Ross Bennett Comedian is Smart Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

March 5, 2017

Ross Bennett ComedianIt is hard to find clean, down-to-earth comedy in a dark world where most comics rely on sexual comments and swearing to get a laugh. Even so, there are some who truly shine in their endeavors to bring laughter and fun to an audience with clean comedy. Ross Bennett comedian extraordinaire is such an act.

The gold star New York comedy style of Ross Bennett is a refreshing change from the standard punch line delivery used by many comedians. Instead, Bennett interjects his New York comedy style of humor into an everyday conversational style. Whether discussing his short-lived military aspirations, his small town upbringing or his troubled love life, audiences will feel as if they are chatting with an old friend. Indeed, Bennett says what we are all thinking but delivers it in a manner that turns everyday happenings into loads of fun.

His talents have graced some of comedy’s greatest venues including The Late Show with David Letterman, Evening at the Improv, David Brenner’s Nightlife and Comedy Central’s Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. His multi-coast comedy club stops routinely include such famous venues as the Comedy Cellar, Gotham, Stand Up NY, Caroline’s on Broadway and Comic Strip Live. In addition, he has performed as a show opener for some of the most highly regarded celebrities of our time including Hal Linden, Lucie Arnaz, Melissa Manchester, and The Four Freshman. His talents extend worldwide with extensive audiences in the United Kingdom and Ireland as well as in the United States.

Funny Clips from Ross Bennett Comedian

David Letterman

Ross Bennett comedian goes on a roll laughing about a small town boy’s experiences in the big bad city of New York and his personal life. Even though he uses relationships and popular culture as a basis for some parts of his act, Ross Bennett comedian never has to resort to sex and foul language to get a laugh. He keeps the audience laughing with his down-home brand of comedy and befuddled delivery.

Clean and Cleaver

Ross’ appearance at The Actor’s Temple Benefit showcases his distinctive humor that is perfect for comedy lovers. His act is always family safe, and an excellent way to enjoy a night out at a performance for everyone. He is known as a smart comic. Audiences can relate to what he has to say and the truth behind his humor. His love and respect for his audience shows as he rambles through his non-stop routines.

Tickled Pink at WalMart

Not many people can make a shopping trip to Wal Mart into a funny experience, but comedian Ross Bennett managed to do it. For impulse buyers and customers who are opposed to writing shopping lists, Ross could be the president of this club. For door greeters who wonder whether their jobs are really worth it, Ross is just as happy because of the greeters’ reactions to seeing him. In this video, check out why he’s tickled pink with the Wal Mart door greeters and how a trip to Walmart could turn into a blackout.

Comedy Demo

Ross Bennett brings his small-town humor to audiences all over the country. In this short clip, he brings his brand of humor to the audience in relating to American attitudes, hunting, “guy things,” and what it is like to be getting older. Ross has humor that spans all age groups and is great for family entertainment. You never have to worry about watching the comedy of Ross Bennett. It is safe, clean humor that is always funny without being offensive in any way.

Ross Bennett, comedian, grew up in a small town located in upstate New York. His rural background is the perfect foil for his clean, wholesome fun. He loves acting perplexed at the way big city people act, and this engaging video shows that brilliantly when observing shoppers in WalMart.

For comedy lovers who enjoy clean comedy about everyday topics, Ross can find smart humor in almost anything: finding a parking spot, Canadian coins, possums (literally) playing possum and how getting older leads to making involuntary noises. He’ll make the average-looking guy relate to his tales about how women will unapologetically confide in him about their sexual to-do lists. And he’s nowhere on their lists and hides out from the women who have him on theirs.

Ross even has the ability to make light-hearted comedy out of the darkest topics. Ask him about a friend who died in a parachuting accident or what his third-grade experience was like after the John F. Kennedy assassination for hilarious examples.

Anyone looking for an excellent way to spend an evening out without worrying about adult content and foul attitudes will enjoy Ross Bennett’s shows. His stand-up comedy style is as endearing as it is hilariously funny.

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