Our Top 5 Favorite Stand-up Moments From Dry Bar Comedy

Stand-up Moments From Dry Bar Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

March 14, 2021

The comedians featured on Dry Bar Comedy are top-of-the-line entertainers. Watching a few of their videos is enough to give you a strong sense of how good they are working with an audience and how effective they are at making people laugh.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dry Bar’s catalog, then we recommend watching a few stand-up shorts. And to make things easier, we have compiled a list of our top 5 favorite moments from some well-known and loved comedians.

Starting with this list will give you leeway into the marvelous and highly entertaining world of club comedy. Enjoy!

Rex Havens Naming Cars

Rex Havens is a bit of an oddball in the stand up comedy scene. Before picking up comedy, he was a college professor, but he never entirely abandoned the ethos of sharing knowledge with others.

During his shows, Rex strives to deliver valuable knowledge packaged with some of the freshest humor out there.

In one of his most memorable performances on Dry Bar, Rex displays an energy that’s rarely seen on stage and keeps it up throughout the comedy segment.

We won’t spoil it any further, be sure to catch the rest in the following video:

Steve Geyer‘s Advice about Dating

Steve Geyer has a long history of working in television as a comedy show host. When he wasn’t in the studio, he’d be out touring across the states with comedy legends such as Billy Crystal, Ray Romano, and Sinbad.

Last year, Steve’s special came out on Dry Bar, and it was chock-full of comedy gold. There are many hilarious moments to choose from it, but one that stands out is a segment where Steve makes a few observations about how men and women are different.

It’s bound to bring a lot of laughter, so be sure to watch it in its entirety in the following video:

Chad Thornsberry Small Town Problems

About a year ago, Chad Thornsberry was up on the Dry Bar Comedy stage, recording his then up-coming special. Little did he know that it would quite soon become a Stand-up comedy internet hit, garnering a combined 15 million views on Facebook/YouTube.

Audiences came to appreciate Chad’s laid-back and sarcastic style. Rather than being high energy and theatrical, he has a more conversational approach, seeming as if he’s telling a story for the first time.

Our favorite moment from his special was his confession piece about his upbringing in a small town in Missouri. It was a genuinely compelling story, and it will surely envelop you as well. Be sure to catch it in its entirety in the following video:

Eric O’Shea‘s Growing Up Story

Eric O’Shea has been in the public eye on a few occasions. During the early 2000s, snippets from his stand-up shows gained worldwide attention, being among the first viral videos shared on the internet.

Later in his career, he appeared on America’s Got Talent, remarking himself as one of the few comedians that made Simon Cowell laugh.

Eric’s most recent success streaks were on Dry Bar Comedy, where he brought a whole new level of wittiness and energy. Check out our favorite moment from his special by clicking the following video:

Tyler Boeh and Techno Music

Tyler Boeh may not have as many years in the industry as some of the other comedians from this list, but his quick delivery and impressive comedic skills make him a top player.

Tyler gets the top spot in this list for his off-the-cuff performance, melding a sharp sense of humor with impressive beat-boxing skills. And nowhere does he showcase them better than in his Dry Bar segment about techno music.

Be sure to catch it in full in the following video:

The Dry Bar Comedy Stand-Up Comedy Experience

There’s no denying that all the comedians featured in this article are master entertainers – proven by the positive reactions to their performance.

If you enjoyed the performances of these incredible comedians as much as we did, then you’ll be glad to hear that you can hire them for any of your upcoming events.

Give us a call at +1 615 283 0039, and we can help you book their services.

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