to storytelling. This is physical comedy employed by a multi-talented performer. There are lots of surprises here as Stromberg puts on display a variety of voices and characters from the world of laugh-inducing whimsy that he inhabits. This is the world that perhaps owes more to the total package talents of performers from another era who entertained without relying on attempting to shock audiences with offensive material and obscenities. He also has been known to involve members of his audiences in his act in an unusual and hilarious manner.

A professional emcee connects with the whole audience

The comedy of Bob Stromberg is just as likely to be appreciated by an audience of all ages. Stromberg is one of a handful of comedians whose act can be enjoyed on some levels. He references scenes from his childhood that are immediately relatable to an adult audience and delivered with wit while at the same time including enough physical comedy and awe-inspiring stunts to keep the audience entertained.

The combining of some comedic approaches gives the viewer a hint that this is a performer who brings many potential styles to his act. There is an intrinsic quality in Stromberg’s performances that are apparently coming from the heart, as well as from his intellect. The zany antics goofily voiced characters and physical jokes are all there and delivered with the skill of a veteran professional, but any plastic showbiz cynical slickness is nowhere to be found.

Three reasons Bob Stromberg should be your Emcee

#1 Bob Connects

Not only does he connect with his audience, but he also connects those in his audience with each other. They begin to feel like a group, like they want to be there. When Bob walks on stage folks sit up and pay attention. Within minutes they are laughing.  They are laughing hard and any walls between them begin to fall apart.  It’s really quite a remarkable thing to experience.  People are immediately and simply engaged. How does this happen? Well, Bob Stromberg is not a game show host personality. He is genuine…. Real.  And people know it. They feel it. Of course it helps that he is also extremely funny and impressively skilled.

#2 Bob Understands

You may have already learned from personal experience that comedy can be a dicey programming element. It’s no secret that comedians tend to not be overly disciplined.  Even very popular, successful comics can be insensitive to your corporate environment.  So the stories are numerous of banquet nightmares, offended employees and poor programming evaluations. You never have to worry about that with Bob Stromberg hosting your event. He works clean.  Always. You can actually relax and know that you are not going to be burned.  Foul language, sexual innuendo, and inappropriate humor is never a concern. The laughs are always on Bob… never on you or your employees. And he understands that the conference is not about him.  It’s about your company.  And that leads us to the final reason.

#3 Bob Delivers

Your event is dynamic with many moving parts.  The audience needs to focus. People need to be introduced. honorees recognized, awards presented, schedules and opportunities announced. It all has to happen in a carefully defined time period.  If the program runs long the audience becomes a room of individuals and things begin to fall apart. That’s when Bob keeps the show moving.  Other times, surprisingly, there are programming gaps, silences that need to be filled.  That’s when Bob uses his comedic gifts of standup, audience participation, would you believe “group whistling” and even world famous shadow puppets to keep your audience fully engaged.  These are the skills that prompted The London Times to call Bob “…a genuinely funny man!”  And that’s what he is.

Bob Stromberg has been performing as a professional emcee for over thirty years, combining honest humor with a unique gift for physical comedy. When he is not performing his hit shows, which still appear on stages across the country, Stromberg speaks at conferences and business events all over the United States. His blend of funny observational comedy and sharp wit will have audiences rolling in their seats while learning a thing or two about corporate etiquette.

A delightful and family-friendly comedian, Stromberg will entertain you and your business associates at your conference or team leadership training. Bob offers a three-step approach to getting any audience comfortable and talking: break down the walls, create a community, and improving people’s overall health. Entertained employees are happy employees, and happy employees produce better, more substantial work. As professional emcee, Stromberg can relax a crowd and energize a team with his talented mix of clean comedy and effective observations.

For additional information on booking Comedian Bob Stromberg for your next event call 615 283 0039


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