11 Successful Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas (updated for 2020)

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Written by Tim Grable

March 3, 2017

5 Successful Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas Corporate event entertainment ideas play an integral part in a company that is looking to strengthen their business and image. These events boost morale among employees and create new opportunities to connect with others. It is a unique chance for the company to restate values, messages, and missions.

Anyone who has planned an event or party knows the importance of booking the right venue, serving delicious food and keeping the drinks flowing. However, to deliver a “wow” factor that will have people buzzing for the days and weeks to follow, you need unique ideas. And not just your run-of-the-mill magic act or singing group or comedian, but somebody or something that will elevate your party into a must-attend event.

The best corporate events have some form of entertainment that catches attention and captivates attendees. Depending on the audience and venue, corporate entertainment range from magicians, comedians, street performers, musicians and motivational speakers. It is critical for a corporate event planner to consider the demographics before choosing an act, making sure that it suits the character of the company. The reputation of the company can be brightened by a carefully selected professional entertainer who embodies the spirit of the business, especially if any prominent press members will be attending the event and bringing further attention to the brand. Booking a famous or cutting-edge entertainer can bring positive attention to a business trying to expand awareness and stand out from the competition.

Corporate event entertainment ideas with wow factor

Planning entertainment for an event can be a nightmare. Picking the wrong act for your event can be potentially disastrous. You cannot rely on the same song and dance to keep your audiences entertained. The right performer needs to be experienced, entertaining, and most importantly, unique. If you are looking for unique event ideas, then look no further than the following 11 talented and highly entertaining acts below. With acts ranging from mind reading to drumming, their unique takes on comedy and entertainment are sure to keep any audience at any event entertained and enthralled. Audiences around the world have enjoyed their acts, and the same could be said for your audience if you pick one of these experienced and talented performers.  Here are examples of exceptional performance artists whose talent will surprise audiences–and keep them riveted.

Piff the Magic Dragon is a magician who, along with his Chihuahua Mr. Piffles, performs card tricks and other feats of wonder with light-hearted energy. This English-accented comedian shared his magical act on season 10 of America’s Got Talent in 2015 and has appeared with Penn and Teller. He combines self-deprecating humor and astounding magical illusions.

Adam Trent calls himself a Futurist; he is pioneering a new generation of illusion. His act is a fusion of music, visual art, movement, and technology. He weaves himself into dazzling scenes through a variety of props. A real renaissance man, Trent also sings and has appeared on Broadway.

Henry Cho’s career as a comedian has been well established through various tv and movie appearances. In his words, he is “an Asian with a Southern accent.” He is known for working clean and entertaining audiences with his blue collar comedy. Mr. Cho would be an appropriate choice for almost any list of corporate event entertainment ideas because of his broad appeal and proven reputation.

The runner-up on America’s Got Talent season 7, Tom Cotter’s comedic repertoire spans a broad range of topics. He has worked on various late night shows and won several comedy competitions with his talents. He has a casual energy that brings joyful laughter to viewers of many ages and backgrounds.

Artist, author and entrepreneur Joe Castillo is a storyteller at heart. His magically shifting live-art presentations mesmerize and move audiences, such as the audience he left gasping during his appearance on America’s Got Talent. Using nothing but sand, light, music and heartbreaking artistry, Joe Castillo is a true original.  Unique corporate event entertainment ideas come in all varieties. Have you heard stories told through sand? Meet Joe Castillo, Sand Artist, and Story Teller, who specializes in creating stunning works of art before your very eyes. He caters to audiences large and small and will do customized pieces. His performance will surely leave your guests talking long after the party ends.  Joe Castillo’s act is unlike any other. He is truly an artist, creating masterpieces out of sand on a light table in front of audiences for a brief and beautiful moment while telling a story. As a corporate event entertainer, he brings a level of sophistication and wonders to his performance that is unique to his artistic act.

One of the Unique Event Entertainment Ideas that techies will love, consider Simon Pierro. Dubbed the “iPad Magician”, Simon has wowed crowds with his mind-bending tricks and illusions using his iPad as the central component. Your guests will want to have their eyes checked after watching him extract objects from the screen into the palm of his hand.

Shadow puppets are not just for kids on a campout. Bob Stromberg brings something unique to the stage with his combination of physical comedy, storytelling and yes, shadow puppets! His charming and lighthearted act is full of laughter and good fun and guaranteed to bring a smile to audiences of all ages.

What better way to honor Unique Event Entertainment Ideas than capturing the essence of the event in an original work of art? Artist Heidi Schwartz creates on-site, large-scale, wildly imaginative paintings as the event is occurring. She captures the vibe of the event, and the audience receives a rare opportunity to see an artist at work in the heat of creation.


Todd Oliver may be a ventriloquist, but his act takes the art to new levels and is one of many unique event ideas. Instead of standard issue puppets, Oliver is known for making his audiences howl with laughter with his incredible “talking” dogs. Oliver was declared one of the top 5 ventriloquists in the world by David Letterman.

rePercussion are a duo of expert percussionist who bring comedy and audience interaction to their high energy, slamming grooves. The group’s biggest twist, however, is that instead of using standard drums, the two bang out their cadences, hip hop, and funky beats on buckets, trash cans, and other unusual percussive tools.

As a mind-reader and semi-finalist on “America’s Got Talent”, Eric Dittelman is an entertainer who is both unique and talented. Mind reading is not the only thing he has to offer, as he also puts his brand of stand-up and improvisational comedy into the mix as well.

Great examples of unique event entertainment ideas.

It is plain to see that any of these entertainers is sure to be one of the unique event ideas you have been looking for to perform at your next event. Their spectacular acts will leave your audiences entertained and wanting more. They are waiting and ready to come to your event; all you need to do is book them!

Incorporating unique ideas, such as the ones listed above, into your next social event will show your guests you have put a lot of thought and energy to ensure they have an enjoyable evening, as well as a wonderful way to thank them for showing their support.

When considering corporate entertainment event ideas, a wise event planner will seek out entertainers who can draw a crowd and capture an audience. The entertainer should suit the mood of the event and support the brand image of the corporation. Most importantly, the entertainer should add value to an event intended to strengthen a company through recreation.

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