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Written by Tim Grable

March 2, 2017

Are you looking for successful corporate event entertainment?

Successful corporate event entertainment When it comes to planning a corporate event, entertainment is a great way to break the ice. Jeff Civillico will be a welcome guest for any occasion. Use him as the opener to pull everyone in, as a break midway through a lengthy conference, or as the perfect conclusion to a series of discussions to give the audience a satisfying farewell.

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Jeff know about successful corporate event entertainment and offers crowds a taste of something different as a juggler extraordinaire who simply mesmerizes everyone with his feats of wonder. Get ready for a breathtaking performance as Jeff Civillico pulls out all of the stops, tossing a medley of items into the air, even performing a balancing act along the way.

Jeff Civillico differs from other acts since his portable stage accompanies him for every performance in Las Vegas. It’s an inflatable piece of scenery that he calls the People’s Arch. At forty feet in width and twenty feet in height, it’s a unique piece that definitely makes a big impression and will wow audiences. Attendees will actually get to watch this portable gym come to life and feel a thrill of anticipation. The fun is just beginning as Civillico uses his central prop to his advantage, incorporating juggling and a unicycle to carry everyone along for a roller coaster of a ride.

Jeff is well-known in the Las Vegas scene as a headliner, beginning his work as a part of Nathan Burton’s act before going headlining his own show at the Quad Resort and Casino. He’s a charitable performer, giving back to those in need through WinWin Entertainment. Civillico founded the non-profit organization and plays a central role in connecting performers with charitable endeavors. His big heart and great enthusiasm are part of what makes Jeff Civillico a hard act to follow. To get a better understanding of how generous this man is picture the day he “joggled,” by jogging and juggling at the same time for over 26 miles to raise money for children in need in a Disney Marathon.

When guests attend a function with Jeff Civillico as a leading attraction, they need to hold on to their hats and be ready to get pumped. The energy is absolutely sizzling as Civillico carries on a fast-paced show, juggling an amazing collection of items with an on-going humorous commentary that is filled with wit.

As event planners consider making Jeff Civillico a part of a convention, a series of conferences, or a corporate gathering, bear in mind another ingredient in successful corporate event entertainment. Jeff truly connects with his audiences, from his snappy dialogue to his captivating juggling skills. Audience participation is a significant component of any of Civillico’s shows. He’ll truly draw viewers in and turn them into his unlikely assistants. Jeff won’t let his guests go for an instant.

Jeff Civillico is a consummate performer with a store of vitality without bounds, he makes sure that everyone gets more bang for their buck when they attend one of his shows. Organizers can count on Civillico to give attendees an unforgettable experience that will keep the conversation going as they recount all of the highlights. Take a peek at testimonials and it is plain to see there is a host of happy customers. No one goes away dissatisfied after watching a man who has been said to have the “IT” factor. He’s hopping and a hot commodity all rolled into one as the tools of his trade fly from his fingers. Prepare to be dazzled each time Jeff Civillico launches another performance and provides an action-packed show. While the audience takes a break from the daily grind, Jeff Civillico demonstrates one of the most entertaining jobs in the world, proving to be the envy of all others.

For ideas for successful corporate event entertainment give us a call at 615-283-0039.

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