Fat and Furious Steve McGranahan is World’s Strongest Redneck

Written by Tim Grable

July 15, 2017

Fat and Furious Steve McGranahan is World's Strongest Redneck It is not enough to be a backwoods-proud redneck or to hold the title of the world’s strongest man. Steve McGranahan could not settle for less and went and did both. Often referred to as the World’s Strongest Redneck, this man amazes and delights his audiences with the ease of a seasoned lumberjack.

The star’s down-to-earth humor is only foreshadowed by his impressive and intimidating size. McGranahan learned at a young age, however, that it is a better path winning people over through laughter than by force.

That is exactly what he has done for decades now. Not many people are as comfortable in their skin as this gentle giant, who has shared The Tonight Show stage with fellow redneck funnyman Larry the Cable Guy.

The Incredible of the World’s Strongest Redneck

If you are planning an event and you want to book an entertainer who is fresh and funny and down-to-earth, the fat and furious Steve McGranahan may be the person you want for your event. He will talk to the audience and having them laughing while amazing them with his demonstrations of strength.

Steve may be best known for his part as the “Muscle” on Discovery Channel’s show Fat ‘n Furious: Rollin Thunder. While people may see him as just the fat and furious Steve McGranahan, he is so much more. When he entertains, he displays seemingly unbelievable feats of strength and physical prowess.

World’s Strongest Redneck & Fat and Furious Steve McGranahan

Strong Man

Steve can deadlift 585 pounds and has run multiple marathons, including a 50-mile marathon. His strength is real. Have you ever tried to tear a few cards in half when they were stacked together? Steve McGranahan can rip a deck of 52 cards in half – with his mouth. Card tricks are a staple in his act and will be a wonder to your audience. Ripping a deck of cards in half is impressive, but Steve ups the ante by tearing an entire phone book in half. He is serious about the strength part of his show.

Funny Man

His comedy is as real as his strength. Steve began using comedy when he was a student as a cover for not turning in homework he had difficulty with due to a learning disability. If he could make his teachers – and fellow students laugh – when he could avoid getting in trouble for failing to do his assignments. Moreover, in doing so, he was on his way to a career.

TV Man

Steve McGranahan has appeared with Larry the Cable Guy to the delight of audiences. He has also appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, CMT’s Country Fried Home Videos, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the Craig Ferguson Show. These are just some of the appearances he has made, displaying his range of comedic talents.

Inspirational Man

Steve’s mottos are to motivate others to use their great gifts and to live life more enthusiastically. His unique talents include taking objects everyone has around the house and putting a new twist on them. Fat and Furious Steve McGranahan never leaves an audience disappointed.

There are not many people in this world that can say they have ever seen anyone eat a deck of cards, much less being able to do it themselves. McGranahan is one of the unique few, and you will enjoy a lesson in Genesis prior to the dramatic end!

Major lessons in life are learned when McGranahan is speaking, and this video nails down one of the most important of all. Treating others how you want to be treated has never been put quite like this before – you are sure to be impressed with this man’s style.

Back again with his trusty deck of cards and one of a kind delivery, the world’s strongest redneck speaks of the king of hearts and what this particular card means to him. Discover what king should be in your heart and why having him in this coveted place is the protective shelter that everyone needs in his or her life.

Welcoming back the king of hearts, Steve McGranahan steps it up a notch with a redneck’s best friend – duct tape! Wrapping the cards in the strongest tape on Earth, he likens the tape to Jesus in his grave. Proceeding to break the ties that bind, he shows with ardor how even death was not strong enough to hold the one true king.

Everyone faces challenges. We may encounter economic hardships, a broken home, or difficulties in school. Steve McGranahan, the Muscle from Fat N Furious, has bounced back from tough times and found healing through humor. Connecting with audiences on a personal level, he evokes belly laughs. Brave, honest and never vulgar, they make light of the hard knocks they’ve been dealt. Appealing to the whole family, they turn their pain into wisdom and compassion. No topic is off-limits – from a father who went out for bread and never returned, to let off steam with redneck kung fu. Taking life in stride, McGranahan encourages us to keep going. Models of resilience, he’s discovered the key to turning adversity into opportunity. Entertaining young people and the young-at-heart, making the most of life and overcoming disadvantages. Steve turns tragedy into character and gives us hope. If Steve McGranahan can triumph, we can too.

As you plan your next event – be it a company picnic or a non-profit fundraiser, a church social or a gym membership drive – consider fat and furious Steve McGranahan as your keynote speaker. He will bring the guests to the event with his impressive reputation and will keep them entertained with his humor and passion. Also called the “World’s Strongest Redneck,” Steve brings that redneck dedication and ingenuity to everything he does. You will not be disappointed, and your audiences will be delighted.

Anyone would be hard-pressed to find an entertainer as unique as the world’s strongest redneck. Combining a strength of faith outmeasured even by that of his muscles, this man delivers his point in quite an unforgettable manner. Audiences in churches and groups across the nation have delighted in his style; your group surely will, too!

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