Steven Scott – The Choice for an Unforgettable Corporate Event Experience

Written by Tim Grable

March 6, 2017

Comedy always works. It’s the thing that brings people together when times are tough. Combine that with a unique sense of humor, and you get Steven Scott.

If you feel your next corporate event could use a little more laughs, you’ve found the right man for the job.

Why? Read on to find out what differentiates him from the rest.

Steven Scott - The Choice for an Unforgettable Corporate Event Experience

Who Is Steven Scott?

As a child, he loved doing impressions to make his friends laugh. Most of all, he loved imitating his mother and father.

In fact, he still does that from time to time. His teachers wouldn’t have it, and would try to discourage him by saying he wouldn’t amount to anything with his act.

He proved them wrong again and again. He now gets paid to do what got him in trouble in his early years. That seems to be a recurring theme with comedians.

In any case, he ended up performing across the whole world:

  • From clubs to cruises
  • From colleges to military bases
  • From Broadway to the Las Vegas Strip

We believe that someone who can manage a military base is a shoe-in for a corporate event.

His talents also go beyond the scene, and onto the TV screen. He’s had appearances on such networks as NBC, CBS, FOX, VH1, MTV, and Comedy Central.

You can imagine what a top pick he is. He’s even a member of the legendary New York Friars Club, alongside names such as Jerry Lewis and Chevy Chase.

But he doesn’t do it all for the money. He participates in charities such as “Comedy Cures.” As the name implies, he performs charitable shows for the disadvantaged.

The charity believes in the healing aspects of comedy. And it works very well, especially for kids suffering from depression.

Check out one of his acts at the Gotham Comedy Live on AXS TV.

His Talents Can Do Wonders for Your Corporate Event

If you haven’t watched the video, now might be the time to do it. Otherwise, you should know that Scott’s comedy can be eccentric.

You’ve probably heard of the comedians that describe everyday occurrences in a humorous fashion. But have you heard of comedians that make you feel like you’re actually there?

As we mentioned in the beginning, Scott didn’t do impressions just because they were fun to do. He did it because he was good at them.

And he doesn’t just do celebrity impressions. Although he does paint a lively picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger!

He has imitated everything from musical instruments to fast-forwarding a voicemail machine – accurately.

You can find a full list of his impressions on our website. Although, he does describe it himself as “never complete.”

If you find yourself lacking in corporate event entertainment, look no further than Scott. His skills at engaging with the audience surpass expectations.

For a room filled with laughter, give us a call at (615) 283-0039 or contact us through this form. We’ll aid you in booking the young talent for your next event!

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