The Best Practices To Organize A Successful Holiday Party

Plan Successful Holiday Party

Written by Tim Grable

June 15, 2020

Christmas parties are a staple for businesses nowadays. It’s a time when employees can get together and have a jolly good time without having to worry about their daily tasks.

If done right, such parties have an incredible effect on employee morale and satisfaction, improving relationships between team members and giving them renewed energies for the upcoming workdays.

In this article, we will give you a few bits of information about some of the best practices that go into organizing a successful holiday party to ensure the best possible outcome.

1. Always Have a Plan

Before setting things in motion, you will have to go through some stages of thorough planning.

Planning early helps you make a general assessment of the event, and it will give you an initial projection of what the costs might be.

It’s important to start with the basics because as the event idea gets bigger and more ambitious, you will soon find out that it becomes increasingly difficult to manage.

To address this issue, you can start by putting together a list of all the essential details of the event. In this list, make a category for each critical aspect of the event, such as the event’s theme, venue, and expenditures.

Once you have the initial list set up, you can expand upon it, allocate the necessary budget, and assign the right people to take care of it.  This is the first step in having a successful holiday party.

The Best Practices To Organize A Successful Holiday Party

2. Work as a Team

Successful events are made on the back of a strong and motivated team.

Organizing one is no solo effort, and if you attempt to centralize responsibilities in the hands of solely one person, you will soon find that it will become overwhelming.

To ensure that the event is organized correctly, all the tasks should be covered by an appropriate number of people. This ensures that the work is evenly distributed and that no one gets overworked.

It’s ideal to start with a small team and then add more people as the size and scope of the event grows.

3. The Right Time for a Successful Holiday Party

The date of the event is perhaps one of the most essential organizational aspects. It may seem intuitive to select a date close to the holidays, but in reality, things are much more complicated than that.

If the holidays happen to be during the weekdays, this will lead to a less exciting party, as the employees would need to rest up for the upcoming workday.

If you decide to leave it for the weekends, then there’s a high chance not to get as many people to show up, since they would be conditioned by personal responsibilities and would much instead tend to them.

Usually, the best time to host a successful holiday party would be on a Friday or Saturday evening, when people wouldn’t have to worry much about the coming day.

It’s also not uncommon for businesses to start the holiday party during the lunch breaks and to extend them into the evening. This way, you avoid having the guests go home and then return to the party.

And it’s also convenient for the employees, by not having to compromise much of their time. Be warned, however, while Friday is the top choice; it is also the busiest day for restaurants and venues.

There’s One Thing Missing

With the organizational aspects out of the way, all you need to take care of are the festivities. Why not diversify the experience and add a bit of entertainment to the mix?

We believe that corporate entertainment goes well with a successful holiday party and we can help you find the right entertainers for it.

Why Clean Comedy Is Perfect for a Corporate Holiday Party

Do you want to organize a Christmas party? That’s definitely a nice gesture you can do for your employees, as it will give them some time to unwind. Plus, it shows you care about them.

Why Clean Comedy Is Perfect for a Corporate Holiday Party

However, have you considered the entertainment aspect?

A party without entertainment is, after all, rather dull. Well, that’s where clean comedy comes into play!

It’s the best way to liven up the atmosphere and make sure everybody has a good time.

Why not blue comedy, you might ask? It’s true that it can get people laughing. Still, it has its fair share of noteworthy drawbacks:

  • It can offend some people – Unfortunately, this characteristic limits the number of people you can invite.
  • It can harm your brand’s image – Some of your guests might still get upset even if they can take a joke. Having them walk out of your event will not make your brand look good in the public eye.
  • It can get repetitive – Let’s face it, dirty jokes get boring after you keep hearing the same punchline but with a different setting.

So, you’ve seen why blue comedy may not be worth the hassle. Now let’s discuss why clean comedy is the best choice for your holiday party.

Clean Comedy Blends in Well with a Corporate Holiday Party

After all, you can’t really tell dirty jokes at a corporate party that has Thanksgiving or Christmas themes, now can you?

Not only will that upset some guests, but it will also ruin the overall holiday atmosphere.

So, obviously, clean comedy is the better choice. Having a clean entertainer or a wonderful speaker will blend in perfectly with the underlying holiday themes.

Take someone like Jeff Allen, for instance. His jokes and humor will go hand in hand with the aim of your corporate Christmas party, namely bringing everyone in the company together.

Clean Comedy Can Make Your Corporate Party Feel More Welcoming

In today’s world, this is exactly how you want your brand to distinguish itself. You don’t want your event to have an air of exclusivity about it.

Well, some people would want that, but think about how it makes those who are outside the company feel.

After all, in order to help your employees feel like they belong and matter, you should give them the chance to bring their family or at least a close friend to your event.

With clean comedy, something like this is entirely possible. Why? Because there are no audience limits you need to worry about.

Your employees can bring their children or parents along since there’s no risk the entertainment would upset them. And that will make the overall party atmosphere feel more inclusive.

Plus, you can really leave everyone speechless if you pair up clean comedy with magic acts. Choosing someone like Dana Daniels will do wonders for your holiday party.

Want to Book Clean Comedy for Your Corporate Holiday Party?

Then be sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible. We’ll handle the entire booking process for you, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Just welcome your guests, sit back, and relax knowing you’ve made an excellent choice that all attendees will get to enjoy.

At the Grable Group, we offer entertainment solutions for all kinds of corporate events, both in-person and virtual.

Be sure to give us a call at (615) 283-0039 or email usand we will gladly assist you!

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