Senior Comedy and Boomer Entertainment For Your Special Event

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Written by Tim Grable

February 25, 2017

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Senior Comedy and Boomer Entertainment For Your Special EventIf laughter is the best medicine, there’s no better prescription than a professional comedy show tailored just for seniors. As our loved ones reach retirement age, health issues and lifestyle changes can put a damper on the golden years. Planning regular fun activities is essential, and live entertainment is a fantastic choice. Hiring an entertainer who specializes in senior comedy is a great way to break up the retirement routine and keep seniors in high spirits.  Planning a comedy night is fun either in person or as a virtual comedy night for seniors.

Anyone who has ever organized a special, event, corporate event, charity event, or large party knows that the logistics of locating and booking great entertainment can be daunting. Often, entertainment is scheduled hurriedly just to be done with it. While the task may be completed, the results may not be as expected.

It is important to select a performer who understands his or her audience and has the talent and experience to win over any crowd. In order to ensure a fun and memorable event, choose an artist who knows how to connect with a more mature audience. Whatever the scale of your event, each of these artists offers a unique brand of comedy that seniors will love.

The Best Senior Comedy and Boomer Entertainment

Jeff Allen

Seasoned professional Jeff Allen delivers a hilarious and clean brand of comedy with a focus on marriage, family life and growing older. He has starred in several TV specials and films and is a nationally touring act. Jeff is a world-class comedian with a broad appeal, and his style is a perfect fit for senior audiences.  Jeff Allen has starred in several full-length comedy films and is no stranger to making audiences roar with laughter. Jeff has appeared on a variety of television shows and has authored four books. Jeff’s comedy is fresh and enjoyed by all ages. Being married with children, Jeff and the audiences he entertains easily relate to their shared experiences in life.

Bob Stromberg

Bob Stromberg is an inspiring and humble comedian who will have your audiences roaring with laughter. He has performed for the nation’s top non-profits and corporations and created his hit theatrical productions. Bob has a unique perspective on life and love, and his famous hand shadows are a hit at any age.

Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason is a well-traveled ventriloquist, comedian, and musician. His long, successful career so far has included Musical Director for the Second City Touring Company as well as performing live on stage in front of appreciative audiences both large and intimate. He likes to engage the audience while entertaining, creating a unique, symbiotic atmosphere of fun, laughter, and boomer entertainment.

Rik Roberts

Rik is a noted corporate entertainer and keynote speaker. In addition to inspiring and motivating audiences, Rik also brings out his spot on impersonation of the most famous, dedicated, funny lawman ever, Deputy Barney Fife. Rik’s charming Barney Fife is a hilarious, loving tribute to one of Mayberry’s Finest, incorporating Deputy Fife’s uniform, nuances, physical appearance and pocketed bullet.

Joe Castillo

Incorporating music, drama, and an unbelievable talent for sand art, Joe Castillo is truly an innovative, one-of-a-kind performing artist. An accomplished, popular corporate speaker and entertainer, Joe was a finalist on “America’s Got Talent.” His ability to captivate an audience with his incredible sand art has made him a highly successful advertising entrepreneur, author, and public speaker.

Frank King

With a focus on healthy living through laughter, Frank King is a perfect match for an audience of senior citizens. He combines top-notch humor with genuine compassion and shows how a laugh can help us deal with life’s ups and downs. Frank is also renowned for his spot-on impressions of famous politicians.

Ross Bennett

A master of topical humor, Ross Bennett provides a funny and insightful perspective on growing older. His smart and engaging routines will charm any senior comedy audience. Ross has more than three decades of experience as an entertainer and has appeared on the “Late Show With David Letterman,” “The Bob & Tom Show” and more.

Paul Aldrich

Paul is a successful songwriter, comedian, and motivational speaker. He has been entertaining audiences for over 25 years with his unique blend of comedy and music, having performed in comedy clubs, theaters, and churches. The DVD of his delightful appearance on the “Bananas” television show, Dry Bar Comedy and his CDs of hilarious song parodies with unique lyrics are extremely popular.  Comedian and recording artist Paul Aldrich is a great fit for any event, with a clean and hilarious mix of observational comedy, musical parodies and more. He pours his heart and soul into his work, and fans of all ages relate to his funny songs and stand-up routines. Paul is sure to inspire at any age.

If entertainment with the accent on fun, innovative and refreshing is something you need for your charity gala, corporate event, or private affair, we have the perfect line up. Whatever your budget, a professional comedian, will bring your event to life and ensure that your guests leave with a smile. Any of the veteran performers listed here will deliver a full night of a witty, satisfying senior comedy either in person or as a virtual comedy night for seniors. We feature unique entertainment stars that excite, inspire and captivate. Why take a chance on maybe when Boomer Entertainment can guarantee a great time?

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