What does a Stand Up Comedian Know about Love and Dating?

Keith Alberstadt

Written by Tim Grable

September 25, 2017

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Keith Alberstadt Stand Up Comedian Are you looking for smart, funny, sarcastic humor?  Stand Up Comedian Keith Alberstadt is the man. He is fresh, corporate comedy which makes the audience laugh about everyday issues. He was recently on showcased on David Letterman, where he pokes fun at real life people and real life situations. Keith can find comedy in the most ordinary places. Whether it is walking a dog, picking out a bottle of wine or breaking up with a girlfriend, beware of Keith Alberstadt, or end up in his next comedy set like the victims he introduces the audience to on David Letterman. With nobody or no subject off limits, there’s nothing funnier than real life.

The Sarcastic Comedy of a Stand Up Comedian

Do not take Keith’s humor personally, because he makes just as much fun of himself as he does others. His bright, witty sarcasm will make the audience laugh until they cry, and nobody will ever know if whom he or she are laughing at. Never know – it could be you!

Saying “I love you” to a new boyfriend can be a difficult thing, but even harder under a pressure situation like an open date. It can fall short if you do not do love and dating right.

This Stand Up Comedian  is known for his funny standup comedy that is the perfect for a comedy club or corporate meeting. Keith is more than capable to arrive unscathed when the punch line rolls out to the audience.

This is truly a comic with smart comedy. Keith Alberstadt has a natural, intimate delivery of ordinary, every-day humorous events that happen in people’s day-to-day lives. ” With his natural pace and delivery, he keeps the monolog light and energetic while exposing us to his entertaining way of imitating caricatures of conversations he has had.

We most certainly hope that you will enjoy the love and dating comedy of Stand Up Comedian Keith Alberstadt. You can hire him for your next comedy night at your comedy club or civic event. You will thoroughly enjoy it and will be thrilled with him!

Keith Alberstadt once again shows us that even in everyday scenarios, we encounter people that proceed to make us wonder just what’s wrong with the rest of the world. Everything from parents who do not think it all the way through before naming their children, to employees who just can not quite get the simplest task right.

Keith’s witty humor and constant jokes keep the crowd begging for more, at least, when they are not laughing too hard to speak. Here’s a little taste of some of his stand up work from a recent show in Washington D.C.

Keith’s hilarious routines frequently leave people in stitches all over the world, from couples out on a date at a New York comedy club to soldiers taking a well-deserved break in Afghanistan, where Keith Alberstadt has toured numerous times.

Enjoying yourself is the hallmark of a good comedian. The smart jokes shared between himself and the audience usually lead to everyone laughing, including Keith. When he is not entertaining people live, he is likely whipping up something for Saturday Night Live or National Lampoon as a regular contributor. Unlike many comedians these days, he keeps things refreshingly clean, relying on his cleverness and the humorous situations he is encountered rather than grossing out or offending with vulgarity. This clip is an excellent example of Keith’s brand of comedy, retelling one of his funny and awkward date moments for the crowd’s amusement. If you like silly, dorky humor, you’ll want to check out more of Keith’s jokes.

For additional information on booking comedian Keith Alberstadt call 615-283-0039.



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