Surprise Your Seniors with a Virtual Comedy Night

Senior Virtual Comedy Night

Written by Terre Grable

May 5, 2020

Know any senior adults that would appreciate a fun night without having to leave their home? Are your loved ones in a Senior Living Center? Do you know someone that could use some-side splitting laughter? Looking for a way to decrease loneliness and help your older friends and relatives feel emotionally connected during these times of social isolation? Then a Virtual Comedy Night for Seniors may be just what the doctor ordered!

A online comedy night is an easy and affordable way that many families and senior citizen centers are using to encourage their older members. The set up is easy, and the payoff is entertaining and uplifting. All that is required is an electronic device that is connected to the internet and a comfortable chair! Family members log on and join the party! If you can talk on the phone, you can enjoy a virtual night of comedy. Our talented comedians are experienced in virtual settings. They know how to connect with each person to create a fun environment that will be filled with gut-level laughter and family togetherness.

Surprise Your Seniors with a Virtual Comedy Night

Have you ever met someone that was so much fun to be with that you wished you could invite them to dinner? Someone that made you forget about your problems for a while and have a fun time regardless of circumstances? Someone entertaining and endearing at the same time? These are the expectations that our talented comedians will surpass every single time for every age group and every scenario.

What makes a virtual comedy night so special?

One word: Personalization! Unlike going to an ordinary comedy show, a virtual program enhances the level of entertainment for everyone. Large comedy events offer general entertainment where someone tells jokes from a scripted performance. A online comedy night is far more challenging for the comedian, but also far more engaging and enjoyable for the audience members.

Instead of reading from a script, our comedians will build the program based upon their interaction with your group members from start to finish. Throw in timely sound effects, visual props, and creativity, and you will end up with something as unique as your family members or group. Each person feels included, engaged, and entertained in a family-friendly environment. While ordinary comedy shows are observed, a virtual comedy night for senior citizens is a fun and memorable experience. There is even the option to have it recorded so you can come back and watch it again or share it with others.

How does it work? Your Assisted Living Center, family, or group, schedules a time and our comedian will do the rest! You will receive a link reminding everyone of the date and time to log on. That’s it! Are you ready to surprise your senior relatives or community with a fun and engaging night? Then contact us to learn more about how a virtual comedy night can work for your loved one in a retirement community.

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