4 Things about Stand-Up Comedian Moody McCarthy That Will Make You Hire Him

Written by Tim Grable

September 30, 2017

Any event – be it corporate or charity – will be successful if you hire the right entertainment. If your first thought goes to a stand-up comedian, you might find yourself in some trouble.

That happens because not all comedians have acts that are suitable to some audiences. Some of them might make dirty language jokes that could offend your guests. Moreover, the last thing you want is unhappy people that will eventually leave.

Luckily, with stand-up comedian Moody McCarthy you cannot go wrong. The man is hilarious and has an impressive career. Read on to find four things about him that will make you want to hire him for your next event.

1. Moody McCarthy Is a Clean Comedian

4 Things about Stand-Up Comedian Moody McCarthy That Will Make You Hire HimWhen you are organizing an event for your employees, you want them to feel good. All your efforts are put towards achieving that goal – a memorable night.

When you are organizing a charity event, you want your guests happy. The more they enjoy themselves at your event, the higher chances you have of achieving your goals.

That is why hiring a clean stand-up comedian like Moody McCarthy is a good idea. His jokes will not offend any of your guests. Plus, the man has years of experience, so he knows how to engage with his audience.

Your guests can even bring their kids along to your event. They will have a great time too!

2. Vast Experience in Entertaining People

Moody is the sixth child of an Irish family with seven children. He was raised in Syracuse, New York. His actual name was Matthew but as he puts it – “Someone had to get a nickname.”

Moody McCarthy started his stand-up career in 1992. Shortly after, he was hired as a sports anchor and jokes writer for WYYY’s morning show in Syracuse.

Six years later, he decided to make it big, so he moved to New York. He has been performing ever since, putting big smiles on the faces of a huge amount of people.

He even performed in China. Back in 2008, he was invited on a comedy tour by Andy Pitz. He now feels like he has 1.3 billion BFFs and can speak three words in Mandarin.

3. Moody is a Stand-up Comedian Featured on Many TV Shows

After moving to New York, his success grew exponentially. His humor quickly got him gigs at major comedy clubs and TV appearances.

Moody appeared on Conan, two times on The Late Show with David Letterman, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. He has also been one of the contestants for “America’s Got Talent” and made it all the way to the second round.

Other TV appearances include:

  • Last Comic Standing IV
  • Star Search
  • Gotham Comedy Live
  • The Early Show

4. He Only Uses Original and Smart Jokes

His act is clean. People will not feel offended at his show. That is why Moody is the right stand-up comedian for any event. He will make sure people have fun at charities and corporate events alike.

His jokes are original and smart, and his onstage presence is, as he puts it: “disarming.”

To hire Moody McCarthy for your event, get in touch with The Grable Group. Working with us gets you access to numerous years of experience and a select pool of talent.

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