Ross Bennett Comedian is Clean and Clever

Written by Tim Grable

March 4, 2017

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Ross Bennett Comedian

Ross Bennett Comedian: Shopping, Parking and Life

Ross Bennett, a comedian who David Letterman describes as “clean and clever,” recently released a video clip of a portion of a routine he performed at The Actors Temple Benefit in New York City in which he talks about life, shopping and parking with his quick-delivery comedy style and unique expressions that add to the comedy. His hilarious delivery style is evident in the video clip, and it is easy to see why audiences love Ross Bennett Comedian.

Like much of Ross’ humor, the video clip talks about his life in western New York along with many other hilarious life experiences Ross encounters as he travels throughout the country, including Manhattan and other areas of New York City. His descriptions of life, both rural and urban, will have audience members laughing until their sides ache, even wanting more when Ross finishes his set. Audiences throughout the world say that they love the clean, crisp comedy Ross delivers.

Ross Bennett is from a small town but he gets big-time laughs.  To give you an idea of what the comedian Ross Bennett looks like, imagine an accountant who’s just stuck his finger in an electrical socket. And to give you an idea of what Ross’s comedy is like, imagine a warm, expressive, immediately likable man who can delight you with true tales of childhood, family, and catastrophic games of golf.

Ross’ Appearances

Ross Bennett Comedian has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, and made five appearances on Comedy Central’s “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn.” He has performed at over 50 corporate events, hundreds of fundraisers and appeared at churches, country clubs, temples and private parties throughout the country. Ross has opened for Lucie Arnaz, Hal Linden, Melissa Manchester and the Four Freshman. In addition, Ross has toured through the United Kingdom and Ireland.

About Ross

Ross Bennett Comedian proudly says that he dropped out of West Point and that it was “probably the greatest service I will ever do for my country.” Sworn in as a cadet on July 8, 1975, during what he calls a “different era.” However, by 1977, Ross realized that his calling was telling jokes in nightclubs, so he dropped out and began a career in comedy.Comics like Steve Martin and Richard Pryor dominated popular culture, and comedy clubs were opening in every corner of the country. Ross Bennett decided he wanted to be a part of it all. And for more than three and a half decades, he has. For 30 years, Ross has entertained audiences with his unique expressions and topics that audiences can relate to, including life growing up with a Marine Colonel father, snow days during grade school and other hilarious life instances that keep audiences laughing throughout his high-energy show.

Ross is known throughout the industry for the hysterics he induces, and he’s known for his professionalism and his kindness as well. His jokes are consistently original and imaginative; they’re of the highest order. In short, Ross Bennett may have dropped out of the United States Military Academy all those years ago, but he’s worth saluting nonetheless.

The video clip “Ross Bennett at The Actors Temple Benefit NYC,” is a small example of the comedy style available to private and public audiences who enjoy clean and hilarious humor. Ross’ New York country humor, as many have labeled it, is sharp, bright and enjoyed by all ages. His timing, expressions, and delivery are unique and bring added humor to the jokes he tells.

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