4 Of The Best Satire Comedians In The Biz Right Now

Satire Comedians

Written by Tim Grable

March 5, 2020

Our day to day lives are sometimes so ludicrous we don’t even realize it. It’s the job of satire comedians to tell things as they are and to give us a reality check.

Who says truth has to be unpleasant? In the following article, we will present to you 4 of the best jokesters in the world of satire comedy, who are surely going to make your audience burst with laughter.

4 Of The Best Satire Comedians In The Biz Right Now

1. Nick Guerra

Nick Guerra is the kind of comedian who tells people to care less about what others have to say. In his comedy special “Enjoy Life,” he likes to joke about the status quo and the many grievances we all have to go through.

Nothing is off-limits to Nick, and no subject is too taboo for him to tackle. He is very crafty with his delivery, being able to make a commentary without stepping on anyone’s toes.

2. Paul Morrisey

Paul Morrisey’s life would have been different if not for comedy. He grew up as a sports fan and wanted to be part of that world. However, life had other plans for him, steering him towards television and journalism.

Working as a sports anchor, Paul started quickly became popular for his off-the-wall humor. From that moment, he decided to give it a shot at stand-up comedy.

He started by performing in clubs in his spare time, and now, he’s doing sold-out shows at festivals and having guest appearances on Dry Bar Comedy and CBS. And his love for sports? It’s still there, and Paul never misses the chance to talk about it.

3. Phil Kopczynski

Phil Kopczynski worked in corporate America for 10 years before growing disenchanted with it and calling it quits.

Ironically, through stand-up comedy, he made it back into the corporate world, doing club shows, private parties, and corporate gigs. This time, however, he gets to tell things how they are as one of the best satire comedians.

He’s a very animated performer, even doing squats in his Dry Bar Comedy special. And that’s not all because his shows have much more to offer. He’s exciting to watch, and his delivery makes a lasting impact on the audience.

4. Chris Cope

Chris Cope is a comedian who isn’t afraid to delve into risky territory. During his shows, he often tackles the topic of obesity and the struggles which come with it. He is overweight and doesn’t shy away from telling the audience about his progress towards losing weight.

During his shows, he likes to tell stories about the many interesting situations he has been through, including even starring in Grey’s Anatomy because of his cankles.

Satire Comedians and Many More…

Sometimes, things need to be said as they are. And satire comedians are just right for the job, their comedy isn’t sanitized, and they’re not afraid of telling the truth.

If you are interested in hiring an excellent comedian to perform at any of your upcoming events, then we are glad to help you with that.

At the Grable Group, we have over 100 performers you can book for almost any type of event. Call us at (615) 283-0039, and we will help you with the arrangements!

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