Stand-Up Comedy Acts You Will Want to Book for the Second Time

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Written by Tim Grable

May 7, 2018

Planning an ambitious fundraiser? Hire stand-up comedy acts to maximize the outcomes of the event.

Designing a corporate party? Comedy gigs can always take you out of trouble.

So the list could go on – many types of events can be enhanced by the presence of a comedic performer who lights up the room and offers loads of comedic relief to participants.

However, it takes a special humorist to make event organizers go “Wow, I need to call this person for the second round of laughs the next time I plan an event.” With these words in mind, we selected 3 special acts which deliver time and time again.

Bob Stromberg

Sony, American Family Insurance or the American Brain Tumor Association are very different kinds of organizations which, however, have something in common: they have all hold events which turned out to be real hits due to one performer: Bob Stromberg.

Bob Stromberg, Stand-Up Comedy Acts You Will Want to Book for the Second Time

Bob is no stranger to the entertainment industry, having contributed to theatrical productions like Triple Espresso (a Highly Caffeinated Comedy) or That Wonder Boy.

What makes his solo stand-up comedy acts special, however, is his outstanding ability to tell stories, weave them in with wildly funny anecdotes and then add something more: the power of visuals, conveyed by an original vehicle: hand shadows.

The result is a wonderfully relatable performance you will want to offer to as many guests as possible.

Steve Brogan

If you are planning a large-scale event, you may be familiar with the struggle of finding a clean act which appeals to the broadest range of attendees.

Steve Brogan  

The good news is, if you book Steve Brogan, you can consider your struggle gone. He is the kind of charming presence who arrests people’s attention effortlessly.

In Steve’s case, though, the charm comes from the combination of several arts – ventriloquism, improv comedy and voice manipulation.

He mixes them in a comedic tour de force which is perfect for breaking the ice at big events.

The Panic Squad

The power of audience participation has been fully acknowledged by The Panic Squad members, who have created a habit out of delivering wildly entertaining improv comedy based on attendees’ suggestions.

The proof of their skill lies in the countless events they are invited to, and in the numerous TV appearances, they were featured in.

The Panic Squad

Also, their irresistible charm is doubled by their reliability as performers: they can offer you a refund (which they call a ‘Show me the funny guarantee’) in case you are not satisfied by their act.

What’s more, The Panic Squad use their improv abilities to create engaging professional development workshops. Using humor and crowd interaction, they can teach personal development and teamwork values.

The Stand-up Comedy Acts Your Guests Will Ask for

If you want to create buzz with your event and if you want enthusiastic feedback from former guests, the 3 stand-up comedy acts you have just read about are outstanding choices. However, if you do not manage to book them in time, you still have access to an impressively consistent list of equally charismatic crowd pleasers.

So here’s how you can book one of them (or more, if it is the case).

We are more than pleased to contribute to the success of your memorable meeting.

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