Can You Trust Shadow Puppets to Entertain Your Special Event?

Written by Tim Grable

August 22, 2017

Are you looking for a unique performance to entertain your next special event? Your search is over with Bob Stromberg and his Wonderful World of Shadows. With his identifiable puppet shadow shows, which perfectly blend comedy with storytelling, everyone will be sure to have a laugh! Managing to provide a comedy entertainment experience like no other; Bob Stromberg has proved time and time again that truly can enjoy a laugh at the light and clean side of life.

Bob Stromberg is funny.  He talks about the things that could have happened in anyone’s childhood and makes us go back so well that we feel like we’re right there, watching it happen again. Even the moments in his entertainment program that were decidedly not funny at the time seem hilarious when he recounts it. He also does these incredible shadow puppet performances, which he sets to music. They are so mesmerizing; you have to see them to believe it. He has performed his shadow puppet act in almost 2500 shows and his stand up for over 35 years. To say Bob Stromberg is a seasoned professional is an understatement.

Shadow Puppets, shadow puppetry, hand shadows, shadowgraphy… whatever you call the art form, Bob Stromberg is a master entertainer who uses his unique skill to amaze and entertain audiences at family events, corporate settings, fund raisers and anywhere that people need to laugh from the heart. His ability to create animals morphing magically from one to another is a perfect foil for his story telling and clean comedy.
Can we Really Trust Shadow Puppets to be Entertaining?

As one of the co-authors and original stars of the comedy theatrical megahit “Triple Espresso”, Bob brought a screen and light to rehearsal one day. He said to his partners, “You guys have to see what I’ve come up with here. I think we need to write this into the show.” That led to ten years of perfecting his shadow puppetry through nearly twenty-five-hundred performances.

World Famous Shadow Puppets

Bob then presented the piece at a number of large conferences and private corporate events. This resulted in dozens of amateur videos on YouTube and people began to notice. In 2007 Bob flew to London to appear on The Graham Norton Show. “I was a little concerned,” he says, “about the nature of the program. I lived in London for a few months when Triple Espresso played at the Arts Theater in the West End. Graham’s show was huge there and I knew that it could be pretty bawdy. I, on the other hand, am a clean comedian and have no desire to be viewed in any other way. But I thought maybe I could shine a little light.” The result was a big success. This led to a lot more YouTube shadow puppets postings.

In 2008 Bob was asked to help create an advertisement for “Not for Sale” an international movement to abolish slavery. The result was a hugely successful television campaign which was awarded the distinguished Chloe Award, the highest honor in the world of advertising. More YouTube postings and another call… this time from SBC Advertising in Columbus, OH asking if Bob would help their client, retail giant, AJWright to create an original Christmas story in shadow. Bob helped, write and direct “The Gift of Happy” performed by Bob and twenty-five children at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of America. It turned out great…and on it goes.

Those familiar with comedian Bob Stromberg know him as a master of  shadow puppetry. His work on the short Christmas movie The Gift of Happy exemplifies the professional work  and clear design of his craft. While this particular piece gives only a  small taste of his comedic genius, the short certainly gives a beautiful  snapshot of Bob’s family values as well as the soul of his work in  entertainment.

The Gift of Happy focuses on a ordinary stuffed bear who  sits high on a shelf at a toy store, surrounded by many toys much  fancier than himself. With a cast of 25 children under Bob’s direction,  shadows tell us the story of how the little bear wishes he were  something different so that he can be loved. When a woman takes him home  in a box and places him under the Christmas tree as a gift, the little  bear learns a valuable lesson about being himself.

The simple genius of mere black-and-white shadows tells the story of The Gift of Happy in a dramatically moving way. The  creativity and showmanship of Bob Stromberg shines through, and those  who see this short will likely be hooked on Bob’s unique entertainment  style, which not only features the ageless art of shadow puppets but is  also consistently clean and family-friendly.

In What a Wonderful World of Shadows, Bob Stromberg tells the story of a man’s journey and some unique encounters with nature plus a special plot twist at the end for those audience members that may think they have it all figured out. The combination of both music and voice acting really add to the overall comedic value of the story and make for a much more genuine experience than can be had by most other shadow puppet performances.

American Entertainment Magazine writes:

“While the majority of Bob’s career has been spent occupying the stage as a stand up comic, the truly unique gift he has is in presenting his delightfully amusing stories to audiences through the form of shadow puppetry. He takes one of the simplest (and probably oldest) idle pastimes and transforms it into something that can truly be considered art, even if you can’t post it on a canvas.”

To read the entire story, click here.

Bob Stromberg’s amazing hand shadow puppets are just one entertaining portion of his clean comedy routines.   His wholesome and uplifting style of entertainment serves as a compelling medium for relaying important messages at corporate events and other community gatherings. His unique blend of storytelling, stand up, and physical comedy ensures that Stromberg’s audiences never lose focus, and absorb the message in a most enjoyable manner.

Bob Stromberg believes that comedy can break down walls and build a sense of community. His wholesome and uplifting style of entertainment serves as a compelling medium for relaying important messages at corporate events and other community gatherings. His unique blend of storytelling, stand up, and physical comedy ensures that Stromberg’s audiences never lose focus, and absorb the message in a most enjoyable manner.

The great thing about Stromberg is that he loves what he does, and it shows with each and every performance. If you are looking for someone who can at once encourage your team, create a sense of unity amongst diverse groups, and make everyone laugh to boot, the guy you’re looking for is Bob Stromberg.

Bob Stromberg offers clean entertainment for groups or events.  Since 1975, Bob has brought laughter to the world with his clean comedy styling. His humor is a plus for those in need of  entertainment. The comedy routines can be customized for the needs of the audience.

This comedian and emcee is a perfect addition for retreats, banquets and festivals. He brings motivation, inspiration and laughter to the audiences he performs for.

Good, clean comedy is hard to find. Bob Stromberg has mastered the art of impeccable comedy that is both relatable and hilarious.

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